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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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New firmware, blog, SDK and final shipments

Posted by SECURIFI (Creator)

New firmware

We’ve released firmware R066 and it should be the second to last firmware that needs to be manually updated via the web UI. You can find the firmware and the changelog in the forums -,1883.0.html

Blog, Forums, Wiki and Support

As mentioned in our previous update, we’re looking at winding down things here on Kickstarter over the next couple of months and as such, we’re getting things ready on our side. Our new blog is up and running and you can find it here - 
From today, we’ll be posting our Kickstarter updates in parallel here on Kickstarter as well as on our blog. Longer term, we’ll only be posting on the blog, but it’ll also be used for things like product announcements, some tips and tricks and various other things. 

If you haven’t already visited our forums, that’s another great resource for getting help both from us and other backers and you can find the forum here -

Due to the fact that things are still changing on almost a monthly basis in terms of the functionality of the Almond+, we haven’t got a manual as such for it, but you can find a lot of useful guides on our Wiki which is located here -

For those of you that needs support for whatever reason, please visit our support page which contains contact information for our support team -
Please note that we don’t have support numbers for all regions, but our in-house support team will give you a call back if needed, if you send them an email first. 

SDK and developer forum 

We’ve opened the developer forum to everyone that has a registered forum account and the SDK can be found in the forums. The related forum post contains links to documentation and some basic example code. We’ll be providing more code examples, but we felt it was better that we allowed everyone to get access to the SDK first, rather than just wait for the example code to be ready before giving everyone access to the SDK. 

99.3% of Backer Rewards Shipped 

If you are among the 0.7% who haven’t received your Almond+ by now, there are only two possibilities: 

  • You didn’t provide us with your shipping details. Please email with your address and reward details and we’ll get your Almond+ sent out to you. 
  • You received a tracking number, but haven’t received your Almond+. Please check with the courier and also contact us right away. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to track lost packages. If we shipped via EMS (tracking numbers starting with EE), please locate the local EMS partner and contact them if you haven’t recieved your Almond+ - 

We’d also like to apologise for the shipping delays and some of the unfortunate issues that have arisen in some countries. 


The Almond+ Team

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    1. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Dave - We're doing some limited testing with a beta firmware and so far it's been mostly positive, but we need to fix a few things before release a public version of it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dave R on

      Any ETA on that newer firmware? It's been 3 weeks since you posted...

    3. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Kerry - We're working on a fix for the Wi-Fi issues, it'll be a couple of weeks still before we have something ready for testing as we're updating the Wi-Fi drivers and a few more things and this takes some time since we need to do a lot of internal testing to make sure this doesn't cause any other issues.

    4. Kerry on

      Awesome product. I've had my Almond+ for a while and is a great compliment to our home network setup.

      We're frequently affected by the 5GHz connection dropouts though (all Apple client devices), but if I can help please let me know. Otherwise we're still happy and excited to have one of these devices. :)

    5. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Eric - Not right now, but it's something we're considering adding in the future. It's quite complicated though and it might not work well with other Z-Wave controllers as there's no real standard for that when it comes to using multiple gateways.

    6. Eric J.

      Not sure if I missed it but, can it be set up as a secondary Z-wave controller?

    7. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Christopher - Not at the moment, sorry.

    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher Manouvrier on

      Any Updates on USB Printing capabilities?

    9. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Kim - Native support isn't possible due to the bulbs using ZigBee Light Link only. Other ZigBee bulbs can work with a ZigBee Home Automation gateway, such as the Sylvania/Osram Ultra iQ and the GE/Wink bulbs. As such, it's support for the hub to be controlled through our apps and UI's.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kim Bryant on

      Native Hue support? Or Hue thru their hub? BTW, love the Almond+ you guys have done a great job with this product and I brag it up to all my friends. Keep up the good work.

    11. Boone Simpson on

      Thanks for the answer.

    12. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Boone - Right now the focus is on fixing all the issues, once that's done, we're going to put 110% focus on the automation features. Notifications via the cloud will arrive in a week or two though, by the sound of it. Hue support will be the first thing coming, native WeMo support, maybe, but it's further down the road.

    13. Boone Simpson on

      Thanks for the update,

      I know it is farther out, but when will timers and other rules based actions start integrating to the almond?

      Will items like the wemo devices ever have native integration through the nutos (or is this a wait fora third party dev once the sdk is out)?

      Again thanks for the all the hard work.

    14. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Matt - Most likely not as we only got ours. We do have basic power monitoring support though for Z-Wave power plugs in R066 though.

    15. Matt on

      Will this update show support for the Aeon labs Energy Reader?

    16. Kayle-Ann Lee Chee on

      I am very appreciative of all the help the Almond+ Team (Securfi) gave us with regards to our shipping problem. They are truly rock stars when we needed help the most. Looking forward to finally using your product and we wish you guys every success!

    17. SECURIFI Creator on

      @Darwin - We use BusyBox which is unaffected by the shellshock vulnerability.

    18. Darwin Gosal on

      Is the firmware got bash running? Should I concern about the bash shellshock vuln?