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Home Audio Innovation: immersive 360 degree soundstage, 3-way High-Res audio quality with smart home connect and Echo Dot docking.
Home Audio Innovation: immersive 360 degree soundstage, 3-way High-Res audio quality with smart home connect and Echo Dot docking.
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    1. Level 10 Creator 2 days ago

      @brian hughes
      Alexa will hear your instruction well! You can see our Alexa demo video here:… We called Alexa while playing music. Alexa responded immediately. Let us know if you have more questions. :) Thank you for your support!

    2. Missing avatar

      brian hughes 3 days ago

      How well can Alexa hear instructions when seated in the speaker when playing music. E.g. asking to stop and play another song

    3. Level 10 Creator 7 days ago

      @Isami Fujita
      Thank you for your all time support. Feel free to ask us anything, always happy to help. :)

      We will send the survey next week! Please fill in your delivery info so that we can bring your UPstage 360 to you. :) Thank you for your support!

    4. CryCryKoala 7 days ago

      When will you send delivery survey

    5. Isami Fujita on April 19

      Answer beyond my imagination!

    6. Level 10 Creator on April 18

      @Henry Cheng
      We've brought your feedback to our team and designer. :) Thanks for the advice.

      @Jason Kastelan
      Kickstarter will collect backer's pledge and payment when the project is successfully funded at the end. We've sent you a message about it. We can see that your payment is pending, please update your payment method to proceed. :) You can see our update for more info or message us. Always happy to help!

      @Isami Fujita
      The batteries can be changed, and we'll have global service points that can help backers with any after-sale issues. Feel free to ask us if you have any other questions. Thank you for your support! :)

    7. Isami Fujita on April 18

      I am talking about fixed batteries installed in this speaker.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Kastelan on April 18

      I have a quick question about shipping and payment. Upon pledging I never got charged and was never asked for an address. When does that happen ?

    9. Missing avatar

      Henry Cheng
      on April 18

      Please add Qi wireless charging function

    10. Level 10 Creator on April 18

      @Isami Fujita
      Hi Isami, UPstage 360 will come with a universal adapter for 110-220V and a US plug. It also has a customized battery with 6-10 hrs long playtime to enhance its portability. You can use it as a home speaker, but you can also carry it outdoors. We'll have global distributors to help you when you need support. Thank you for your input and support. :)

      Thank you! Final hours. We're very excited too!! We couldn't have made it without the encouragement and support from our awazing backers. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Vandy on April 18

      Congrats on the great results! Looking forward to shipping soon!

    12. Isami Fujita on April 18

      Hi Level 10.
      Thank you for always advice quickly and accurately.

      I am concerned about aged deterioration of the battery.
      Can I replace the battery? Or Is it possible to remove the battery? Perhaps I use speaker in the same position and always supply AC power.

    13. Level 10 Creator on April 18

      @Amanda B.
      We were at the Venetian Suite for High-End audio at CES 2018, and we've shared UPstage 360 with many audio enthusiasts at the event. It's a pity you weren't there. We won't be at CES Asia, but we've booked our US roadshow and will release more details asap. Thank you!

      Thank you for your feedback! The motif of the rotary selector design is that it can effectively reduce the downward pressure when you press the button. As the UPstage 360 speaker is supported by its backbone, the rotary selector will make it more durable and stable.

      Thank you very much for your input. We'll discuss it with our team and our designer to optimize it.

      @Isami Fujita
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. The ambiance sound feature is a design to let people enjoy more benefit of sound. But for sure you can use the UPstage 360 speaker as a pure audio equipment. The rotary design, as above explained, is meant to increase the product's lifespan by reducing the downward pressure on the handle. Thanks again for your input, we'll definitely take your feedback to our team and designer. :)

    14. Isami Fujita on April 17

      I would like to use this speaker as pure audio equipment. want to true bypass the ambient sound. I would like to change from a rotary switch to a push button,too. (do not select by my mistake)

    15. Missing avatar

      Psychotikcenobite on April 17

      Any chance of replacing the rotary selector for ambiance with a single pushbutton that toggles through the ambiance options? From the video, it looks like you have to position the rotary selector in between ambiance options to turn it off, which seems awkward. Also, the rotary selector breaks up the clean lines of the speaker vs the push button option shown in some of the photos. Just a few thoughts...

    16. Amanda B. on April 17

      Will you be at CES Asia? I knew you were at Vegas but couldn't make it back then. Any recent event plan?

    17. Level 10 Creator on April 16

      500% funded! Thank you all, our awesome backers, for your support!!
      61 hrs to go. Let's do this.

      The buttons on the handle are power on/off switch, the volume +/-, and the dial you mentioned is the ambiance music scenario switch. Thank you!

      You can pair 2 UPstage 360 with Bluetooth/ aux-in into left and right channels.
      We designed UPstage 360 to be an omnidirectional, 3-way, Hi-Res smart speaker with built-in amp as we wanted people to be able to enjoy great sound effortlessly -- Two speakers can create a great stereo experience, but you will also enjoy quality sound with one UPstage 360. :) Thank you for your support!

    18. Missing avatar

      Kai on April 16

      I'm interested in getting a dual pack.
      Can I pair two to get stereo?

    19. Missing avatar

      Ken on April 16


      What are the functions of the dial on the handle? Is it for volume control? What are the other buttons for?

    20. Level 10 Creator on April 15

      Yes, it's rms. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for your support!

    21. Missing avatar

      SHIN on April 14

      Quick question. You mentioned 120W output, is it RMS?

    22. Level 10 Creator on April 12

      We will keep improving UPstage 360 and we'll definitely consider adding QI when it becomes more common and popular. Thanks for sharing the idea with us!

    23. Missing avatar

      Truong on April 11

      Could you integrate a QI charging receiver in the bottom of the UpStage?

    24. Level 10 Creator on April 10

      We've received your message and replied in a more detailed way. :) You can have a remarkable stereo sound experience with 2 UPstage 360, but you will also love it with one UPstage 360. Thank you for your support!

      @Henry Cheng
      ​​Yes, it works with Sonos if you use their "CONNECT," plugging it in our aux-in. As of now, they don't allow other brands to build-in the Sonos code. Thanks for bringing it up!

    25. Missing avatar

      Henry Cheng
      on April 9

      Can it pair with and compatible with sonos?

    26. Missing avatar

      jaycarter on April 7

      I'm just wondering if the sound is for all, is it necessary to pair two of them into tws. If it can bring more great sound for listening , I'd like to get one more. And any add on price for the second, cause I get the super early bird?

    27. Level 10 Creator on April 7

      We're planning to do a US roadshow, and we'll definitely release the info once we have things settled! Thank you for your support.

      Thank you!! Feel free to ask us anything. We're always here and happy to discuss.

    28. Missing avatar

      SHIN on April 7

      Thanks for the explanation, and thanks for answering with such patience and sincerity :)
      Having your quick and detailed answers gives us more trust and confidence in backing the project. Thanks!

    29. Missing avatar

      Vandy on April 7

      Saw the last update on the listening session. Would love to join! Any plans for future audio sessions?

    30. Level 10 Creator on April 6

      Our design can enhance the reflection and dispersion of sound waves. We made the spherical structure because the wavelength for high frequencies is shorter than mid and low frequencies. The cone-disc is used for mid and low frequencies, which have the relatively longer wavelength. This gif from our campaign will probably help you better understand how the ball-cone design reflects sound waves: Thanks for bringing this up!

    31. Missing avatar

      SHIN on April 6

      Thanks for the reply :)
      Just want to dig in a bit more...why the spherical design for higher frequencies and the cone for mid-low range? What's the difference?

      I'm glad you're always here answering all these different questions. Thanks!

    32. Level 10 Creator on April 3

      By the patented ball-cone acoustic design, UPstage 360 can deliver truly uniform sound waves. We, along with our engineering partner, Soundmatters, designed the spherical dispersion structure to enhance the reflection for high frequencies. The cone-disc structure is used for mid and low frequencies. In other words, the ball-cone structure is created to ensure consistent and omnidirectional sound dispersion, which enables you to feel quality sound with UPstage 360 regardless of where you stand in relation to the speaker. Thanks for commenting. Feel free to ask us anything. We're always happy to discuss. :)

    33. Level 10 Creator on April 3

      Yes, you can pair them! UPstage 360 supports both wired and wireless connection. If you're looking for stereo, you can pair 2 UPstage 360 as stereo channels via Bluetooth or aux-in. UPstage 360 uses True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Bluetooth 4.2. Thank you for your support!

    34. Missing avatar

      SHIN on April 3

      I’m intrigued by the ball-cone design, can you explain a bit further on how this special acoustic design device work?

    35. CryCryKoala on April 3

      You can pair them right? what's the bluetooth version?

    36. Level 10 Creator on April 1

      @Isami Fujita
      Hey Isami, thank you for your support! We've messaged you to learn more details about it. Please check your inbox. :)

    37. Isami Fujita on March 31

      Thank you for responce.
      and I have more questions.
      my Pledge is ‘Echo Dot Combo’.
      how to get UPStage360 more?
      and Can one Echo Dot control two UPStage 360 ?

    38. Level 10 Creator on March 31

      @Isami Fujita
      You can configure 2 UPstage 360 into left and right stereo channels. UPstage 360 uses True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth 4.2 and it accepts aux-in. By pairing them, you will retain that sweet spot everywhere, with double the output capability. Thank you for your support!

      @Amanda B.
      Yes - We can play virtually anything as follows: 1) whatever your music device can stream when using Bluetooth, 2) with a Dot or other wifi capable device docked (like ChromeCast), you can play anything they are capable of receiving. Thanks for bringing it up!

    39. Amanda B. on March 31

      Does it support Deezer?

    40. Isami Fujita on March 31

      how to get stereo sounds?

    41. Level 10 Creator on March 29

      Thank you! We're glad to hear that you're a Soundmatters fan. They made solid and great products. :)

      @Ricardo Barrios
      We certainly are thinking of the potentials we can do. Once we have an update, we'll share it with all of you. Thanks!

      UPstage 360 has versatile connectivity for wired or wireless connection. However, due to the difference in protocols, it isn't compatible with AirPlay at the moment. Thanks for bringing it up. We'll definitely keep it in mind and try to optimize this.

      Yes, UPstage 360 can support Tidal, Qobuz, and various streaming services and play radio stations via the connection with Echo Dot or your devices. Thank you for your support!

    42. Missing avatar

      SHIN on March 29

      Thanks for your reply. Another question: Do you support other streaming, tidal, qobuz and radio?

    43. Missing avatar

      2Ben on March 29

      Is it AirPlay compatible ?

    44. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Barrios
      on March 28

      Have you thought of what to offer for stretch goals?

    45. Missing avatar

      Kai on March 28

      Pledged 🙂 I got foxL from the same maker, soundmatters, and loved it!
      Very excited about your new product! Keep on the good work! Look forward to shipping.

    46. Level 10 Creator on March 28

      @Amanda B.
      Thank you for your inquiries.
      1) At the moment, the rewards are for UPstage 360 in black, the default color. We are looking forward to different color design if we reach a higher goal.
      2) Standard shipping fee for the US is $25.
      3) We currently don't have an add-on Echo Dot option, but we'll think about it!
      4) We provide a 1-year warranty for non-man-made damages.
      5) Thank you!!!

      The battery playtime is 6-10 hours. UPstage 360 has a handle and is easy to carry around. You can bring it wherever you go. :) Thanks!

      We are very excited being on Analog Planet!! We've updated our page with the media coverage. You should definitely check it out. Cheers!

    47. Missing avatar

      Kenny on March 28

      Backed! Read the article on AnalogPlanet and got completely hooked!

      Guess it’s getting some real attention from audio fans community. Great work guys!

    48. Missing avatar

      Vandy on March 28

      I love the idea that it’s great for home audio! Also saw that it’s portable, how long will the battery last? Can I take it for outdoor activities and all?

    49. Amanda B. on March 27

      Hi creator, got some questions here:
      1) Is the white one in the video available?
      2) How much is it to ship to Honolulu?
      3) Say if I pledge for the Echo Dot and the speaker combo, can I add on another Echo Dot? Thought I'd get a dot for my friend. If that's possible, how much is the shipping?
      4) This speaker looks great, but if it has somethign wrong, what's your warranty policy?
      5) Thanks!

    50. Level 10 Creator on March 27

      We designed UPstage 360 to extend to 40kHz so that it can fully reproduce the details in sound generated by instruments and meets the Hi-Res standard. Additionally, scientists have found that ultrasound frequencies can contribute to our listening experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. :)

      Yes - UPstage 360 has a unique ambiance sound feature. You can play the ambiance sound and adjust the volume level while playing the music you want. The control buttons are on the handle. We'll provide more videos. At the moment we're still tweaking the sound and we'll invite more to experience UPstage 360! Thanks for your input!

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