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Think, work, and live better with the most affordable "automatic" sit-to-stand desk.
Think, work, and live better with the most affordable "automatic" sit-to-stand desk.
Think, work, and live better with the most affordable "automatic" sit-to-stand desk.
1,697 backers pledged $649,244 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dee Mu on

      again, requesting a refund - Order# 1,359
      May 9 2014

    2. roland voon on

      Time to start a social media campaign online on their Facebook and website soon because our own experience is that this is feeling scammed. The public at large needs to know so they do not make the same mistake.

    3. Dee Mu on

      Refund Please

    4. Isaac Rowntree on

      Please refund me! I've sent you an email already but no response!

    5. Missing avatar

      ibyte on

      Hi Can you comment on why shipping is so expensive to Canada for the desk? My quote comes out to $270 USD. The kickstarter originally said you would have a distribution center in Canada by January 2015 it is now one year later and you are still shipping direct the from the US?

    6. Missing avatar

      Garth on

      Got 3 messages for this today - use the promo code SPAMMORE75 to get a discount on Black Friday+1.

    7. Isaac Rowntree on

      I'm a little annoyed that Australian backers haven't got an ETA. Please refund me in full.

    8. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on

      Got my full refund back.

    9. Enrico C

      Glad I didn't back full amount for this project. The no shipping to International backers saved my soul.

    10. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on

      Hi Steven,

      I want a full amount of refund! Please contact me. Thanks

    11. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on

      I meant the whole amount that I pledge. Just fill out the form. thanks

    12. Rocky Liang on

      @Blake: you need to fill in the online form - look at Update#30

    13. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on

      I need a refund! Please contact me.

    14. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on

      I need a refund!

    15. Rocky Liang on

      Refund received.
      I look forward to your update for Australian Backers.

    16. Desiree Hong on

      Any update for Australian backers?
      Still haven't received anything or information

    17. Missing avatar

      War on

      I'm waiting... for it. I need it...

    18. Andrew Hunt on

      Any update on Australian backers?

    19. Missing avatar

      Sean Behiel on

      I am left wondering the same thing as thomasgregg, has this project been abandoned? There have no updates/responses/communication from the creator in months, the large majority of comments from people seem to be getting damaged parts and have to wait for replacements, and there has been no update on the international distribution (specifically for me Canada which was supposed to be up by the 1Q of 2015). Is there any option for getting our pledged money back rather than waiting an undetermined amount of time for the international shipments?

    20. Missing avatar

      thomasgregg on

      Is this project still alive. There is no feedback on my question when my desk will arrive in Germany. Originally posted April, 5th.

    21. Jason Ferguson on

      Has now been a year and a week for my pledge from Australia, and no update provided to me in months, please provide an update??

    22. Missing avatar

      Stephen Bartholomew on

      My desk arrived with a broken leg. They said they would send me a replacement. I've been waiting 10 weeks - still nothing. Several times my emails have been responded to, which is good, but still no replacement leg. Looks like backing this project was a mistake.

    23. Rocky Liang on

      Any update for international backers would be appreciated.

    24. Jim De Beck on

      If you entered the Contest .. "the hacker contest that was cancelled" Make sure you get your "78.00" back from StandDesk. Because, with only one entry, rather than pay out the contest, They decided to keep the money and "Cancel" the contest.
      Hi James,
      A refund for $78 has been sent back to your AmEx ending in 1010 - please just allow 3-5 business days for the funds to appear.

    25. Missing avatar

      thomasgregg on

      Any update on the orders for Germany?

    26. Patrick Gillen on

      Still trying to wait patiently for my desk. Would be great to get any update.

    27. Matthew R Dyer on

      My desk arrived about a week and a half ago, almost a year after I'd backed the project here on April 17, 2014.

      I tried to assemble it last night. The cable management tray was damaged during shipping, but I was so frustrated by having to wait so long for the desk to arrive in the first place that I decided I could live with the damaged tray. I cursed Mr. Yu several times last night as I tried to get screws to thread (nearly impossible with some of them) and as heavy parts damaged my hardwood floors. Finally, this morning I was able to finish assembly.

      So far, everything seems to be working. The bamboo table top is gorgeous, and I'm cursing a little less today as I type this.

      I'm hopeful that the more I use this desk, the more I'll find it was worth the wait and frustration.

    28. Eric J.

      @Chris Gunadi - I expect it was damaged during shipping. It is freaking scary how parcels are treated when being handled by the shipping companies. There is no such thing has "handle with care".

    29. Chris Gunadi on

      @Rob Zienert - I had the same problem. Granted, they've sent me I think a total of 4 frames due to them all having varying degrees of damage (bent parts mostly that get in the way of putting the frame together). Who knows if its a manufacturing defect or damage due to shipping.

    30. Missing avatar

      ibyte on

      Would be nice to get a status update on the Canadian orders?

    31. Matteo Baceda on

      At this point I am perplexed by the lack of communication from Steven.

    32. Rob Zienert on

      Got my desk yesterday.The packaging was great and the bamboo is beautiful, however the motor & gears didn't even make it 24 hours. After being raised / lowered twice, the third time both leg gears began a loud knocking noise, quickly followed by the left side leg completely giving out causing my desk to slump over. Fortunately, I was able to lower the right side before anything else broke.

      I'm hoping they get back to me soon with a resolution, because the product seems good, but perhaps I just got a faulty kit.

    33. Matteo Baceda on

      still no reply to my previous emails. I have not received anything yet, can you update me?

    34. Matt Hughes on

      I received my desk several weeks ago but I am finally getting around to building it today.

      At first glance, it seems well built … will report back after finishing the build.

      The white desk top is disappointing. It's straight white, not the frost white (distressed) look that was shown.

      I would have chosen Bamboo instead had I known.

    35. Matteo Baceda on

      I have not received anything yet. Can you please get back to me?
      I sent out the survey with everybody else, but no delivery.

    36. Matteo Baceda on

      I have not received anything yet. Can you please get back to me?
      I sent out the survey with everybody else, but no delivery.

    37. Theo Thourson

      Just wanted to give an update about my desk for those investigating this product after the fact. One part arrived bent so I was unable to put the table together. Mr. Yu and company replaced the frame relatively quickly, and I was able to get the table put together, though it was a bit more difficult to assemble than I expected. It was then that I realized that one of the corners of the desk top was a bit damaged, but I decided I could live with it. I understand the first batch of shipments had some issues that were reportedly later resolved.

      So now I'm using the table at work, and it works flawlessly. The table is beautiful (except that one corner) and suits my needs perfectly well. I'm happy with my decision to back this Kickstarter. Thanks to Steven and the rest of his team.

    38. Missing avatar

      Meghann Van Dolzer on

      Also, email says, "please complete this form by 5PM EST THIS WEDNESDAY, FEB. 6th". Feb 6th is tomorrow, which is Friday. Feb 26th is a Wed, did you mean that?

    39. Missing avatar

      Meghann Van Dolzer on

      The latest email about filling out the form asks for Paypal email address or address to send check to, but the Google form doesn't have spaces for that. How can we provide this?

    40. Ron Au on

      Any 5 or 10 people in Australia want to get a bulk order together? Otherwise who knows how long it's going to take before they start shipping desks out here.

    41. Missing avatar


      I really like my bamboo top desk as well, but the motor or controller is messed.. Doesn't respond at all.. Anyone else have any issues they sorted and how? I'm hoping it's something simple I can try.. haven't got any response back from yet.. sent emails a little over a week ago..

    42. Alexandra Wahl on

      I am sooo happy with my desk (and bamboo top)! Thanks Stand Desk team for going the extra mile and helping with all the little hiccups along the way!

    43. Brandon Eley on

      And here's a photo of my desk all setup (still waiting on a crossbar and a better power strip)

    44. Brandon Eley on

      I just wanted to say thank you to the StandDesk team. My desk (finally!) arrived (you've gotta love US customs). It was super easy to put together, but unfortunately the bamboo top was damaged during shipping. It was packaged extremely well, but it looks like FedEx dropped it in such a way that it punctured the box right in the middle, chipping the bamboo.

      StandDesk was quick to send out a replacement top and it has already arrived. The desk is gorgeous, and works really well.

      My only suggestion going forward is to try to find a way to make it quieter. You can hear my desk all the way across the office building when I raise or lower it. Not that big of a deal... I can certainly live with it.

    45. Eric J.

      What is happening for the international backers (I'm in Canada)? There has be zero communication regarding our pledges.

    46. Rich Standbrook on

      Update on UK distribution would be appreciated

    47. John Hamelink on

      Hi there,

      I'd like to know when if there's an update on when we'll be able to be able to buy stand desks in the UK?


    48. Robin Ramkissoon on

      Hi folks,

      I just wanted to report that my Bamboo top unit had arrived last week. Overall box conditions were good except for a gouge in the exterior of the box holding the Bamboo top itself. This did NOT result in any damage to the contents thankfully. The other box with the rest of the hardware also had the plastic covering partially torn off, but again, the contents were fine.

      I managed to assemble and test the function of the desk over the weekend and am very happy with it so far. I am hoping to have enough time to get my old desk cleared out and my stuff transferred to this one over the next weekend.

      Thanks again,
      - Robin

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