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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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Almond+ Philips Hue = Pure Awesomeness

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

Ever dreamt of creating beautiful ambient lighting that is in sync with your music? Well, now you can, thanks to Almond+.

Using all the Colors

Using only one color at a time

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Lets Go for those Stretch Goals

Lets Go! Go! Go!

In the RGB demo, we added a tinge of Red to the Blue and Green since the Blues and Greens saturate to white very easily with the Hue bulbs. We noticed the Philips LivingColors do not have this problem.

To use Philips Hue Bulbs with your Almond+, you will need to connect the Hue Hub to it. Philips Hue and Philips LivingColors Bulbs can be integrated into your Home Automation network, you can control the Hue bulbs the same way you would any ZigBee or Z-Wave light using the Almond+. Create rules or add your own scripts, Almond+ will treat all your Home Automation devices equally!

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    1. Three Axis on

      I agree with TH, this would make an awesome demo and would showcase the power of the Almond+. I backed the Almond+ because I really think the idea is awesome, but now with the discussions around Zigbee and home automation and more and more products becoming available, I start to be extremely interested in how you guys at Securifi see this and how the Almond+ can make it happen.

    2. SECURIFI Creator on

      @pclabtech, though we haven't made any announcements, we are more than eager to integrate support for LIFX. We are one of their backers and eagerly waiting for our units and information on their API. We dont forsee any trouble since LIFX claims they work over WiFi
      @Lewis, @Kumar, Almond+ supports only the ZigBee Home Automation profile currently

    3. Missing avatar

      WKRupert on

      Is there a list of the Sensors/Devices that will ship with the Beta/Developer pledges yet?

    4. Lewis Purvis on

      I would also be interested in knowing what zigbee profiles are supported. What is required for support of these profiles? Is it a license fee?
      I understand why you have done the Philips Hue lighting demo. It seems that there is pretty much no competition for a semi-affordable coloured LED zigbee lighting system out there. I certainly couldn't find one that supported ZHA. Though LIFX seems to use Zigbee, is there any chance you could support that without having to have one of their webserver bulbs? Do the Zigbee LIFX bulbs support the ZHA profile?

    5. Missing avatar

      Kumar Tanj on

      Since you mentioned that it does not support ZLL, Could you please provide us with supporting and non supporting Zigbee profiles as listed below ?

      Based on WIKI the below profiles exists

      Released specifications
      ZigBee Home Automation
      ZigBee Smart Energy 1.0
      ZigBee Telecommunication Services
      ZigBee Health Care
      ZigBee RF4CE – Remote Control
      ZigBee RF4CE – Input Device
      ZigBee Light Link

      Specifications under development
      ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0
      ZigBee Building Automation
      ZigBee Retail Services

    6. pclabtech on

      I am hoping for a LIFX integration, as the Phillips HUE has problems, especially they don't use true RGB colored LEDs and if you notice there are certain colors you can't produce with the bulbs due to their choice of LEDs. It would be nice to utilize the Almond+ to turn on and off the lights without the need for their proprietary hub, then I can just buy Hue lightbulbs without the hub and integrate them into Almond+ or the Smart Things hub.

    7. Missing avatar

      TH on

      @Vipul stretch goals were described in Update #4.

    8. Missing avatar

      Vipul Delwadia on

      What are the stretch goals?

    9. Missing avatar

      TH on

      @securifi thanks for the response & I understand now why the hue needed the hub. There are other affordable light switches so hue wouldn't be a necessity. If you want to make a video that will get a lot of attention/backers, showcase how easy almond+ will be to use and how it can tie different equipment together.

      Take a motion sensor from one manufacturer and a light switch model from another. Show how easy it is to pair these devices with the almond, then set a rule to have the light turn on when the motion sensor is triggered. Lastly show a notification on the phone about the sensor being triggered. Turn off the light from the phone for one last cool feature.

      That would showcase the power of almond+ by being able to combine products and control them through almond (zigbee/zwave) and over the web from the phone (router). Usually you need an expensive closed system with monthly fees to do those things easily. If this is easy to do in a video people will take notice & you'll receive more backers.

    10. SECURIFI Creator on

      Ignore the previous comment. A few missed words there.
      A clarification from our main ZigBee man- There is a good chance we can connect the Philips Hue bulbs directly to Almond+ without the Hub as Philips seem to have included some undocumented provisions in the Hue bulbs to join ZHA networks. We have been working on this for the past few weeks already.
      We just dont want to promise this till we positively verify this.

    11. SECURIFI Creator on

      A clarification from our main ZigBee man- There is a good chance we can connect the Philips Hue bulbs directly to Almond as Philips seem to have included some undocumented provisions in the Hue bulbs to join ZHA networks. We have been working on this for the past few weeks already.
      We just dont want to promise this till we positively verify this.

    12. Lewis Purvis on

      @SECURIFI Thanks for your response.
      So, does the Almond+ need to use another physical technology for ZLL or is it something that can be implemented with a firmware upgrade? Is it more about purchasing a licence to be listed as Zigbee light link certified?

    13. Lewis Purvis on

      Looks good, but i am also confused by this. The hue hub is used to communicate with the hue bulbs via zigbee. isn't this what the Almond+ is designed to take the place of? Couldn't any router do this if hooked up to the hue hub? Is this video demonstrating an app written for the Almond+ that is controlling these lights via zigbee, and the person that wrote the description added the "you will need to connect the Hue Hub to it" by mistake? This video has slightly concerned me also. Could you please clarify this demo, and please tell me that this isn't just doing what any other router would, when hooked up to the Hue Hub....

    14. SECURIFI Creator on

      As we mentioned before in the comments, Almond+ supports the ZigBee Home Automation (ZHA) profile (which is what the common ZigBee sensors out there support). The Philips Hue is based on the ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) profile. Based on the current ZigBee specifications, its not possible to send ZLL commands through a ZHA hub. For this reason, we are supporting adding a Hue Hub to the Almond+ and implemented software which treats bulbs connected via the hue hub as individual lighting devices on the network.

      Even when the Almond+ connects to the Hue bulbs through the Hue hub, these bulbs will still be treated like all other lighting devices on your home automation network. For example lets say you have a Scenario where you want to turn off all your lights - This will be applied to your Z-Wave driven lights, ZigBee Home Automation lights and Hue bulbs all the same. And similarly these bulbs can individually be a part of your other rules and scripts.

      All the control options shown on this screen will be available on the Almond+’s touchscreen also. However if you are on your couch we assume most of you would rather control lights through your phone than get up and reach for the Almond+ touchscreen.

      The video we posted shows just one of the many ways one could use Almond+ and the Philips Hue system. We are really excited about the possibilities, and can’t wait to see the cool new stuff you guys come up with as well! :)

      PS. The app you see on the iPad is an early prototype we wrote to visualize music. Our final iOS and Android apps will be a lot more polished.

      @TH, @Cade, @Jose, @Adamantios, @Jamie, @BarryKingLive, I hope this clarifies your concerns. If not, please let us know.

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris Robson on

      Could you do this with the unsuccessfull kickstarter project that is still alive on its own Light by
      Looks like a perfect partnership if lighting effects is what your looking for.

    16. Missing avatar

      TH on

      This video has left me with more questions than answers. If a Hue Hub is needed then what is the Almond doing other than being a router? The advantage of the Almond is to eliminate these other hubs and be able to control devices through 1 interface.

      Pure awesomeness as this update is titled would have been if I could save the cost of buying the hue hub and only have to buy the bulbs. Then be able to control the bulbs through the almond or an almond app along with other devices. If a motion sensor turns on and off the hue bulbs as you enter or leave a room you would have awesomeness. That would showcase using phillips bulbs with other non-phillips devices all because they are both connected to the almond. That would have showcased the benefit of an almond.

      I'd like to be ale to eliminate the Hue hub, the smart things hub and numerous other hubs because they all run zwave or zigbee.

      This video has me concerned about whether the almond is going to be any more than a great router.

    17. Cade Goldenberg on

      As someone who has the Philips Hue bulbs (set of close to 20) I am confused by these videos. I already have iOS/Android/Windows/OSX applications that do all this and more. I can make music control my Hue Bulbs as well as a few other tricks. What is the point of the almond in this if i need to connect the Hub as well as use an iPad to control it. I would like to see the almond+ control the lights, perhaps give notifications of events. Right now as it was shot, this is a dumb video.

    18. Jose Marcelino on

      Exactly, there's even already apps like Hue Disco that do this sort of thing on an iPhone via a Hue hub.

      What role is Almond+ playing in the demo?

    19. Missing avatar

      Adamantios Sotiropoulos on

      As others asked, what is the point of connecting the Hue Hub to the Almond+? I thought that Almond should control the Hue without the need of the Hue Hub due to the zigbee protocol it supports.
      I have the Hue system and I am very interested to know the extra benefits that the Almond+ could add to its experience..

    20. Brian Levinsen

      Anyone know what type of devices they will ship with the Developer and Beta rewards?
      I tried to skim through the comments, but found only some references that a list will be provided soon.

    21. BarryKingLive on

      @Jamie I guess their point is that it would be possible to do a lot of stuff with this device because of all the connectivity options. And people will be able to use the sdk to write apps like this.

    22. Jamie on

      @Barry - thanks for that, well like I said it just isn't clear. I mean they promote this router as one with a screen, a touch screen - that's cheap. But you need a tablet to do other things. I'm just confused as to whats happening here.

    23. BarryKingLive on

      @Jamie the philips hue app doesn't do this music stuff. Just selecting a color from a picture or the color wheel.

    24. Jose Marcelino on

      Wh do you need the Hue Hub connected when the Almond+ already does Zigbee by itself?

    25. Jamie on

      I don't know if the video or explanation sells what the Almond+ is doing in the video (or maybe it isn't doing much) .. it kind of looks to me like they are using the Hue iPad App to play music and control the colours .. so what is the Almond+ doing apart from looking pretty - acting as a wifi gateway like any router would? I was hoping to see the touch screen used on the Almond+ (to turn the lights on and off or start a "party" macro or something)
      Or am I meant to assume the iPad app is one made by Almond+?

    26. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Marcel, @Richard, yes, we will integrate LIFX as soon as they are available. We are one of the backers and we even send them a message if they can send us some dev units so we can start the integration work :)

    27. André Goliath on

      Marcel and Richard, yes it will be, LifX uses plain ZigBee (and I remember seeing a post in the comments over there)

    28. Marcel Waelti Rettenmund on

      I double Richards question!

    29. André Goliath on

      Howly crap, I just snaped the last dev boundle and then see the beauty with my HUE, CANT WAIT!
      Any news on the additional devices that come with the dev bundle?