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Kate Faust - Crucial Companion EP's video poster

Help me finish my debut release, Crucial Companion, a 6 song EP. With your help, it will be released on iTunes & Bandcamp in November! Read more

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Help me finish my debut release, Crucial Companion, a 6 song EP. With your help, it will be released on iTunes & Bandcamp in November!

Kate Faust
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Dear friends and supporter,

I've been hulled for the past few months, completely immersed in writing all of the music and working out all of the sounds for Crucial Companion EP. This is the first project I'll be releasing that's 100% me. I'm so excited and anxious to share it with all of you!

Those of you who know me, know that music is my lifelong passion. I've always been a singer, lyricist, and composer. As an adolescent, my desire to create my life based on this passion began.  By the age of 15, I'd spent all my money (savings and no xmas presents) in order to buy myself an electric piano... (the same piano in the video above!). It became my composition tool and a way for me to truly begin my endeavor in the life I'd dreamed of. Little did I know at the time, that keyboard had the capability to help me create the music that I'm making today, my Crucial Companion EP.

Now I'm 23... a recent grad of University of the Arts (vocal major) and former member of many awesome bands such as Perkasie, Toy Soldiers, and Lady... as well as appearing on countless other albums and projects. I've played amazing shows, created music with many incredible talents, and learned so much.  However, its time to step out on my own... my voice, my piano, and all the sounds of my imagination that electronic music has opened up to me.

This EP is about self exploration, passion, and healing... some of the most precious gifts that I've found in life. The past year in which these songs have been written has been one of the darkest, but also the most illuminating, of my life so far. And in all the chaos, I've found myself reborn through the music. That is the essence of Crucial Companion. 

Your support is needed and my gratitude is endless! Let this be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Seeing this EP, the first of many, come to fruition is the goal with this campaign. I have already begun the recording process. In fact, you can hear two of the songs I'm working on playing in my video above. However, I need your support in order to both finish and distribute it in the most professional way. Your pledges will help fund additional recording costs (mixing/mastering), artwork, photoshoot, web design, promo videos, etc. Beyond the monetary goal I have for the EP, the most important part of this process will be the direct contact and support it allows between myself and all of you!!

 Yours in gratitude&love,


*follow me on twitter so I can shout out to you :)  @katefoust


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    Preorder Crucial Companion EP before it's official release...and be the first to hear it! You'll also recieve a Twitter/Facebook shout out from me in gratitude!

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    Your name and a link to your site on a special Thank You! page on my upcoming website ;- ) and of course the EP

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    Video performance of your favorite song, a personalized, signed thank-you postcard with album art, and additional postcards for keeps! Crucial Companion EP preorder and option for Ultra HQ 96k, 16-bit Studio Quality version!

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    Lifetime Music Pass...Exclusive free access to all future releases- you'll be the first to receive pre-releases of all new content as I create it. And all previous rewards!

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    Framed, handwritten lyrics of your favorite song on coldpress water color paper! and all of the goodies from of the previous rewards including lifetime music pass

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    All of the goodies from all of the previous rewards combined... *AND* two of my song journals which contain the songs from the EP as well as all the secret musings of my mind. i would normally never part with these, but i feel it's the most intimate thing i can share apart from the songs themselves

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