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In Jay Duplass' documentary debut, he searches for his hero Kevin Gant, a wildly inspired musician who disappeared in 1995.
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Jay Duplass

265 backers pledged $16,170 to help bring this project to life.

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"KEVIN" is now on Netflix!


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We did it!

How can we thank you enough?! In 30 short days, we hit our goal of $15,000 and made 265 new friends in the process... How fantastic is that??

Yall have done no less than fueled Kevin's dream by funding his comeback tour this year. Kevin can now afford to travel around with his movie, and audiences around the world (yall included!) will be able to see the man perform live and in person. There's no greater joy for Kevin than performing for, hugging, laughing, and crying with his fans, and there's no greater joy for me than seeing that happen. All of this is thanks to you.

And the movie of his life's story can have its final color correct, score and sound design. The final version is a couple months of work away, and we'll ship out your goodies as soon as we're done! In the meantime, keep an eye out for a Kickstarter message asking for your shipping info, as well as more project updates including videos of Kevin from the road!

Much love and appreciation,


Home Stretch!

Hi everyone,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support so far.

Kevin and I have been amazed and touched by the 150+ of you who have already committed to getting Kevin's story and music out into the world. If we can finish strong by this Friday, we look forward to meeting each of you in person when Kevin passes through your neck of the woods!

Here is a video "thank-you" that Kevin recorded from his apartment, with a short live performance of "Nice People"... dedicated to all of you! Our happy, growing online family.

Lastly, we need your help in a major way!! To help us hit our goal 4 short days from now, please spread the word as far as you possibly can: by tweeting, blogging, facebooking, shouting over your neighbor's fence, and then retweeting the link, With a PR team 150 strong, living in 5 different countries, we can definitely close the gap!

Much love, and talk to you soon,
Jay and Kevin

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Halfway Point

Dear Backers,

Thank you so, so much for contributing. It's been thrilling to see such an outpouring of support for Kevin!

Check out the great writeup we just got in Filmmaker Magazine (start most of the way down at "Perhaps the greatest short doc revelation..."). They're catching on to Kevin's magic!

We're exactly 1/2 through our campaign, so emailing/facebooking/tweeting the Kickstarter link to friends who you think might be inspired by Kevin's story would be the hugest help right now.

Also, here's an exclusive look at something we just put together and won't be posting anywhere else: a sneak glimpse of what the comeback tour you've funded will look like! Please enjoy Kevin's tearful-happy live performance after our premiere screening @ SXSW.

Much love,
Jay and Kevin

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