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The Arborlight (Short Film)'s video poster

A father must choose between medicine or myth in order to save his terminally ill daughter. Read more

Seattle, WA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on June 19, 2013.

A father must choose between medicine or myth in order to save his terminally ill daughter.

Seattle, WA Shorts
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Update #8. Music! View here.

Update #6. Crew addition. MōVI. 74%!! View here.

Update #5. Introducing our LOCATION! Watch the video here.

Update #4. New Reward, More Cast! View here.                                                        Update #3. A Seattle-based meet-and-greet, plus FUNdraiser. View.                      Update #2 is now live! Meet the cast! Check it out right here.
Update #1 is up. New rewards, great news coming soon! View it here.

The Arborlight, A Fairytale:

The Arborlight is a story inspired by the traditional folklore of the British Isles. Not so very long ago the things we readily consider fairytale were thought of as a very real part of this world. Elves and fairies, or the “fair folk” as they are sometimes called, and their realms, were a natural part of the mystery in our world. The fair folk were very curious about mankind. They could be benevolent towards us, but they could also be tricky and dangerous. Households would protect themselves against enchantment with the use of charms, such as carven roosters or wreaths made out of certain kinds of wood. It was important to do this, because an unprotected home would be vulnerable to bad luck and all other manner of wickedness, including the abduction of your children.

Story Synopsis:

The Arborlight is set in the 1700’s in a small cottage at the edge of a forest. Thomas’ young daughter Elly has become terminally ill with tuberculosis and it becomes clear that she won’t survive. For Thomas and his wife Liz there can be no worse thing in this world than losing their beloved daughter, who by doctor’s orders is confined to her bed in an effort to prolong her life. But Thomas starts to wonder if holding on so tightly might have more to do with what he and his wife want, rather than what is best for Elly. His doubts are magnified when he discovers a mushroom circle out in the forest, which is considered to be a gathering place of enchanted beings and a portal to another realm, a place without illness or death. He feels compelled to show the magical place to Elly, and when her doll is left behind, strange things begin to happen back at the cottage.

Who are we? The Cast and Crew:

My name is Phillip Harvey, and I’m a writer and independent filmmaker from Seattle, WA. My twin brother Kevin and I have been producing videos and films together in the Seattle-area for about six years. We’ve worked with a variety of local artists, including Sir Mixalot, and Chris Ballew of The Presidents of the United States of America, and sold commercials to companies like Pepsi and Calloway. Many of our recent films have done very well in competition, repeatedly winning 1st and 2nd place awards, best direction, editing, special effects, and more. Most recently, Kevin completed all the video work done for the Seattle EMP’s new fantasy exhibit: World of Myth and Magic.

Awards on our film '100 Hours'
Awards on our film '100 Hours'
Limbo. A 24-Hour Film Festival Winner. (click to watch)
Limbo. A 24-Hour Film Festival Winner. (click to watch)

It’s time for my brother and I to take the next step in our filmmaking path. The Arborlight is bringing together a collection of fantastic artists throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Helping to produce the film will be Collin Joseph Neal with Faith vs. Fate productions.

Cinematography will be done by Dom Barbero, shooting on a RED Epic. Check out his website here: []

Gaffing by Casey Schmidt. Check out his website: []

First Assistant Camera Christian Saxton.

Assistant Director Sean Patrick Burke. His reel can be seen here.

Art Direction by Kat Audick. View her website here: []

Make-up by Erika Seward. See her work at: []

Production Assistants Tyler Arns and Garrett Meyers.

An ORIGINAL SCORE will be composed by Jeff Heim, a composer out of Boston, MA. Performing Jeff’s score will be a Chamber Group from the Boston Conservatory. Jeff and I have worked together before and I'm very excited to have him on board for our next project. He is hard working and professional, and will be able to bring an emotional underscore to the entire story. This guy is going somewhere, and we’re very fortunate to have met him at this stage in his career (Shh, don’t tell him.) His music can be heard in our kickstarter video (although it is not the original score for the film.) Check out his website here: []

The Cast

Our talented cast includes actor/producer Brian Sutherland, who has appeared in shows like NBC’s Grimm, and recently starred in the feature film Ghostlight by Jeff Ferrell, Fat Kid Rules the World by Matthew Lillard, and Nothing Against Life by Julio Ramirez. He was also winner of Best Actor in one of our recent films, 100 Hours. When not in front of the camera, Brian is teaching youth actors around the country for Celebrity Star TV out of LA. My brother and I have been working with Brian since we first started making movies and are excited to have him play the lead role of Thomas on this new project. Brian is a prolific actor in the Northwest and having worked with so many people has been invaluable in bringing together many other members of the cast and crew on The Arborlight, and we're happy to have him as a producer on the project. View his demo reel here: []

Lisa Coronado will be playing the part of Liz, Elly’s mother. Lisa is a local actress from Washington state, and a producer to boot. She recently played alongside Brian Sutherland in Jeff Ferrell's Ghostlight, but can also be seen in the movie Different Drummers, which just won the Platinum Remi at the Houston World Fest for best feature film! She wrote, produced, and acted in the pilot The Divine Marigolds, and won Best Supporting Actress for Divination at the Macabre Film Festival. The film has also won Best Feature at the Fallbrook Film Festival 2013 and has been picked up for distribution.

The part of Elly will be played by Eden Campbell, a second-grader from Seattle, Washington. Eden has done a lot of commercial work, including having been in a nation-wide CenturyLink commercial. The Arborlight will be her second film. We're very excited to work with Eden. Not only does she have experience, but she comes highly recommended and is a remarkably bright girl. She will do a wonderful job playing a young girl wise beyond her years, and she is super excited to have a lead role in a fairytale!

The part of Dr. Knowles, the stern, initially well-meaning antagonist will be played by Russell Hodgkinson, a theater and film actor out of Seattle, WA.

Thurman Kellogg has been cast as The Constable.

Absolutely everybody working on this project is bringing a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and ability to the table. We are trying to raise enough money so that people can be compensated to some degree for what they’re doing, but there isn’t a person involved who isn't working for as little as possible on this project. Such is the nature of making independent films, but I also believe that is what will allow us to make an incredible movie. We have the makings of something very special here.

What’s the catch?

Well, there is no catch! But this here is a kickstarter campaign, and you know what that means!

We need to raise 7500 clams to meet our minimum budget requirements for the film. For those of you that have made movies before or donated to projects, you’ll know that for a twenty-minute short, this money is going a long way! We will be hosting at least one fundraiser here in the city of Seattle to supplement what we raise here on kickstarter, as well as adding personal funds.

Please help us meet and exceed our goal! Any extra money will allow certain members of the crew to get paid a little more reasonably and it will also greatly enable us to create some truly awesome visuals, be it the circa-1700’s cottage sets, or the enchanting portal to another realm.

We're offering great incentive for your donations! You'll notice that we've made an effort to stay green by keeping the majority of our rewards digital. But there's some very cool options, including opportunities to appear in the movie, and even opportunities to sit down with the directors/producers and discuss your thoughts and opinions on edits of the movie before its been seen by anybody else, even the cast/crew!

Thank you for reading! There will be more updates in the near future, and maybe a couple new reward options!

Risks and challenges

The Arborlight story presents a multitude of challenges beyond those of a typical movie. The first big challenge is that it's a period piece, and that means finding special locations and costumes. When finding locations for a period piece, it's not always easy to find everything in one place, which creates a lot of extra turmoil in scheduling and moving around your cast and crew, as well as actually editing the movie together seamlessly. For me, I find these challenges to be part of the fun in filmmaking, because we're creating a time and place that doesn't actually exist, and to see that world built on screen is a really magical experience. I'm also attracted to period pieces because there's something very cinematic about them. On screen, they seem somehow simpler, more romantic, and closer to their morals.
I wrote The Arborlight screenplay to be conservative enough in its scope that it can be accomplished at a low budget. It takes a little extra mojo on the part of the cast and crew, but we have a small number of main characters and reveal just enough of the world to establish an older time period without biting off more than we can chew.
One of the other primary difficulties in The Arborlight are the special effects. Fortunately, my brother and I have a lot of experience with post production effects, and The Arborlight is actually quite practical in nature. It will rely upon effects mostly to supplement the work done by our excellent cinematography and lighting team.
This movie is going to be an adventure to create, and it will take all of us using our experience and resources to the fullest, but we're ready to meet the challenges ahead, and you can help to give us the opportunity!

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    [NEW!] If you feel like giving just a little more for your digital download of the completed film, and your name in the credits, we'll give you a laugh with a link to watch two of our recent short films: 100 Hours, and When Penguins Fly. Both are award-winning comedies starring our lead actor, Brian Sutherland, made for local film racing events. (Links should be delivered within 24 hours of pledging.)

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    Fancy yourself a reader? At the completion of our kickstarter campaign you will be sent a copy of the screenplay! [Spoiler Alert] This award also gets you your name in the credits, and a digital download of the film.

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    [NEW!] Our Art Director, Kat Audick, will design a piece of concept art, set in The Arborlight world, that features you or whoever you would like! The end product will be delivered to you electronically and could eventually be turned into a poster or a desktop wallpaper. Whatever you want! You will be contacted after the successful funding of our kickstarter campaign for further details! You will also be invited to our cast/crew party, receive a digital download of the film, and get your name in the credits!

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    [NEW!] Your very own "Magic Mushroom," which will have been an original set piece for our mushroom circle location. Our plan is to deliver it in on a small pedestal or baseplate, kind of like a trophy! A very unique, very cool way to support the film and get a cool reward. (We would offer more of them, but I plan on keeping at least one for myself!) It also includes a digital download, credit in the film, and invite to the cast/crew party!

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    Want to have a HAND in things? (Har har). At one point our main character has a nightmare involving several sets of grotesque arms. You can be part of that nightmare! Most likely involving makeup and studio time. (Must live in or arrange to be in Seattle for the day of the shoot.) Award also includes a special place in the credits, and a digital download of the film.

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    Have some say on the final cut! This award will get you a private home screening and discussion with the directors and producers before the film has been seen by anybody else, even the cast! Don't live in Seattle? We'll arrange to view the movie together via marvels of modern technology, (or do it the old fashioned way and talk about it afterward!) This award will also include an invitation to the cast/crew screening, a featured place in the credits, and a digital download of the film!

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    Executive Producer Credit. You're a big part of this movie being made. You're name will be up there on the screen with the cast and producers at the start of the movie. Includes a signed poster, digital download, script, animatic, cast/crew party, even a private screening if you want it. You've earned it. A heartfelt thanks for helping to make this project possible.

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