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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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Nearly there, MWC and more

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

By now, we’re only missing a couple of hundred replies to the shipping survey’s we sent out and we’re nearly at the point where we will start shipping the Almond+. The question everyone wants us to answer is; when will the Almond+ ship? Well, we have some mixed news in today’s update about this, so let us explain where we’re at.

The good news is that we’ve resumed shipping the beta and developer units and by now, almost all beta units have been sent out to the $349 and $499 tier backers, with the developer units being shipped out early next week. The picture above is of the first batch of boards during our internal testing, assembly and packing. Note that all of these units are assembled and test by hand in our offices.

The bad news is that the current board layout failed the EMI tests which we have to pass to be able to ship in high volumes. On the positive side of this bad news, this is a comparatively minor issue that will require a slight board layout change near the USB 3.0 chipset and we believe that this is something we can solve relatively quickly. We have already tested a rough hack of the potential solution and the results are very promising. This does however mean that we won’t be able to ship the final production units as planned by the end of this month.

As for shipping date, it’s too early to commit to a specific date that we as the first day of when we without a doubt know that we can start shipping the final production units. This is simply due to the fact that we need to re-do the EMI test with our modified board design. Once we’ve passed that test, we’ll be announcing a firm shipping date. This is unfortunately one of those things that can happen when you have to meet stringent requirements for various certifications and although it wasn’t an issue we expected to have, it’s one that is comparatively easy for us to solve.

Everything else is progressing nicely and we’ll start posting more regular updates from this week on, although these updates will be shorter than we’ve done in the past, but instead they’ll show you how we’ve implemented a lot of the features in software and what you can expect once your Almond+ arrives. That said, we still have a lot of work to do on the software side and we’ll be issuing regular firmware and software updates for the Almond+ once we’ve shipped all of the units and much if the improvements and feature additions will be based on feedback from you, our backers.

Lastly, we’ve included a short video above from MWC in Barcelona that we attended a couple of weeks ago where we demoed among other things the Danalock from Poly-Control, as well as many of the sensors and devices that we showed at CES back in January. We had a few Kickstarter backers visiting us from Japan, Australia, UK and Sweden among other places at the show, so a big thanks to you guys for coming by.


The Almond+ Team

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    1. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jeffrey - We've enable address changes in the survey, please go to your pledge and click on "Your Response" next to the survey. There is a link at the top for changing your address.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey on

      I need to change my shipping address

    3. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Steve - Please see your PM inbox.

    4. Steve Leigh on

      I have not received my unit. This is pretty pathetic, sorry to say. WTF Securifi?

    5. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Marc - Please see your PM inbox

    6. Marc Anthony Lugo on

      Can you tell me what address I had submitted, and if my unit has been shipped yet?

    7. Missing avatar

      stanar on

      Wish there was an emoticon option here for the comments! but for now :-(

    8. Sharkey

      Thank you for letting us know.

    9. Missing avatar

      lee perring on

      Securifi, I really appreciate your transparency regarding your development it is quite refreshing to see and of course there are always the moaners who are more vocal than the satisfied people so dont be taken back by the few!.

      Anyone in hardware development and software development for that matter knows that delays happen and unexpected delays always hit at the worst time, you upgraded the hardware massively so infact the hardware you deliver this year is RELEVANT its still great and is way better than the original spec yet you also have the unique feature of support for automation and a front end GUI.

      The price I paid for this almond+ was about the same as an ASUS dark knight so it should be awesome :D.

      @Greg Rudisel - Dont like calling people out but you clearly dont know how the process works and that there are always unexpected pitfalls in any development, if you're so smart and all knowing about the 'issues' surrounding hardware/software developments I would love to see you bring a project to kickstarter... just saying.

      They changed the main underlying hardware and gave you fair warning that it caused delays and the hardware provider was to my knowledge not being the most supporting in terms of the software, securifi have worked hard to make this platform work and when we finally get the product I am sure it will be well worth the wait. If you wanted a sure thing you should avoid kickstarter all together and just stick to buying products off the shelves or off Amazon.... risk vs reward :).

      Good luck SECURIFI!

    10. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Rajesh - Apart from the EMI issue, the hardware is solid at this point in time. To make the Almond+ what everyone of our Kickstarter backers want it to be though, will take a lot of time and we might not be able to please everyone, but we truly believe it'll be a great device that most of our backers will be really happy owning.

    11. Rajesh Nakrani on

      As a software engineer, I totally get it. No worries and thanks for the updates.

      Get the hardware done right. I don't want to have a product that either has faulty hardware or poorly designed hardware... so definitely get those things worked out to the expectations that you have for the product, and then at least have the software in a workable state before shipping (with the expectation that any software updates needed to bring that part of it up to expectations would be out in a month or less after shipping).

      Thanks again and while some criticism may be deserved I think the vast majority (especially those who engineer for a living) totally appreciate the care you are taking in getting it done right.

    12. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Alan - See your Kickstarter PM inbox.

      @Jesse - Back then it was via the hue hub, but there might be a way we can control them directly. The issue is that the hue bulbs are ZigBee LL (Light Link) and we support ZigBee HA 1.2 (Home Automation) and the two profiles can't communicate. However, there's a possibility that we can support dual profile support, but it's not something that will be ready by the time we ship, but it's something we're testing.

      @Jared - It's not going to be possible at the Kickstarter price, as the new hardware is much more expensive than the hardware we were originally planning on using. That said, we will be doing a special offer for all of our backers for additional units.
      Thanks for the heads up, we'll pass this on to our design team.

      @Robert - Jerry-rigging isn't an option, we wouldn't be able to pass the various certifications like UL/CE etc. if we did that, so no worries. This is in fact why we have to do a rework of the boards, as we didn't pass the EMI test which is a global requirement.

      @MVPorter - Please check your Kickstarter PM inbox.

      @Patrik - We've got a Nest thermostat and it's something we're working on, but we can't guarantee support today, but we believe it's something we'll be able to deliver.

      @Oletros - No, not at all, we're actually putting more effort into the Android app now, as we've neglected it a little bit in the past. The app is working, but the tricky part with Android is that there are so many different devices with a multitude of different screen resolutions and fewer pre-defined standards than iOS, do it's not as easy to do. The iOS app served as a means for us to get to a stage that we were happy with the overall layout and features and we're now working on getting the Android app up to the same level. The goal is to have the web app and the mobile apps to be as similar in terms of features and functionality as possible so it's easy to transition from one platform to the other and this isn't as easy as it sounds.

      @David - As backers of other projects on Kickstarter we know how frustrating it is when you hear nothing for weeks and weeks or sometimes months from the project creators and we don't want to be one of those Kickstarter campaigns. We also know how frustrating it is to wait for yet another delay, but at least this time around, we're very close to the finishing line and we just need a little bit more time to solve the last few issues and then we'll be going into mass production.

      One thing we'd like to mention here is that once we've shipped to all of our backers, things don't end there for us. The real work starts for us then to get the product into the retail channel, our support team needs to be up to scratch so they can support the product and our software team will continually be working on adding new features and support for a wide range of new devices and sensors. Just because we reach the end of this Kickstarter campaign doesn't mean the end of the road for the Almond+, in fact, it's really just the start.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Ellestad on

      Like many others have said in these comments, I'm well aware of the challenges that face manufacturers with brand new projects and tools (work in quality division for a tier 1 auto supplier). I am most likely not alone in this sentiment, but I greatly appreciate the commitment to more regular updates. The the not-knowing is always the harshest part of the new product waiting time in my opinion. Like many here, I eagerly await all the new features and integration options, but especially I'm excited about not having a P.o.S. wireless router anymore.

    14. Oletros on

      @SECURIFI The comment about the Android app makes me feel that it won't be ready when the Almond is shipped. Are you prioritizing iOS over Android?

    15. Missing avatar

      Patrik Reynolds on

      You may have already answered this and I apologize if you have but will it work with Nest devices?

    16. Missing avatar

      MVPorter on

      Great, so that would mean your not shipping it before I Move. How do I contact you to change my address info?

    17. Missing avatar

      Aman Patel on

      Thanks for the update and the additional information on the ship date. I can't wait to try it myself :)

    18. Sriram Sridharan on

      @Robert +1

      @Almond+ team, Thanks for keeping us in the loop and please continue to do so.

    19. blueumbrella

      I strongly encourage you to not ship until the product is completely ready. Please do not give into the pressure to deliver, when there is a question about proper operation. Please do not perform some minor jerry-rigging just to get them out the door. I have waited a long time, and will gladly wait longer for a great project. I only want the best product you can produce. Thanks.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jared Capson on

      @SECURIFI: Thanks for the update. I understand the delays. I have 2 points to make:
      1. Will there be an option to order more units at the Kickstarter prices?

      2. Your packaging has a problem. It says that the app can be found on the android market, but it is now called the Play Store. The proper badges can be found here:

      Thanks for the amazing piece of hardware! I am looking forward to getting mine soon.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jesse Garrido on

      Before you get buried in hate mail by all the who can't believe that a there are delays manufacturing a new product from scratch. I have a question about the Philips hue video you guys posted a while back. Is that done only with the Hue bulbs and the almond or do you still need the Hue bridge?

    22. Alan Tang on

      Hello, how can I know did I finish the survey? Because this project is one year ago, I can't remember am I finish that, thanks.

    23. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Mark - Thanks for trying to cheer us up, but don't worry, we do deserve some of the criticism we're getting, as we underestimated the time it would take to change platform. That said, we do honestly believe that the Almond+ will be a far better product for it. We're not far from the goal now, we just need a little bit more time.

    24. Missing avatar

      Mark Wiley on

      Siri auto correct... "Interacted"

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Wiley on

      Chin up guys. While I understand the frustration of others, I have been trilled to be a part of the project.

      Having a z-wave / zig-bee hub as part of an ac router is a great project to back.

      Keep up the good work and honest updates. Project management always has unforeseen issues and there is always something to learn.

      I wish you all well and hope your team has great commercial success. I am not aware or any of the major router mfg that have interjected so well with the user base and made major upgrades based on feedback as fast as you guys have.

      God bless and best if luck from a ( still strong) supporter.

    26. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Greg - That was supposed to be campaign, not project, as the Almond+ project started long before the campaign.

    27. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Jonathan - We're well aware of the aggravation factor at this point and we didn't expect to be this late, but due to several factors, mostly involving third parties that we work with not delivering things in time, we've been forced to delay.

      We're discussing a few things internally and we should be able to do a few specials for all of our backers as a thanks for sticking with us.

      @Boone - It's indeed a when, not an if. Push notifications will be a very key part of the mobile apps, as without that, how will you know that one of your sensors have been triggered? As for your idea, the OpenWRT community might be a better place for that, but we're hoping that some of our developers will also be doing some cool stuff outside of the HA side of the Almond+. We're also talking to some interested third parties, but we have nothing to announce at this point in time.

      @Greg - This wasn't so much poor planning as a complete reboot five months into the project as we realised that the platform we were working with just wouldn't cut it. That said, we did underestimate the additional time it would take us from then until we'd be shipping the Almond+. We do review a lot of other projects on Kickstarter and we've even backed quite a few, of which very few have delivered on time. That's not an excuse for us to be late though and we've learnt a lot from this project and if we decide to do another Kickstarter project, it'll be handled very differently.

    28. Greg Rudisel on

      After backing over 100 projects I'm amazed at how crappy these projects are planed. If I had a dollar for every day of delay on each project I would have enough money to back another 100 projects.

      It appears most developers do not review other projects to learn from the previous mistakes. The same problems are repeated over and over. Another issue seems that a developer has knowledge in one or more areas of bring a new product to market but doesn't have a clue about the other areas which cause major delays or complete failure. For example they might be a great board designer and fail in parts purchasing, finding a manufacture, and shipping. They fail to bring in the needed talent and the projects are delayed or out right fail. They also fail many times at selecting a manufacture that has the ability to complete the project. My guess is that they take price over quality and the ability to complete projects. Many times they chose overseas manufactures where the loose control over the projects.

      If developers would spend more time reviewing other projects and where they had their failures, Kickstarters would be much better for the investors. For most investors I wouldn't think that the cost for a project is that important. If they think the idea is great they will back most of them even at +25%. With that extra money the developer could bring in the help they need to complete projects on time. And wouldn't that be great for everyone!

    29. Boone Simpson on

      Lars good to put a face to the name :)

      Progress looks good, and another month isn't the end of the world, as it is simply a "when" it is done, not an "if."

      I am assuming that via the apps, push notifications will be able to be set so when a sensor is tripped it can push that message to the device? It sounds odd, but WEMO motion sensors don't really have a great way to say "we detected motion." You have to either watch the app like a hawk or use IFTTT to push a sms which has a bit of a lag time.

      I have been playing with PushBullet for DIY notifications on android, and that could be a cool service to see supported at some point.

      Another item I've been thinking about, and this ties in with the platform idea, with the horsepower of the almond+ and the underlying linux OS, I would love to see some advanced tutorials (at some point) that deal with adding packages and certain usb hardware to the almond+. Things like pyload, plex media server, sickbeard, sabnzbd, nzbget, and hardware like usb cams, BT dongles, etc.
      I know that linux + arm = never easy, but could open up some cool integrations and uses...maybe offer some bounties to achieve those goals to some enterprising devs.

    30. Jonathan C. Wilson on

      I get there are delays during projects but at some point it does become frustrating.. To expect a product at a certain time frame then be delayed six months + is a little more than aggravating. That being said I've not lost faith in your company, but as all of us that have remained loyal backers for this entire duration, I do hope you will give us some kind of incentive for purchasing your future products, such as discount codes etc. seems appropriate in my opinion.

      That being said, I Look forward to see the the almost +.. I will be cutting a hole in my hallway, dropping a cat 5 cable and placing the almost flush with the wall once it arrives. Good times ahead!:)

    31. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Antonio - The iOS app should be ready soon, we have a few more kinks to work out with the Android app.

      @Ari - Best case, two weeks, worst case a month. EMI testing is comparatively quick to do, as in it's done in a day or less, so it's really just a matter of getting a few new boards made so we have something to test and this normally takes one to two weeks time to get made.

    32. Ari Leopold on

      @Securifi I understand your reasoning for not giving firm dates on a variable that you don't control but what type of possible delay are you expecting. One month, two months...Please understand that most of us here are professional(s) and understand how business works and that this is not a standard purchase of a product but the backing of a project. That being said, as part of the backing of a project I think we can all handle the "estimated" truth without holding you to it should something change.

    33. Antonio Calò on

      When do you release an android/iphone app just for beta testing? Thanks

    34. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Gerardo - The long term goal is to deliver a platform, not just a product and we have several projects lined up for later this year that will go hand in hand with the Almond+. Yes, we've run into more issues than we anticipated due to the hardware changes, but the end product will be far better than what you originally pledged for, as you're not only getting faster Wi-Fi, but also a better processor, more memory, USB 3.0 connectivity and a larger display to mention some of the features that you and all the other backers are getting at no additional cost. Admittedly many of you expected a product six months ago, but that was based on our original platform that wasn't bad as such, but wouldn't have been able to do much of what the updated Almond+ will be able to deliver. There shouldn't be any quality concerns, as our manufacturing partners are very professional manufacturers and make components for many other companies. Most of the delays have been due to software issues and have very little to do with the actual hardware, although the EMI issue is a small hardware issue, but not one that would affect the quality of the product to any degree.

    35. Gerardo on

      6 months delay. I'm starting to lose confidence that this will come one day and if it does, will still be an innovative solution? and not to mention quality concerns, I hope you guys can really pull this together.

    36. BarryKingLive on

      This is awesome! Great job guys. Couldn't be more excited. xD

    37. Missing avatar

      James Hayslett on

      Will some other product be better by the time this ever gets shipped?

    38. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Wesley - It's still in process, but so far so good. We don't see it causing any shipping delays.

    39. Missing avatar

      Wesley Stocker on

      What's the status on the Z-Wave Certification?

    40. Dash on

      I'm getting more excited!