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A Herbal for Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG
259 backers pledged £4,101 to help bring this project to life.

9 Days to go....£4K my goal!

Posted by Graham Bottley (Creator)

We have just reached 150% funded, which is fantastic, but my goal now with 9 days to go is to get to £4,000.

Although i said that i would not do stretch goals, i will add one, albeit only sort of.  If we get to the £4K by the end, all backers will get sets 1, 2 and 3 of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy paper miniatures.  These have already been released and are already available, so these would be sent at the end of the campaign.

Secondly, i will be releasing part 1 of a new 10-part AFF campaign as a pdf in a couple of weeks.  If we reach that goal, i will send all backers a pdf of that too.  This is written and laid out already, it just needs approval, testing and proof-reading before release.  

As these are products already/going to be released, this "stretch goal" will not impact the sending of the Herbal books in any way.

Onwards and upwards..


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    1. Graham Bottley 9-time creator on

      What i will do is include a question in the survey as to which ones you have. I will then keep a list and send future AFF mini releases until every backer has three free sets.

    2. Missing avatar

      Julius Wollfarth Jr on

      Cool thanks for that on the miniatures sets for those that have the current ones.. I just went and bought the new Forests one that got released. I'm pretty sure a bunch of the backers most likely did the same thing.

    3. Graham Bottley 9-time creator on

      That i think is one lesson learned from this one. It is only a few more days though...

    4. Bifford the Youngest on

      On reflection it was decided that was a silly thing to do - people would get the pdf and *could* then pull their support. Not saying you would, but that could happen. Instead Graham released a "teaser" doc - see an earlier update for the link.

    5. Missing avatar

      Marcotilogoff on

      Wasn't the pdf supposed to be released as soon as the kickstarter was funded?

    6. Graham Bottley 9-time creator on

      I think we can work that one out. If you already have one or more of the sets, you will get future releases in place of what you have.

    7. Missing avatar

      Julius Wollfarth Jr on

      Any option to get other sets of the paper miniatures if you already own sets 1-3 of the AFF ones if the goal is met?