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Dear all :I am full of gratitude to have such enormous support from all of you. I will make sure to keep growing as an artist, share lots of beautiful music, and looking forward to meeting many of you in person in the times to come. Sincerely, Jasmine
Dear all :I am full of gratitude to have such enormous support from all of you. I will make sure to keep growing as an artist, share lots of beautiful music, and looking forward to meeting many of you in person in the times to come. Sincerely, Jasmine
221 backers pledged $32,509 to help bring this project to life.

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The CD Delivery Process:)

Posted by Jasmine Choi (Creator)

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Little Updates on "After" the Funding!

Posted by Jasmine Choi (Creator)

Dearest All:

Thank you So very much for all your interests and help toward this huge project. I was in tears with overwhelming joy and gratitude when I saw this project fully funded...! It was such a life-changing experience for me in numerous ways; I learned so much as the campaign was moving forward, and it made me realize even more that I truly wanted to make this CD "right", and most of all, I was extremely grateful to have all my friends, fans, and supporters cheering for this project. 

At this point, I am done with the recording part, paid the engineer, the hall, the videographer(for kickstarter), photographer, flights, booklet designer, distributers, LP makers, and "almost" done with self-writing of the booklet and not yet done with the cover designs and distributors. With this speed, it looks like the CD will be released by January or February at the latest (in just a few weeks-- Yay!), and I can't tell you enough how thankful and how excited I am.

I will keep you posted on our further updates. Wish you all Happy Holidays filled with great joy, lovely people, warm laughter and delicious food! :)



We have reached the goal!!! :D

Posted by Jasmine Choi (Creator)
Time to celebrate!
Time to celebrate!

Dear All:

I am sincerely grateful to all of you who supported me in every way towards this Telemann project- while we still got 3 more days to go, we have already reached the goal!!!! This is so overwhelming.. 

I cannot wait to send all of you who joined the signed CDs and posters all over the world and I will keep playing the flute with all my heart.. 

Thank you so much. 


p.s. There is no "stretch goal" for the next three days. I am more than happy at the moment:)
p.p.s. I've had a wonderful interview with Hello Stage's "Orange Twist" series: talked about today's classical music scene, development of practicing, my favorite color, the kickstarter experience, best advice from my teacher, and more. Hope you enjoy reading them at:

the "orange" twist by Hello Stage
the "orange" twist by Hello Stage


안녕하세요 여러분!!

이벤트가 아직 3일이 더 남았는데 벌써 목표액에 슝.. 달성했습니다!!! 많이 관심 가져주시고 많이 참여해주신 덕분입니다. 

정말 많이 힘이 들었었는데, 지나고 나니 정말 값진 경험이었고 무엇보다도 여러분들과 더 가까워진 것 같아서 너무 좋습니다. 이번 앨범이 나오면 참여해주신 모든 분들께 전세계로 음반을 보내드립니다. 정말 너무 기대되네요! 앞으로도 항상 노력하는 여러분의 플루티스트가 되겠습니다.

진심으로 감사합니다.

최나경 (재스민) 드림

p.s. 킥스타터 이용자들은 목표액에 일찍 달성하면 또다른 더 높은 목표를 세우기도 하는데, 저는 지금으로서 정말 감격스럽고 만족합니다. 더 높은 펀딩 목표는 없습니다.
p.p.s. 재스민은 연습에 대해 어떻게 생각할까요? 클래식계의 동향은요? 가장 좋아하는 색깔은 뭐죠? 이번 킥스타터 크라우드 펀딩에 대한 소감은요? 선생님께 받은 가장 좋은 조언은 무엇었나요? ... 모든 답이 여기 링크에 있답니다. 다만, 영어라서 미리 죄송합니다..

8 Days to Go! (8일 남았습니다~)

Posted by Jasmine Choi (Creator)

Dear All the Amazing Backers of the TELEMANN Files:
이미 기부에 동참해주신 사랑하는 여러분들께:

I cannot thank you enough for your generous support and the huge belief in this project. We have so far 49% of the goal reached, by 132 wonderful all of you:)
이 프로젝트에 대해 관심을 가져 주시고 따뜻한 마음으로 기부해주신 여러분께 진심으로 감사의 말씀을 전합니다. 저희는 오늘까지 132명의 기부자들로부터 목표액의 49퍼센트를 달성했습니다.

It has been not such an easy journey, but I have to say that each one of you was a tremendous encouragement for me, giving me hopes and strength to go on. 

여기까지 오기까지는 그야말로 쉽지가 않아서 마음고생이 많았습니다만, 여러분의 한분 한분 덕분에 점점 큰 용기를 얻었고 그래서 앞으로 더 나아갈 수 있는 희망과 힘을 얻었습니다.

We all know that if the goal is not met by November 11th, your contribution will not get charged at all, therefore there would be no Telemann CD as well. My team and I have worked so hard thus far, and we will push even more in the next 8 days.

모두들 아시다시피, 이번 11월 11일까지 목표금액을 달성하지 못하면 여러분의 기부도 모두 기부자에게 되돌아가고 따라서 텔레만 음반도 나오지 못합니다. 제 팀원들과 저는 지금까지도 많이 노력했지만 앞으로 8일간 더 많이 노력해볼 예정입니다.

I am writing to you to remind you to help us as well. Here are some ideas-

오늘 저는 여러분들께서도 저를 더 많이 도와주셨으면 해서 몇 아이디어들을 적어보았습니다.

1. You can share the link of this Telemann Files ( ) on your social media page, or email, or call your friends.

1. 이 프로젝트를 여러분의 소셜미디어 사이트에 많이 공유해주시고, 주변의 지인들께 전화나 이메일로 소개를 해주시면 감사하겠습니다. 이게 사이트 링크이구요.

2. You can share the link of my latest video talking about this crowd funding:

2. 아니면 제가 며칠전에 이 프로젝트에 대해 다시 설명을 한 비디오를 공유해주셔도 되구요:

3. Or, you can share the most watched video of mine on YouTube:

3. 아니면 그냥 무작정 제 유튜브에서 조회수가 가장 많은 파가니니 비디오를 공유해주셔도 됩니다:

4. Or, you can most kindly increase your pledge... :)
4. 아니면... 기부하신 금액을 조금씩 올려주시면 정말 감사하겠습니다...^^

If you have other ideas, please let me know. Thank you so much!
혹시라도 다른 아이디어가 있으시다면 알려주세요~ 감사합니다.

Yours sincerely,

진심을 담아,

재스민 드림

Matching Day Coming Up! :)

Posted by Jasmine Choi (Creator)

Friends and colleagues, 

We are fortunate to have an anonymous donor who will match any contributions you make up to $2,500 between Midnight, Saturday, November 1st and Sunday, November 2nd at Midnight, Eastern Time Zone in America. If you were planning to help out with our campaign, here’s a chance to have your contribution DOUBLED! 

Thanks so much to all of you who have already contributed; we are going to make our goal with the help of everyone! 

With love and thanks,