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I want to publish my anthology and thesis on identity research by time I graduate college in May of 2013.

I want to publish my anthology and thesis on identity research by time I graduate college in May of 2013. Read More
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I have decided to self-publish a manuscript and my senior thesis before I graduate in May 2013. The manuscript is an anthology of: poetry, essays, nonfiction pieces, and social commentary- that I have been working on for the last four years. It is a book called In-between things, which I wrote as a young activist and aspiring scholar. This book maps the progress of my ideas throughout my last year of high school and first few years of college. In this book I use various types of written form to understand my own identity as it relates to the world around me, and the social-historical issues that are apart of my understanding of the world. This anthology combines identity and interpretation in a way that helps us discover the stories in my mind.

Secondly, I also intend to publish the senior thesis that I am writing for my last year of college. In my thesis I explore the power of identity and how identity conflict and tension affects a country’s national identity formation. The two countries I will be focusing on mostly are Ireland (the whole of it-including the North) and Panama. Since I was abroad all year in Ireland doing research, my major department won't let me do an official thesis-so I decided to compile all the research I've done (in the form of an independent thesis and a sort of story of identity in different parts of the world) and publish it myself.

It is very expensive to self-publish, the printing and distributing. An average package is from $1,500-$5,000. I'm going for a package in which I can publish my anthology and thesis and have them printed and distributed. I don't need a wide distribution, but I definitely want enough copies to give as rewards and allow friends, family, and associates to purchase. I think it is important that we explore identity on many levels because it affects and shapes how we are people in this world.

What's the plan? The manuscript is already complete- it just needs editing, which will be done this summer. The thesis research is almost complete and I'll begin writing it this summer and finish it early 2013. The thesis research consists of oral histories (interviews) from Panamanians, and for Ireland it's more academic research. I already have two editors for my thesis and am hoping to get another one during the process. I intend to put the manuscript out before the thesis. However, I intend to have both fully self-published and printed by time I graduate at the end of May 2013.

I am so passionate about my education, expressing this through writing, experiences, exploring. Help me do this!


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