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Blazing Fast 802.11ac WiFi - 1.17Gb/s. Compatible with 100's of Z-Wave & ZigBee smart sensors. All in one exquisitely designed device.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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What’s coming and a special pre-order discount


What to expect in the next 2-3 months 

 Inasmuch as we’d hoped to have some really good news to share with you by now, there are still many things that we’ve promised that hasn’t been delivered. The most crucial parts are of course home automation, notifications and improved Wi-Fi performance. 

We’re expecting to release a new firmware to our beta/dev backers this week to have them test the new Wi-Fi drivers and if it works well, we expect to be releasing it to everyone as a beta firmware the following week. This firmware will improve the Wi-Fi performance and it’ll also fix the issue some are having with garbled data over the WAN port. 

In addition to that, we anticipate to release mobile app notifications by the latter half of December. We’ve included a couple of screenshots below of how it’s been implemented, but we’ll be providing more details on our blog in a week or two as to how it all works.

The progress of the automation end of things is progressing quite well and we’ll have a simple to use web-based interface that runs on the Almond+ itself. As such, the automation will run even in the event the internet goes down. We’ll be providing more details on this in January, as the UI still requires some work. 

There’s still a lot more to come and we know we have plenty of work ahead of us, but the next couple of firmware releases should deliver much more of the core functionality. Also, if you haven’t already updated to firmware R069 which is available here, then we suggest you do so, as it’ll enable you to update to future firmwares via the LCD UI, although not beta releases. 

Pre-order discount for US backers 

 If you’re interested in purchasing additional units and live in the US, today is your chance to get an Almond+ for $189. This offer is only available until 11.59pm EST, December 1st and we have limited quantities at this price. We’ll then offer the Almond+ for $199 for a limited period of time, with it then reverting back to its retail price of $249. We know some of you might think this is high compared to what you paid for your Kickstarter units, but keep in mind that we’ve made some pretty big hardware changes compared to the original plan. You can place your pre-order here and we expect to ship before the end of December. 

For those who don’t live in the US, we’ll be offering similar deals in other regions once we launch there and we’ll provide more details and and when this happens. We were hoping to launch in more regions simultaneously, but sadly this simply wasn’t possible, but we’re working hard on bringing the Almond+ to as many markets as possible, as soon as possible. 

Almond Cyber Monday special

In the US we’re offering the Almond for $69.99 on Amazon, today only and it’ll of course ship straight away. The order link you need for that offer is and it’ll start from 12.40am EST and will be available until the end of the day, or until we run out of stock, whichever comes first. 

We have specials in Canada, the UK and Germany for the Almond as well over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes out for these if you’re interested in getting an Almond. We’ll let you know via Twitter and Facebook once these deals go live. 


The Almond+ Team

New firmware, blog, SDK and final shipments


New firmware

We’ve released firmware R066 and it should be the second to last firmware that needs to be manually updated via the web UI. You can find the firmware and the changelog in the forums -,1883.0.html

Blog, Forums, Wiki and Support

As mentioned in our previous update, we’re looking at winding down things here on Kickstarter over the next couple of months and as such, we’re getting things ready on our side. Our new blog is up and running and you can find it here - 
From today, we’ll be posting our Kickstarter updates in parallel here on Kickstarter as well as on our blog. Longer term, we’ll only be posting on the blog, but it’ll also be used for things like product announcements, some tips and tricks and various other things. 

If you haven’t already visited our forums, that’s another great resource for getting help both from us and other backers and you can find the forum here -

Due to the fact that things are still changing on almost a monthly basis in terms of the functionality of the Almond+, we haven’t got a manual as such for it, but you can find a lot of useful guides on our Wiki which is located here -

For those of you that needs support for whatever reason, please visit our support page which contains contact information for our support team -
Please note that we don’t have support numbers for all regions, but our in-house support team will give you a call back if needed, if you send them an email first. 

SDK and developer forum 

We’ve opened the developer forum to everyone that has a registered forum account and the SDK can be found in the forums. The related forum post contains links to documentation and some basic example code. We’ll be providing more code examples, but we felt it was better that we allowed everyone to get access to the SDK first, rather than just wait for the example code to be ready before giving everyone access to the SDK. 

99.3% of Backer Rewards Shipped 

If you are among the 0.7% who haven’t received your Almond+ by now, there are only two possibilities: 

  • You didn’t provide us with your shipping details. Please email with your address and reward details and we’ll get your Almond+ sent out to you. 
  • You received a tracking number, but haven’t received your Almond+. Please check with the courier and also contact us right away. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to track lost packages. If we shipped via EMS (tracking numbers starting with EE), please locate the local EMS partner and contact them if you haven’t recieved your Almond+ - 

We’d also like to apologise for the shipping delays and some of the unfortunate issues that have arisen in some countries. 


The Almond+ Team

Shipments coming to an end, what’s next?


It’s been a frantic few weeks for the whole Securifi team, as we’ve now shipped about 98% of all the pledges. What’s left is Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, as well as a handful of ANZ units and some special requests or multiple-unit orders that we deemed a bit too complex to ship directly from the factory. We expect all of these to have shipped over the next two weeks. There’s of course that snafu with some of the European countries as well where we’ll be getting a few units back and re-ship them via EMS and once again, we can’t apologise enough about this. This past month has been tough for the whole team and everyone has put in a lot of extra hours, so please be patient with us if we don’t respond to your emails and questions straight away. 

iOS app 

The iOS app has finally been approved by Apple and it’s called Almond by Securifi and you can download it here - At the moment the iOS app is fairly basic and apart from an option to reboot the Almond+, it doesn’t have any router specific features. We’ll be working on getting up to par in terms of functionality with the Android app, so expect regular updates. 

EMS shipments 

We’ve sent a lot of the EU Almond+’s via EMS and due to the sheer amount of products we’re shipping, the local postal service which handles EMS in Taiwan has been overwhelmed. This has lead to slow updates of the tracking information and delays of getting the packages out of Taiwan by up to a week. We’re sorry about this extra delay, it wasn’t something we expected, but judging by the tracking information, these packages are now slowly starting to make their way towards their intended destinations. If the tracking information hasn’t been updated, please just be patient, your pledge is on its way if we've sent you a tracking email, it's just held up waiting for processing before being shipped. 

We’ve shipped, now what? 

Just because the Almond+ has shipped doesn’t mean we've reached the end of the line, quite the contrary and we know we have a lot of work ahead of us. We expect to have a new firmware in about two weeks that will address a lot of the reported problems. We’re working with our chipset partners to try and resolve some of the more complex issues, with the software team working on both adding new features, making improvements to current features as well as fixing bugs. If all goes according to plan, the Android app should have sensor notifications in two to three weeks’ time. We’re sadly running a little bit behind schedule on the Automation side of things, so it might not be until early October until that’s ready now. We’d rather not launch something that’ll cause more frustration, as we know this is something many of you are looking forward to. 

We also wanted to let you guys know that the Almond+ is already compatible with the GE Wink bulbs, so if you’re looking for some affordable light bulbs that you can control with your Almond+, give them a try. We’re also working on adding more comprehensive sensor support in general to the Almond+, but this is a pretty big task, so if we don’t support a specific sensor that you have, let us know in the forum and we’ll do our best to add it over time. 

This month we’ll also open up the SDK to everyone, but please keep in mind that the SDK requires some C++ knowledge if you want to be able to take advantage of it. We will also be posting a few more code examples, something that’s been long overdue and we’re getting the software team to start interacting a bit more in the forums than they have been doing so far.


The Almond+ Team

North America almost done, EU halfway


By now we’ve shipped to about 99% of our North American backers. If you haven’t had a tracking number from us, don’t fret, we haven’t forgotten about you. We do have some slightly more complex orders that we have to ship from our office and we have some late address changes etc. that haven’t shipped yet. We’ll do our best to get these out as quickly as possible, but as we have to process a lot of these manually it’ll take a little bit longer to get these units out than when we shipped in large batches from the factory. 

EU brokerage fees 

We’ve also shipped about half of all the EU units as of last week, which is a little bit earlier than we initially anticipated. However, we’ve had some major hiccups here with TNT though, so all remaining units to Europe will be shipped via EMS. If we’ve already shipped your Almond+ and you’re getting charged an unreasonable amount by your local TNT office, please refuse the package and we’ll re-ship it via EMS. We’re truly sorry about this, we did check with TNT and were told that there would only be VAT charges plus a small fee on shipments to Europe, but clearly that’s not the case in many countries. Re-shipping does of course mean a delay, but we believe this is a better solution than having you guys pay additional charges for nothing. Admittedly we can’t guarantee that there won’t be any charges with EMS, but they should be more reasonable. 

Remaining regions 

The Australia, New Zealand and Brazil units will hopefully start shipping before the end of August, but as we’ve mentioned before, these units take slightly longer time for us to make due to additional step in the manufacturing process because the Z-Wave chips have to be programmed. Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan will be the last ones to go out and it looks like we might not manage to get these out until the first week of September now. 

Firmware update 

Please note that the LCD UI Software Update feature is not yet implemented. As such, please follow the instructions here -,1396.0.html on how to update the firmware on your Almond+. If you’re not able to access the web UI of your Almond+, please try to change the admin password in the LCD UI under Status, Web Admin. If this doesn’t help, please do a hard reset and it should work. This is an issue affecting a few units and we’re working on finding out exactly what has gone wrong. 

Sensor instruction update 

We missed one thing in the sensor instructions in the box. Once you’ve added a sensor that has a tamper switch - for example a door/window sensor or a PIR sensor - you need to tap on Connected Sensors in the LCD UI, find the sensor, tap on it and then tap on Tampered to remove the tamper status. Note that the sensor needs to be closed for this to work. Unless you do this, the sensors won’t respond to state changes. Apologies for missing this very important piece of information in the instructions. 


The Almond+ Team

New firmware and a short message from the team


A little bit later than we’d hope for, we’ve now finally released a new firmware update for the Almond+. This time, you’ll have to update the firmware via the web UI of your Almond+, so please follow the instructions provided. The new version is R065 and it brings with it a wealth of new features, improvements and fixes and we have a full breakdown of changes in the forum.

Key features include: 

  • Range Extender/Bridge mode
  • Access Point 
  • LCD backlight time-out option
  • LCD screen lock 
  • Hidden SSID’s 
  • Updated Wi-Fi driver 
  • Improvements to the LCD and local web UI 

We’d strongly suggest that you update to the new firmware version, as beyond adding the features mentioned above, it also includes a lot of other behind the scenes fixes and improvements. If you’re experiencing any issues after upgrading to this firmware, we suggest you do a factory reset, as some things like the Wi-Fi settings can have issues due to the updated Wi-Fi drivers. You can find instructions and a download link here -,1396.0.html

Shipping update 

By now, we’ve shipped to about two thirds of our backers and over the next couple of weeks we aim to have shipped to just about everyone. Note that TNT is having some issues with their tracking system, but we’ve yet to get a definite answer from them when this will be fixed. 

A short message from the Almond+ Team 

Shipping the Almond+ has been a very emotional rollercoaster for us and inasmuch as we’re happy that we’re finally shipping the Almond+ to our backers, we know that we still have a lot of work to do. We’re a small, but dedicated team and we know that quite a few core features that we promised weren’t there at day one. Today’s firmware update addresses many of those, but far from all of them. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback, but also some negative feedback. We take all feedback seriously, be it good or bad. We’re still working on resolving some issues and many of you have been very helpful already when it comes to tracking down issues and even providing solutions on how to fix them. Shipping is really just the start of the next chapter of the Almond+, as together with you, or backers, we have the opportunity to make this a product that all of us will be happy with. 


The Almond+ Team