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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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Almond+ Alpha Web UI Video Walkthrough

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

First of all, apologies for the slightly later than promised update.

The goal with this video is to show you a walkthrough of the alpha version of the Almond+ web UI. Hopefully we’ve managed to include many of the features that have been requested here on Kickstarter. Keep in mind that the web UI is still very much a work on progress and several parts of it isn’t finished in terms of functionality. As you’ve most likely noticed, the web UI for home automation isn’t present, but our software team is working hard on finalizing it and we’ll bring you more video updates as things progress. Other parts of the UI need to be tweaked either in terms of layout or in terms of functionality, but considering that our software team is creating daily builds of NutsOS, things are progressing quickly. We’ve also got the LCD up and running, but we want this to be fully functional before we post a video of it.

The video is best viewed at native 1080p resolution.

We’d like to hear your comments about the UI and the features we’ve implemented so far. Keep in mind that there’s a feature freeze for the Almond+ until we’ve shipped all of the units to you, our Kickstarter backers. But as already mentioned, some features aren’t fully implemented in the video and will be improved greatly between now and to the time the Almond+ is going into production.

The Almond+ is here for the long term and as such, we’ll see what we can implement over time when it comes to new features, just as we’ve done with the Almond. This is also one of the exciting aspects of the hardware platform we ended up choosing for the Almond+ in the end, it gives us much greater flexibility to add new features, as the Almond+ has enough processing power and memory to handle a wide range of tasks simultaneously. Let’s not forget that the Almond+ also has support for third party developers to add features and we’re hoping we’ll see some interesting projects from our developer tier backers as soon as they get their hands on the hardware.


The Almond+ Team

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    1. SECURIFI Creator on

      @mike - We're terribly sorry if this is the impression our website gives, but the information on there was made in time for our Kickstarter campaign and the pricing has nothing to do with the final retail price. In fact, we're working on updating our website and the $99 pricing will be removed. As for the colour choices, only black will be available in retail for now and we're not planning on offering the same colours in retail at any point in the future as the ones we've offered here on Kickstarter. Again, sorry about the confusion caused.

    2. Missing avatar

      mike lachs on

      Your advertising on your website this product for $99 when its finished to anyone in any color. I backed you months ago. Your late and giving a better deal to the general public. What was the advantage in backing you. Thanks for punishing your supporters who waited months and funded you interest free. Getting it a week or two early hardly seems fair.

    3. Clyde Matta on

      @daniel you are being a idiot

    4. Missing avatar

      Bao Nguyen on

      really nice. Is there an option for short key? like W for wireless..etc (kinda like gmail).
      Also if you can show us the vid of the device ui that would be great. :) I assume that's coming.

    5. Daniel on

      @Harihar Jobanputra and @E J - As posted by SECURIFI in Update #12, they specifically stated that the project was being delayed to Jan 2014 due to a hardware change. You were given a choice then to back out of the project or proceed with this new understanding. I'm sorry, not trying to be rude or disrespectful, but did you not READ? If there is some reading comprehension issues or low IQs with you, then I humbly apologize.

    6. Harihar Jobanputra on

      When can I expect delivery of this product? It has been delayed and it is difficult to find out delivery target.

    7. Missing avatar

      E J on

      I only bought for the Zigbee network, so quite disappointed no progress to show for this.

      The end of January 2014? That is a long way off considering it was advertised as to be delivered in September 2013. I hope this doesn't keep sliding, and why no update on this date until after a month late?

    8. Missing avatar

      Tariq Riaz on

      @Brian P.
      I bought the Almond+ for the same exact reason you mentioned in your comment. But while I was waiting and playing around with all the existing options I stumbled upon even better solution that works wonders for me. I have a bandwidth of 30 Mbps at home with the local ip but with a VPN on a US east coast or west coast server it drops to about 3 to 4 Mbps. For my existing set up I am using dd-wrt firmware with a compatible linksys router. But then I stumbled upon the smart DNS option. All I have to do is to change the DNS to a local US dns address and I have pandora, Netflix and HuLu on my samsung 9000 tv, Apple TV, all iPads and iPhones plus the macs in the house. I get 30 Mbps bandwidth for my streaming. I am using overplay as a subscription.
      I am still waiting for my Almond+ as I have a bunch of other uses and plans for it. Just wanted to share my 2 cents with you on the subject. Looking forward to my almond+.

    9. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Brian - As mentioned, several features haven't been implemented as yet. Technically what you're asking for should work, but would require some tinkering. Please have a look here for the various options in OpenWRT that are available as it might be easier doing this via the OpenWRT UI.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nescent on

      Video looks great so far (only watched first two). Now in the Alpha build, I kept pausing rapidly to see what title features were available to me. I am an amateur when it comes to building home networks, but what drew me to the almond, above and beyond all the bells and whistles was that would be able to build multiple lans inside the Almond+ for multiple devices and vpn's on each individual lans. I missed seeing where it looked like an option to build a vlan.

      For instance, I want to have 2 lans (atleast). 1 lan is mainly for regular net usage. The second LAN is supposed to connect to a VPN service that supplies a US ip address for that vlan. The purpose is that my TV and HTPC attached to that LAN will have US IP address, so they can stream Hulu and Netflix to those devices, while the rest of my household continues to use a local ip address.

      Is this still possible?

    11. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Dan - Yes, of course, we have several backers that have pledged for multiple units and this won't be an issue.

    12. sorphin on

      I pledged double to get 2. I assume you'll be able to accomodate this properly (unlike another kickstarter i'm currently backing that isn't as cooperative)?

    13. Boone Simpson on

      @mark working fine here.
      Try the direct link…

    14. Mark Blooman on

      Video not accessible - it says it does not exist...!?

    15. SECURIFI Creator on

      @MrFester - We'll be adding more videos as we refine the UI.

      @Ab - This might change, but yes, the plan is to include some kind of help, but the exact way this will work hasn't been finalized as yet.

      @Tim - Sadly we can't accept any more pledges, but you can sign up for a pre-order notification on our website to get in early for additional units.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tim Botsford on

      Are we allowed to make another pledge?

    17. Ab on

      Clean & un-cluttered. Perfect.

      I do see help icon against some options, would there be help/explanations on every setting?

    18. MrFester on

      It would be nice also to see a true Firewall look at feel interface. Something like a ASA or CheckPoint. :-)

    19. Frank Wiebenga on

      Awesome! Thank you for the update. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the Almond+

    20. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Boone - It's not something we've implemented yet.

      @BruceP - Thanks for the heads up, as this is an alpha build, there will be typo's and a lot of other minor mistakes, this will of course be fixed before we ship the hardware.

      @John - Yes, Z-Wave and ZigBee devices can do two-way feedback, but it's somewhat device dependent. If you want to discuss home automation, please visit our forums and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

      @Artik - We'll have to get back to you on this one.

      @Paul - Hopefully this shouldn't be needed, but we'll add support for a crontab which should handle this, although it won't be specific to reboots as such.

      @Jaap - Documentation is indeed important, but keep in mind that this is an alpha build of our web UI and a lot of work is still needed, so features like this is missing. That said, you're spot on and it's something we also find frustrating with many routers.

      @MrFester - It's coming, to re-iterate, this is an alpha build of our web UI and a lot of things are missing that will be added as we progress with developing the software.

      @y_t_n - We'll be providing a manual as well, hopefully the touch screen should be fairly self explanatory as with the Almond.

      @Vito - Our goal is still to get the beta units out before the end of November.

      @Gerald - It's not been implemented as yet, we've got a few concepts on how to do this, as we want it to be easy to use, which is trickier than it might sound.

      @Adam - Sadly not at this point in time, but it's something we might consider looking into once the Almond+ has shipped. As for DMZ etc. it's not been implemented into the web UI as yet, but it's coming.

      @Brian - We have a very flexible system for translations and our current product, the Almond, already ships with support for eight different languages.

      @Stan - This is the web UI, not the touch screen. What kind of wireless device compatibility are you looking for? We'll be bringing a lot more details with regards to sensors etc. shortly, but as mentioned, we're still working on the UI for that part.

      @Eric - Please note that this is an alpha build and far from a finished product, but thanks for the heads up.

      @mrmike - It's all "real life" i.e. running on the Almond+ hardware, this is not a simulated test of the software.

      @Tony - It's not something that's supported at the moment, but we'll discuss it with the software team to see if it's something we can implement alongside with the parental control features.

    21. Tony Hosie on

      hi yeah looks good. i was wondering if this feature a friend asked me about is able to be done or is already included?
      he wants to be able to assign string identifiers to mac addresses so when viewing what sites each mac address has gone to he can identify which child has gone to which site.

    22. Missing avatar

      David L on

      Looks great!

      Can't wait to get my hands on the beta version. (;

      Pls give more updates as soon as it is possible.

    23. Missing avatar

      mrmike on

      I'm probably the only person in the world who hates the "random sizes and arrangements of tiles" UI motif (die, die, die) but since you asked for comments, there's mine.

      Otherwise, it looks very nice. If it's that responsive in "real life" I'll be thrilled. I'm hoping there will be some sort of method to customize and extend the UI for power users so we can expose functions to the casual interactor.

    24. Missing avatar

      Eric G on

      I can see it will be the easily the best router web interface I have seen so far. Nice colour and looks easy to use interface. I can't comment on the functionality, but I can see many already commented about it.

      Just a minor point coming from a graphic designer:
      The top Securifi logo and the top 3 icon buttons (on the right) are shifting when navigating from 1 page to another. Try to keep it steady and consistent in place. Same goes the consistency of any common objects/buttons.

      I hope it gets usability testing before the final version.

    25. Missing avatar

      Stan Zieg on

      Super impressed with the first one or two videos. Less so for the last few - lots of questions either misunderstood or the 'good stuff' was not discussed. All the wireless device compatibility was pretty much bypassed to show off the touch screen. If your target market is grandma and grandpa who need to set up their router easily and watch pictures of the grandkids, then 90% or the great work that has been done will be wasted. I'm pumped about the heavy duty features. I hope others are too or momentum for extending the scope of a typical boring router will only be a memory.....

    26. Missing avatar

      D. Hartzell on

      Since y_t_n seconded the comment about documentation, I'll third it. It's great that Almond+ is so configurable, but if you're not sure what you're configuring -- or why -- some clear, concise help would be a huge plus. I'll also second y_t_n's comment about help for the touch screen; that would also be awesome.

    27. Brian Levinsen

      Looks awesome, looking forward to getting my hands on the developer unit. :-)

      I agree with some other comments here that a in depth help system would be great.
      I would also add translations, I'm hoping that you make your life easy by making an easy way to translate the UI/Help, so not hardcoding the text, but having text references, that can then be modified in a xml or similar. This way Developer pledgers can assist with translating the UI.

    28. Adam Shields on

      The system looked very streamlined and sleek. I am curious if it's possible the organization can be altered by the user?
      Also, as a dedicated gamer, I noticed many features but a lack of direct gaming support (such as a DMZ or other easily accessible options.) If they're included inside the "routing" option (which you did not show more of, perhaps because routing is somewhat...bland) then I'm set.
      If not easily accessible, are there options that take gaming into account with the same ease of use that it appears the rest of your system has?
      Otherwise, it looks good. -Adam

    29. Missing avatar

      Gerald Fountain on

      I didn't see any provisions for network usage monitoring, logging, time of day restrictions, etc. Will there be tools in there for these features? As a parent, we teach computer responsibilities to the kids, but are also aware of the need to do some monitoring/restrictions on the back end too :)

    30. Colin Vesper on

      This looks great. Way better than most router web consoles.

    31. Vito DeCarlo on

      The UI looks incredible, and the performance is outstanding! I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the beta version, so that we can begin developing apps for it. I have a *ton* of hardware that I want to test against it, and I want to be able to begin developing a Windows Phone app for it.

      Any idea as to when the developer (beta) version will ship out?

    32. Missing avatar

      YTN on

      I second the comment on documentation. What would be great if you could hover your mouse over each option and it would show you detailed documentation on that option. For the touch screen, a small question mark next to each option to view documentation would suffice.

    33. MrFester on

      Little information on IPv6, no DNS entries for it. No option to turn OFF the 5GHz radio?

    34. Cory Maddox

      Just wanted to say I think it looks great.

    35. Jaap on

      Usability Tip:
      As the NutsOS will be the "noob" interface for the common users it would be really great to add a excellent documentation to it.
      What you see in most routers is a help system which describes the general working of the different router setting-screens but which is often not complete or not up to date and leaving the more advanced fields/values undocumented. Which are most likely the fields normal people want info on.

      If you would add a help documentation on the NutsOS which has a good and clear description of each (input) field and a global description on the overall working it would be really helpful for non-tech users. It is one of the areas of routers which is mostly sub-par. You could make a difference here.

      Tech users will probably know what to do anyway or use the Open-WRT interface and even as tech-user a reminder here and there on the different settings could be helpful.

      Next to the missing documentation the interface looks sweet!

    36. Missing avatar

      Paul Rawling on

      Is there/can you add functionality to the interface to allow users to schedule regular re-boots of the device?

    37. Artik on

      Will it be possible (through web interface) to configure the router as a VPN client and route traffic only to specific IPs/URLs through that VPN?

    38. Missing avatar

      John S on

      The UI looks clean and professional. Even some of the big names in networking gear can learn a thing or two from this UX design. I'm very exciting by the progress and am looking forward to playing with my very own Almond+. Thanks for the great work!

      PS: I'm not sure if this has been covered before. Do ZWave and Zigbee devices offer 2-way feedback and if so, does the Almond+ support it? i.e., If I log onto the web UI from a remote location, can I check on the status of Zwave/Zigbee devices? I'm very new to the home automation scene.

    39. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Looking cool, guys. You're probably already aware, but there's a typo in the WebDAV Server screen. Should be "Partition". :)

    40. Boone Simpson on

      looks great!
      I didn't see bandwidth usage charts, is that coming? or will that need to be enabled on the OPENWRT side?

    41. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Kris - The goal is to start shipping to our backers at the end of January.

    42. Missing avatar

      KRIS on

      What's the new delivery date again?


    43. Kai Huang on

      Awesome man!! The UI is just fit to Win8! Great job!!