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In Jay Duplass' documentary debut, he searches for his hero Kevin Gant, a wildly inspired musician who disappeared in 1995.
265 backers pledged $16,170 to help bring this project to life.

We did it!

Posted by Jay Duplass (Creator)

How can we thank you enough?! In 30 short days, we hit our goal of $15,000 and made 265 new friends in the process... How fantastic is that??

Yall have done no less than fueled Kevin's dream by funding his comeback tour this year. Kevin can now afford to travel around with his movie, and audiences around the world (yall included!) will be able to see the man perform live and in person. There's no greater joy for Kevin than performing for, hugging, laughing, and crying with his fans, and there's no greater joy for me than seeing that happen. All of this is thanks to you.

And the movie of his life's story can have its final color correct, score and sound design. The final version is a couple months of work away, and we'll ship out your goodies as soon as we're done! In the meantime, keep an eye out for a Kickstarter message asking for your shipping info, as well as more project updates including videos of Kevin from the road!

Much love and appreciation,



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    1. Missing avatar

      Amy Vickers on

      Again, congratulations! What's the status?

    2. Alexa Wiley on

      Awesome story!!!

    3. Tim Young on

      Congratulations. Once I saw your trailer I knew this project would make it. I will be looking forward to the finished film. Kevin seems like a great artist. It's awesome that you are helping him out like this!

      Tim Young.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Jay, I've got kids your age and think you may be surprised at the range and variety of supporters you got here. Anyone of any generation would be inspired by your passion. Keep it up!