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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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Almond+ progress update and Forums

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

Board development

By now we have our first Alpha test boards in house and by the end of this month we’re hoping to be able to share pictures with you of the early Beta boards that will feature the same board layout as what will be used in the final product. 

Beyond this, our BOM (Bill of Materials) is nearly finalized, but we’ll bring you more details on this alongside the pictures of the Beta boards. The BOM will be finalized ahead of manufacturing the Beta boards and there shouldn’t be any major changes from that point onward. 

Mechanical design 

Due to the various hardware improvements mentioned in update #12, the height and width of the Almond+ has increased slightly, by about 15mm (about half an inch) per side, although we’re still working on refining this and the final size might be smaller. Part of the increase is size is due to antenna placement, as our aim to provide as good radio performance as possible without having to use external antennas. A lot of the final testing and tweaking will be doing of the Almond+ will involve antenna and radio performance, as this is one area where we don’t want to disappoint. 


The big announcement in this update is that the Securifi forums are now officially open. We’d ask that all of our Kickstarter backers register with the same email address as the one you’re using for your Kickstarter account, as it’ll make it much easier for us to assign you your Kickstarter Backer status in the forums. However, this won’t be done immediately, as we expect the forums will be quite busy with people registering over the next week or so and we want to give everyone the chance to sign up first and then we’ll assign the Backer status once we see the registrations slowing down. We’ve already given the Developer and Beta testers early access to the forums, so you will find a few posts in the forums. 

Note that our forums are monitored and moderated and we expect civil behaviour on the forums. Our support team will also be monitoring the forums and help answer your questions as needed. We hope that we can build a thriving community together where ideas can be shared both between community members, but also with us, as we’re more than happy to listen to your ideas and suggestions. 

You can sign up for the forums by going to 

A quick note about availability 

We’ve had a few inquiries whether or not the Almond+ is still on schedule for September. This was covered in the backer only update #12 that we posted back in May. For those that missed that update, due to major hardware improvements of the Almond+, we were forced to delay shipment by about 3-4 months’ time and this still stands. If all goes smoothly, we’re expecting that the first part of the reward for the Beta and Developer level backers should be ready around September/October. 


The Almond+ Team


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    1. Missing avatar

      Asim Manzur on

      any update when you guys shipping out the units?

    2. Missing avatar

      Timothy on

      ++ for external antenna connector

    3. Missing avatar

      Torkild Johansen on

      ++ for external antenna connector

    4. SECURIFI Creator on

      @ Brett - We're waiting for the beta boards to come back from manufacturing, but due to a slight PCB re-layout change, we're running about a week later than planned. As soon as the boards are back from the factory, we'll be posting an update.

    5. Brett Cox on

      Time for another update??

    6. SECURIFI Creator on

      @ Atulrai - The Almond+ will ship the same time to our backers world wide, so it's the same schedule for Europe as for everywhere else.

    7. Missing avatar

      Atulrai Sharma on

      Whats the latest on Almond for Europe? Thanks

    8. Missing avatar

      Asim Manzur on

      ++ for external antenna connector

    9. Missing avatar

      Asim Manzur on

      ++ for external antenna

    10. Missing avatar

      D on

      Can't register on the forums...I tried several different usernames and no matter how long and random the text I put in for a username is it says "Username is not available".
      Tried on firefox and IE. Same on both.

    11. 129-31223 on

      Yes! We need external antenna!

    12. Missing avatar

      Rex Hollingsworth on

      Agreeing with the others, external antenna connectors would be awesome. I know you want to keep the unit sleek, but I've found upgradeable antennas to be one of the biggest things that I miss off of most modern routers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Patrik Reynolds on

      I'm all for increasing the dimensions of the enclosure if it means better performance.

      Thanks for the concise and timely updates.

    14. Jesse Diaz on

      I concur with the external antenna connector

    15. Martin

      I second the motion for an external antenna connector on the case so we can add if necessary a yagi or other antennae with gain....!

    16. bagheadinc on

      Nevermind, got my answer about Tapatalk on the forum from Lars. For those who are curious, they are planning to add it. :)

    17. bagheadinc on

      Any chance of adding Tapatalk to the forum so we can check into it on our phones? :)

    18. Brian Levinsen

      I'm also hoping for the possibility to add external antennas.

    19. Boone Simpson on

      I am not against external antennas, In fact, will the internal connections be U.FL, or someone other connector so we could modify the hardware with a pigtail to allow for beefy external antennas?

    20. Andrew Yong on

      Get some great transmit power in there for the 5GHz band. My country allows up to 4W (which is overkill) but yeah, it would be nice to see 23dBm to 26dBm if you can find reasonably priced PA chips.

    21. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Rand - As mentioned, we'll post pictures towards the end of the month of the Beta boards, so please be patient.

    22. Rand Chua TL on

      Hope to c a new picture.

    23. Jaap on

      Bigger is better if it improves the radio performance.

      Thanks for the update, it's a long wait but the updates make it bearable :P.