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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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Affiliation to cloud and how to add sensors

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

This update will give you a quick look at how to affiliate the Almond+ to our cloud service, how to associate sensors to the Almond+, as we haven’t covered either subject in any kind of detail before.

The video also includes a quick look at our web app running both on a mobile device and a desktop PC. Things like scenes, events and triggers are still being worked on and a lot of changes are likely to happen between now and by the time both you and we are happy with things, so please see this as a starting point for us to build on.


The Almond+ Team

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    1. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Automate - Well, the home automation stuff was being developed the entire time and it's working. However, we don't anticipate that most of our customers would enjoy using it via command line, so what we're working on now is adding a user interface and some logic to it all. We've also been working on the cloud service, the "local cloud", mobile apps and a vast amount of other things. Things are coming together quite quickly now though, although everything won't be perfect from day one.

    2. Missing avatar

      Automate on

      Said by SecuriFi
      "No, the home automation stuff isn't the issue, we've been waiting for drivers etc. from our chipset partners and this has taken much longer than what we were initially told."

      Not trying to be critical just trying to understand your development process. It seems as though the automation software still needs the most development. I thought the chipset change mostly affected Ethernet, WiFi and USB and would not hinder the development of the Zigbee, Zwave and automation features?

    3. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Damien - For the moment, yes. But we're working on a local control option as well which we should have a version of for our beta testers shortly.

    4. Damien SOURSAS on

      We must to use cloud service for Home automation?

    5. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Brian - Ok, that should be reasonably easy to add support for. We thought you were looking at a power meter from your utilities company or similar.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian King on

      @SECURIFI I had been looking at the Aeon Labs Energy Meter but if you know of any other similar ones that will work well with the almond+ i'd probably love those too. I'm just looking at a way to monitor and track my overall energy usage .

      Thanks for the other answers!

    7. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Asim - We're really sorry about the delays and things have taken far longer than we anticipated, but we're really at the home stretch now.

      @Brian King - Secondary controllers should be supported, but we're still working on that part. There will be a way to group sensors, please see the current web UI as a work in progress. Yes, it should be possible, could you please provide a link to the energy monitor you had in mind?

      @james - A third party testing lab. We should have the new PCB's back next week and as soon as we've tested them internally, we'll get them sent off for testing. We're looking at offering a special discount on the retail units to our Kickstarter backers for those interested in buying additional units, but it won't be possible to do at the pledge price point due to all the hardware upgrades.

      @Ian - Well, we did make an announcement back in May that we'd pretty much start from scratch. Yes, all this is somewhat bad planning on our side and we've learnt a lot from it and we won't be making the same mistakes twice. We're sorry we didn't manage to get you the Almond+ in a timely manner, but if you don't want it, we can offer a refund of your pledge.

      @Cote - No, the home automation stuff isn't the issue, we've been waiting for drivers etc. from our chipset partners and this has taken much longer than what we were initially told. This latest holdup was due to an unanticipated issue with our design that meant we couldn't pass the EMI certification so we had to do a slight change to the board layout.

    8. Joe on

      Thanks to the team for all the great work and updates.

    9. Missing avatar

      Cote, Sylvain on

      Your team is doing great things to control home devices but for me, i only pledge for a basic wifi router. I was confident that with previous almond expiriences it would be easy for you. Does this home control slow down the hole project delivery?

      Good luck guys, Sly.

    10. Ian Bevan on

      I must say the wait for this is getting beyond tiresome. I've already replaced my wireless router, the very one that the Almond was supposed to replace. Even it it arrives and works, I actually don't know what I'll do with it. 6-8 months late, or whatever the final number will be, is simply too long. I hope you learn from this and set more reasonable expectations next time.

    11. Missing avatar

      james on

      Who is doing the EMI certification and when should it be started and completed?

      We really have been waiting a long time. Shouldn't you guys offer some thank you for your patience bonus or additional unit at pledge price option? (if it ever arrives and works of course) :)

    12. Brian Levinsen

      Awesome update, I'm so looking forward to receiving my Developer unit. Even with the delays, I think this will be a superior product. Just the fact that there will be an SDK makes it for a really interesting product. And with the awesome hardware upgrades it will be far better than anything I have seen out there.

      @Azim To be fair, yes they are later than promised, but they are actually only 2-3 month overdue. Back in May they announced that it would be 3-4 months delayed, and they gave an option back then to pull out if you were not happy with the delay. And I challenge you to find a product out there that matches the features, specifications and price of the Almond+.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian King on

      Thanks for the update, looking nice! I thought of a few things that I've been wondering about:

      Is this going to support secondary controllers (i.e. a security panel with z-wave) either enrolling them or being secondary to them?
      Is there any way to group the sensors?
      Any support or planned support for z-wave whole-home energy monitors that hook up at the main breakers?

      Getting excited to be able to use this soon!

    14. Missing avatar

      NicholsMike on

      Looks awesome. Appreciate the info. Just anxious to get my hands on it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Asim Manzur on

      No matter how amazing is the product, if you cannot deliver on time, you are already late more than 6 months.
      By the time we get this, might be better product available.
      I regret now. If I knew that it will be delivered end to Q1 in 2014 I never pledged.

    16. Jonathan Walters

      Looking great so far!

    17. Anthony Lavado on

      I'm very happy to see this progress so far. Thanks Securifi!

    18. Antonio Calò on

      Only one word: awesome!!! I like this!

    19. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Girish - As stated in the previous update, as soon as we've passed the EMI certification, we'll be providing a specific date for the mass production and shipment for the final units. We're busy getting the beta and developer units out, so things are progressing, albeit not quite as quickly as we'd like.

    20. Girish Bhat on

      When can we actually have a touch and feel of the product ie when are we getting the product as all I have got so far is updates of a product under development which was supposed to be with me last year and still getting updated ... Can we have a definite date or month at least a year on that !!!!