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Long-Range WiFi. Blazing Fast 11ac Speeds. Simple 3 minute setup. Built-in Smarthome hub. Exquisitely designed.
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    1. Creator Christopher Meier on March 19

      Thanks for bringing the RaZberry to my attention, looks interesting.

      @Patrick, my LCD unit works fine, I've had some connections/transfers fail but very few; we have vary Apple products, Windows laptops, Android phones/tablets, Xbox-en, connected-tvs, Wii, and probably more I'm forgetting, all happily coexisting. The HA still has work left, but my wife and I are happily controlling my multilevel lamps (WeMo) with my app. See it at…. Lamps can be individually controlled, or in groups by location, or all at once. App, Widget, and Notification drawer-widget supported.
      I also have a review up at Amazon.

    2. Creator Paul on February 26

      @Matt Davis

      I had the same issues, I went with a RaZberry addon for my Raspberry Pi, the default software includes a fairly basic UI but with a JSON API. Vesternet here in the UK seem to rate the Vera Edge if you don't fancy tinkering.

    3. Creator ricky lam on February 17

      I have an unopened black Almond+ for sale, if anybody is interested let me know!

    4. Creator SECURIFI on February 11

      @Kevin - All of this is coming. Automation will be via the local web UI initially and we're working on notifications for the iOS app, it'll just be out slightly behind the Android app.
      As for the sensors, we're not sure what's going on, we've been working with our partners on this and they haven't been able to find the reason behind the issue.

    5. Creator Kevin F. on February 10

      And I have the same issue as @amit with the door sensor incorrectly indicating a battery problem.

    6. Creator Kevin F. on February 10

      Just a friendly hello. And I'd also like to echo the comments on iPhone app automation/notifications! Would be a gamechanger

    7. Creator SECURIFI on February 10

      @Patrick - The reason for the delay is because you're asking for a refund rather than a replacement. Please understand that this is not something we'd normally offer over three months after shipping a product, even through retail channels. Had you asked for a replacement unit, it would've been done straight away.

    8. Creator Patrick Chan on February 7

      I regret backing this project - i received my until at around Oct 2014. Didn't have time to open and set it up until Dec 2014. The touch screen was already not too responsive when I set it up. I used the unit as a repeater. 3 weeks later (early Jan 2015) - the unit is not responding at all and the screen now shows split images and is impossible to interact.

      I contacted the Securifi support and have been waiting for a reply for the next steps for weeks now.

      I just want to share my experience with Securifi product and support.

      I do hope my case is once off, and the other backers have received properly functioningl units.

    9. Creator SECURIFI on February 5

      @Rhys - In supports explicit transmit beamforming, but not implicit beamforming which we guess it what you're asking for. The Almond+ can not be upgraded to support 600Mbps on 2.4GHz as the chipset we're using doesn't support it.

      @Matt - We have a new firmware coming next week with better rules support that incorporates support for more device types as well.

    10. Creator Matt Davis on February 5

      So I bought all kinds of z-wave stuff (switches, dimmers, outlets, locks) and I was hoping to use the almond with them but the functionality is so limited and hasn't improved since I got it that I'm just going to get a dedicated controller. Does anyone have any recommendations? The automation implemented in the beta update really is a joke though.

    11. Creator Rhys Evans on January 28

      Does my almond + support beamforming? and will a firmware update give it access to do 600mb/s on wireless n? apparently its new tech that uses 40mhz spectrum..

    12. Creator SECURIFI on January 18

      @Dennis - What firmware version are you using? Please see our forums for the latest beta firmware that will address a lot of Apple related connectivity issues -

    13. Creator Dennis Althaus on January 18

      I use the Almond+ since I received it and will now switch back to my old router. I am not happy with it. Looses sometimes connection and no good connection to apple tv or kindle fire tv. With the old router no problems....

    14. Creator SECURIFI on January 14

      @Santos - You can sign up to test the beta version app in our forums.

      @Thomas - Please install the latest beta firmware in the forums, it has support for rules in the local web UI.

      @Frank - No worries.

      @Amit - See above replies.

    15. Creator Amit Mishra on January 12

      I will echo the comments below on iPhone app automation/notifications! That is a critical feature for most backers!

    16. Creator Frank Ayre on January 10

      Sorry guys... I was in the wrong project... didn't mean to post that here... The Almond unlike the soap is doing great... Back button at the wrong time :-)

    17. Creator Frank Ayre on January 10

      I don't get responses to PM so I will try here...

      I have a problem.

      I paid for the Soap touch followed by the Indiegogo upgrade to 8.4... Imagine my disappointment when I received the touch, not with a 7" or even a 8.4" screen but the original tiny screen. What's up, and when will i get the upgraded Soap that I paid for?

    18. Creator Thomas A. Geng, Jr. on January 10

      Received my almond+ a few months ago, but didn't have time to set it up at that time. Now, I have set it up and found it to be easy to use. I am disappointed that there is no automation aspect to the software in the iOS app. I wasn't aware that this would be the case. I like that there is ease in use to turn on and off devices, but i would really like to put it on a timer instead of having to remember to shut it off.

      I was able to connect the GE Link bulbs to the hub, but then I found out I could only turn on/off and dim with the app. I went out and bought the Wink hub ($20 at Home Depot when I bought two GE Link bulbs), which has very intuitive and easy to use automation features. I would like to connect everything to my almond+ since it seems that it will connect to more devices, but can't at this time due to no automation. Please get the automation software up and running as soon as you can.

      Are there any plans to join IFTTT? This would also allow some low level of automation.

    19. Creator Santos Lozano on January 9

      Apple app update Please

    20. Creator SECURIFI on December 29

      @Pamir - You won't be able to use the Z-Wave with US Z-Wave devices and technically it's against the law to use the EU Z-Wave frequency in the US.

    21. Creator pamir kiraner on December 27

      i have the Almond+ EU Sn CN14706029 - Can i use it also in USA ? Thanks .

    22. Creator SECURIFI on December 25

      @Grazziani - Please see your PM inbox.

    23. Creator Grazziani Colombo on December 25


      I didn't receive my product or my money back yet.

      I need feedback about my situation in Brazil.


    24. Creator SECURIFI on December 24

      @Nick - Please see…

      The WeMo switches uses Wi-Fi and wouldn't be connected using the Add Sensor option in the LCD UI. They would connect over Wi-Fi and requires the use of the WeMo app.

    25. Creator Nick Brown on December 23

      is there a list of supported sensors? I'd like to use the wemo switches but they don't seem to work with the Almond+ network, and I can't add them from the router.

    26. Creator SECURIFI on December 23

      @Shane - Sorry to hear that, please see your PM inbox.

    27. Creator Shane on December 20

      I'm definitely not happy with this unit. I'd get a refund if possible. Not worth the wait and falls short of their previous efforts. My 3 year old router is still doing main duty.

    28. Creator SECURIFI on December 16

      @Hashish - Please see your PM inbox

    29. Creator hashish on December 16

      Dude where is the new firmware?

    30. Creator SECURIFI on November 18

      @Amit - We're working with our sensor partner to try to figure this issue. They've found a component issue in one PIR sensor, but beyond that we don't really know what's going on yet, but we're working with them to try to solve this.

    31. Creator Amit Mishra on November 18

      Door sensors, I'm sure others will chime in if they own other sensors where they see this problem.

    32. Creator SECURIFI on November 17

      @Amit - Hopefully within the next month on Android, possibly a little bit longer for iOS. It's nearly done and it's in fact already working in the Android app, but we need to tweak things on the cloud end before we release it.

      As for the battery indication, what sensor(s) is this happening on?

    33. Creator Santos Lozano on November 17

      Please urgent notifications for door sensors

    34. Creator Amit Mishra on November 17

      Thanks, I guess I was asking about the timeline for when you expect that feature to roll out in the app. Also the low battery indication is intermittent, it goes and comes back. Right now,i don't see the warning but I'm sure it will be back in a day or two. It's flaky.

    35. Creator SECURIFI on November 17

      Sorry for the late reply. Notifications is in firmware R069 which we released last week. However, we still have a little bit of work to do on the cloud side before we can release the new apps that support notifications.

      As for the low battery issue, we're still waiting for a reply from our sensor partner on this and we'll chase them again to see if they have any clarity in this issue. Do note that when you just add a sensor, it can report low battery for a little while, but it normally recovers within 30 minutes tops.

    36. Creator Jeff on November 11

      I saw the low battery message as well and changed them out and it still says the battery is low.

    37. Creator Dash on November 11

      @Amit Mishra
      Mine as well, just installed all 5 sensors that I bought together with the Almond+. And one of it is notifies me that the battery is running low. So I guess its battery.

    38. Creator Amit Mishra on November 11

      Oh another question, since I have put the batteries in the sensors, they have shown me the low battery message. Is that a software glitch you are aware of or were the batteries indeed bad from the get go?

    39. Creator Amit Mishra on November 11

      Any update on when Alert notifications will be rolled out for the sensors? Thanks

    40. Creator SECURIFI on November 10

      @Farrhad - It's not something we've worked on, nor was it something that was explicitly promised at any point of the Kickstarter campaign, but we're aware that there's interest from our backers. Right now the priority is on improving the Almond+ performance and already included features before we'd start to work on something like this.

    41. Creator Farrhad A on November 9

      Hey, any progress with integrating Time Capsule and Almond+?

    42. Creator SECURIFI on November 5

      @James - We released a new firmware yesterday, it doesn't fix all the issues and we'll have a beta version later this week with new a Wi-Fi driver and some other fixes, we suggest you try that version once it's available. Apologies for delivering a product that's disappointing, it was not our goal.

    43. Creator James Gillean on November 4

      I dislike my 3 year old DLink router but it works better and has more features than the Almond+. My Almond+ just sits in a box collecting dust. It's too horrible to give away even. If it doesn't get usable firmware in the next 6 months then it's going in the trash.

    44. Creator SECURIFI on November 3

      @David - Please contact our support team -

    45. Creator David Meier on November 1

      I have to say, waht a disappointing product. Is there a way to get a refund? Compared to my Ubiquiti wireless AP and my Vera Lite for Z-Wave - the Securifi Almond+ is barely half baked and completely useless.

    46. Creator Nirav Patel on October 27

      Hi All,

      I finally got TNT drop the additional delivery charge and only paid the custom/excise duty that was due.

      I had to send them multiple emails and then a written letter and pay the custom duty directly into their bank account.

      TNT were very slow to respond to any communication, and I tried phone, email, twitter, and letter.

    47. Creator SECURIFI on October 27

      @Parisri - As per the PM we sent you, please contact the support team.

      @Leandro - Please contact our support team - It'll be hard to exchange the unit for you though.

      @Jeremy - Have you reset them? Press and hold the button for 10-12 seconds to reset them, then try to add them again.

    48. Creator Daniel on October 27

      @Jeremy, @Lenadro, @Parisri. You guys will get a faster response taking your messages to their forum. They are winding down on here.

    49. Creator Jeremy on October 26

      Hello there. Thoroughly enjoying my Almond+. Its working flawlessly. However 2 of the door sensors that I received are faulty and are not connecting to the Almond+. Am I able to get replacement units?

    50. Creator Leandro Serrão Franco on October 25

      Good afternoon. I live in Brazil and received my almond + 3 days ago. I updated it to the latest firmware (R066) and was using normally until this morning. No more sign of the router on my smartphone. I went to see what had happened and saw that the screen was even stuck with the words securifi with a white background. I tried a hard reset with the stylus, pressing for 5 seconds as explained in the faq site, but still stuck on the same screen. After about five minutes the router restarts and begins the process again and again. The only way to reset is to disconnect from the outlet. As he does not leave the home screen I do not have access to the web version through the ip I do not know what else I can do. I request a response from suport the earliest ... Thanks

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