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Creating interactive immersive theatre for Anywhere Fest 2019
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Our Story

We are a Brisbane-based ensemble creating works under the ethos of honesty and transparency regarding female-centric experiences. We collage intersectional feminism, titty-llating humour, and unapologetically tacky design into transmedial and post-modern theatre. Through the disruption of audience and performer relationships, outrageous story telling techniques, and amateur dance routines, we aim to create spaces for female and LGTBQI+ voices to be heard. Our off-kilter, DIY theatre will leave you wondering, “how will they clean up this mess”, “do they have to keep calling themselves vag-geniuses”, and “did you steal that prop from my last house party”.

We are presenting at the 2019 Anywhere Festival. Chance Collective are using this fundraising platform in conjunction with our event Kick up a Fuss Fundraiser at Bloodhound Bar on the 13th of April. All money raised will go towards resources for the show including set, props, and ramp hire to make our show accessible. 

The Nest @ Anywhere Fest 2019

We found your pile of barbie heads. We’re keeping them somewhere safe. Look underneath the sink to find what we’ve collected: all we know of woman. Enter The Nest to grab, grope, and bite parts of who she is and what she can’t let go. Know what that tastes like?

The Nest is a haptic theatrical place where audiences are invited to colour our assorted oddities with their own stories and experiences. Engage in absurd presentations of femininity in an intimate performance gallery where woman can be as alien as she is familiar. An assemblage of incomplete bodies awaits further instruction. We collect these reports together to ask: is anything about being a woman ‘inherent’?

Kick up a Fuss Fundraiser


Help us Kick up a FUSS and raise some sweet, sweet cash for our show: The Nest at Anywhere Festival.

We’ve got only the best for you with a night of sweet tunes, art, dancing, drinks, a sneaky open mic, and to top it all off a sausage sizzle!

  Visual Art 5pm
  Open Mic 5:30
Chelle Janse van Rensburg 6:30pm
Bad Sext 7:30pm
  Chance Collective 8:30pm

  Exhibiting Visual Artists:
Trashbinn Art
  Nick Warren (@thelethargic_photographer)
  Kez (Keziah Designs Sometimes)
  +more surprises

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge in independent theatre is being able to fund the resources to create the show. This money allows us to invest in intricate and engaging set design, as well as hire a ramp to provide full accessibility at the venue. We could additionally cover the transport of set, purchase sustainable props over plastic, and fund support for the creative development.

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