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Update #2

Please help me still make this happen


Although my kickstarter Project: Two Books To Publish by Graduation, was not fully funded, I am still going to publish my manuscript and my thesis. It is important to who I am, who I want to be, and what I want to share as apart of this world. I am still going to make this happen, even if it means I will not be able to avail of all the benefits and services I originally planned and have to do more work. If you still would like to donate and help me make this happen you can do so here:¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted

Please send to friends, family, and anyone who you think is interested. I will keep you all updated with my progress.



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    I will write a poem especially for you and your presence on this earth; and/or perform a poem in whatever place you choose and video record it to send to you.

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    A copy of the anthology

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    A copy of my compiled thesis on identity.

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