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Finally, a web series fusing real life with inspiring craft projects!  Let's focus on telling your story within life's busy schedule.

Finally, a web series fusing real life with inspiring craft projects! Let's focus on telling your story within life's busy schedule.

Finally, a web series fusing real life with inspiring craft projects! Let's focus on telling your story within life's busy schedule. Read More
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Megan Elizabeth is so ready to give the crafting world a new face, take it by storm and bring it to the next level!  Our Production Team is primed and ready to face this task head-on and we have the knowledge and expertise to make this dream a reality and bring this series to you.  Ambient Light, Brooklyn Bridge Films, and Megan Elizabeth from Above Rubies Studio are developing a Video Web series, "Enjoy The Moments", that couples the creativity of crafting with a hip and modern approach.

Megan Elizabeth - click here for Megan's Crafting Facebook Page!

Imagine a crafting expert with the energy of Rachael Ray and spunky quality of Kelly Clarkson . . . Meet Megan Elizabeth! 

Megan is a crafter who excelled at scrapbooking and decided to share her ideas, methods, and passion with her friends and associates. In 2008 she started Above Rubies Studio – –  an online community devoted to crafting that has a dedicated fan following.  She realized early on there was an increasing demand for creative ideas, helpful guidelines and tools within the community.  She created a DVD instructional series which centered around getting to know the Cricut Machine, a well known tool in the world of crafting.  

Megan's expertise, creativity, and innate ability to connect with people is what makes her a valuable educator and part of the crafting community. We “discovered” Megan and immediately realized her on-camera performance talents were among the best we have seen – or have worked with – and she is on par with seasoned professionals!  She can work spontaneously and record long takes while connecting with her viewers and has little need for a teleprompter.  She draws her strength from her love of people and her desire to help everyone get more out of life's daily experiences.  The show’s title, “Enjoy The Moments” comes directly from Megan’s mantra – everyday experiences, good and bad, are something to be treasured and preserved. 

The crafting industry is seeing a resurgence in popularity and Megan Elizabeth represents the new face of the modern crafter: creative, active, and enthusiastic individuals, making the most of their free time. New crafters are embracing technology, hungering for useful information that maximizes the little time they have. Crafting needs a new face and Megan’s "Enjoy the Moments" series is trying to fill the void. 
 She will champion crafting nationally and internationally, sharing new experiences and techniques - and we need you to Make-It-Happen!

Did you know that crafting in the United States is a multi-billion dollar industry?

Did you know that more than a quarter of all U.S. Households participate in scrapbooking alone?

Crafting is not just a national entity, but is expanding worldwide and has a huge market potential.  Ambient Light and Brooklyn Bridge Films, a team with decades of video production experience in varying capacities, has completed a pilot with the help of our industry friends and would love to bring the show to you by developing it into a series.  Yes, we believe you - the supporters - are a huge part of this process and are inviting you to take this voyage with us and “Enjoy The Moments” with your Host Megan Elizabeth.  Check out this "highlights" version of the Pilot:

The show will be a mix of REAL-life television alongside crafting.  Although crafting is our foundation, we want to take a different approach by bringing the human aspect to the forefront.  For those who are avid crafters, crafting and life go hand-in-hand.

Our goal is to create a series that explores how crafting can become part of your life, enhance the quality of life for you, your family and your friends!  The show will teach you (the audience) how to enrich your life by including crafting in your busy everyday life and more importantly how to make time for it.  If Rachael Ray can make a meal in 30 Minutes, Megan can show you the ins and outs of a crafting project in 30 Minutes.  

An integral part of the program will be an occasional interview segment where special guests will engage in conversations with Megan about their lives and how crafting is an important part of it.

No one crafts everyday 24/7; well, except maybe Megan, but everyone lives life each day.  Life sometimes throws curve balls that lead to heartache and loss, but it also consists of love, dreams, fun moments and memorable occasions.  The therapeutic nature of crafting helps one get through the difficult times by reducing stress and allowing for self expression.  It offers limitless possibilities to tell your unique story, create your own stamp on life, and preserve memories for future generations to enjoy and revisit.

It’s not just about projects, but the long lasting effect these projects have in capturing a time, a place – a moment of your life.

This is the series we want to create.  In a world where media has trended towards concentrating on the negative aspects of life, wouldn’t it be refreshing to watch a series that deals with how the creative process can be uplifting and shows the affirmation of life in a positive light? 

We wholeheartedly believe in this positive approach. 

We are looking to put a new spotlight on crafting domestically and on its continually expanding global reach.

  • Meet Stu Leavitt and Jonathan Beedle of Ambient Light:

Stu Leavitt and Jonathan Beedle have been partners for over 15 years and have worked with each other for nearly 30.  They have been involved in nearly every level of production and post-production, but their dedication and expertise excels in directing and editing.

Stu's taste for production began when he was 8 years old.  He bought his first still camera for a whopping 10 cents!  This interest led him to film school and he’s been in the industry ever since. 

Jonathan's foray into production started with a super-8 movie camera in 1967.  After many years of experimental filmmaking, he began his work in 1986 with WFMZ-TV in the news department and quickly moved into the production department. It was here he met Stu, and the rest, as they say, is history.

After WFMZ they stayed in contact but went in different directions during the 90’s; Stu formed Cinema Concepts and later worked full-time as an editor & shooter with Media People, a film & video production company.  Jonathan, along with partners David Beedle and Frank Petrie, formed Atmospheres and co-produced two documentaries for The Council on Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat - one shot in Hong Kong the other in Kuwait. In 1998 they partnered with others to start a new production company.

In 2008, Stu and Jonathan formed Ambient Light, providing media production services to a wide range of corporate clients, from independent companies to Fortune 500 corporations such as Chubb Insurance and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS).  It was at BMS where they met and collaborated with producer Nelson Ortiz.  The three of them formed an immediate bond and worked on many projects together, pushing the limits of technology to better communicate with the target audience while executing and delivering the client’s vision.

Their combined experience enables them to produce and direct projects effectively & efficiently.

  • Meet Nelson Ortiz of Brooklyn Bridge Films:

Nelson Ortiz is a respected producer and director with over twenty years of experience in both broadcast and corporate television.  He is also a member of the Director's Guild of America.  Nelson has been involved in almost every aspect of production — from Post-Production Supervisor — to Stage Manager — to Associate Director.  He has worked on several shows such as The Next Food Network Star, The Jackie Guerra Show, The Nancy Glass Show, The Ricki Lake Show,  Judge Hatchett, The Jane Pauley Show, and Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.  

After his many years in television, Nelson joined with BMS Films (Bristol-Myers Squibb) as a Producer, providing an additional dimension to his vast level of experience.  During his 7 years at BMS Films, he was responsible for entire productions — from pre-production planning, budgeting, scheduling, casting, shooting, supervising edits — all the way to final delivery.  He also served in the role of Line Producer, where he expanded his on-location shooting experience.

In 2012, Nelson formed his own independent video production company, Brooklyn Bridge Films.  Nelson recognizes that a quality project involves more than just an end product.  It involves knowing the project from every angle while involving the client, the talent, and production team in each part of the process. 

- Fulfilling the Incentives – C’mon priorities...Right?

- Development/Execution of a TV/Web series

- Pre-Production

- Production – Yes, we will do this and some of you will be there to witness it first - hand!

- Post-Production

- Marketing

- Wrap Party – not what you think, we’re helping Megan wrap, really we are...must fulfill incentives...remember you can Make-It-Happen after all

Crew on set
Crew on set

Ambient Light, Brooklyn Bridge Films and Megan Elizabeth would like to thank everyone for taking the time to consider and review our project.  We appreciate your support and look forward to the future, where we can “Enjoy the Moments” with you all.

Risks and challenges

As with any production, there are always risks that must be contended with. These production related risks involve certain parameters (weather, permits, travel delays among the many) that cannot be controlled. We, Ambient Light and Brooklyn Bridge Films, have the vast experience to address any inhibiting factors that may arise in order to keep the process moving forward. We are focused and ready to address any obstacles that may delay our production.

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