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A fun, elegant and inclusive psychiatry themed card game. Become the best and most popular psychiatry professional among your friends!
A fun, elegant and inclusive psychiatry themed card game. Become the best and most popular psychiatry professional among your friends!
322 backers pledged SEK 96,050 to help bring this project to life.


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SEK 96,050


Welcome to Treatment - a psychiatry card game. Treatment is a game for 2-5 players with a playtime of 20-30 mins. Treatment is a game about a group of professionals in psychiatry trying to offer patients the best possible treatment. But watch out! Symptoms arise and the patients will need to be treated.

The game is played trough a number of "Cases" where each case represents a patient suffering from a specific psychiatric disorder.

Here is shown the Opiod Use Disorder and Schizophrenia cards
Here is shown the Opiod Use Disorder and Schizophrenia cards

The case-categories in the game are: Substance Use Disorder, Psychotic Disorder, Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Neuropsychiatry. (More will be added by unlocking stretch goals)

Another example and back (will change from D to a C) of case cards
Another example and back (will change from D to a C) of case cards

During a number of rounds the players take turns to either play out treatment cards (face down so they are hidden from the other players) or try to get cards that work better with the active case.

A pharmaceutical and a therapy treatment card
A pharmaceutical and a therapy treatment card
A Social support card and a Treatment card back
A Social support card and a Treatment card back

Symptom cards affects all the players who have won a case from that category.

A Symptom card and Symptom card back
A Symptom card and Symptom card back

Symptoms matching the category of the active case or a player reaching the maximum number of Treatment cards forces all the players to compare their treatment cards to see who has the best combination. That player wins the case and puts it in treatment.

The game proceeds until one player have a number of patients in treatment. How many depends on the number of players.

The game will have a lot of different cases and Resource cards that can change the balance. Can you balance fast help and precision care to offer the best Treatment?

Example of Resource cards(Same back as Treatment cards)
Example of Resource cards(Same back as Treatment cards)

Below is a walkthrough made with an earlier prototype


A link to our dropbox with a very alpha rulebook: Rulebook

Our mission is to create a beautiful and fun game about psychiatry. With this game we want the players to start talking about psychiatry. We think this is a small but simple way of starting to break the stigma surrounding the field. If this game leads to one person telling people about her/his disease and getting more support we consider the game a success.

In our campaign we have three pledge levels. A pledge level is the minimum amount you can pay and receive that reward. Limited amounts see below why.

Supporter (17 SEK/€1.8/$2)

We are aware that a physical card game is not for everyone so this level is for you if you just want to show your support. You will also be updated on how the project goes as well as access to a digital art-book.

The next is the main pledge level. Here you get a copy of the game including all stretch goals (see below under Stretch goals) we´ll unlock. We want to give our backers something unique so we´re doing alternate art for 5 Treatment cards (no gameplay difference). These cards will only be available for this Kickstarter.

The last pledge level is "Friend of psychiatry" where you get the contents of above levels and also get to pick a motif from the game and get it printed as a poster in beautiful Riso print. This pledge level is only available for shipping in Sweden, but email us and we might be able to make an exception.

Additional copies 

If you want extra copies of the game please just raise the amount you pledge with 245 SEK (per copy) for Sweden or 255 SEK for anywhere else (to accomodate for the extra shipping costs).

As this is our first published game we want to minimize the logistical risks. To do so we cooperate with a Swedish company producing the cards in Poland. And to give our backers a real treat and something exclusive (because you are definitely worth it) we´re doing an exclusive box at a Swedish boxmaker. Each is handmade with silverprint. This edition of Treatment will only be made for this Kickstarter.

Stretch goals are things that we add if we hit the funding and receive more funding. In that case we´ll use the money we save in production costs etc. to make Treatment a better game. And you backers receive all these goodies as a bonus.

Shipping is EU friendly. All rewards will be shipped from Sweden through a very reliable shipping partner. 

Shipping is

19 SEK ($2/€2) For Sweden

25 SEK ($3.2/€2.5) For the EU

39 SEK ($4.5/€4) for USA and the rest of the world

The game will be produced in English. But as we want it to reach as many people and be as inclusive as possible we have an alternate stretch goal for a couple of languages. If we meet 200 backers on any of the languages below we´ll translate it and produce the cards in that language. 

How this works

When you back Treatment (either for an English language game or just support) send us a message saying which language you would rather have. Then we´ll also update the tracker below so that everybody can see where we stand. After the Kickstarter is over we´ll ask which language you want.

If you have a language you want to add we are open for that please mail us the details! We would love to see it available to a larger international crowd. The delivery time for all non English editions will be extended 2 months due to translations etc. 

Where we are: The game has been extensively playtested and the art is somewhere around 90% finished. The printer is contacted and is ready to print as soon as possible. The box maker is ready to go.

What happens after the campaign:

Two months of working trough any feedback from backers, finishing the last art and proofreading. Any stretchgoals will be put out for feedback, the art will be finalized.

The files will go to the printer after this and the boxes made.

We are so excited about the production phase so we will share this part with lots of photos. We will put up regular updates so that you can follow us in the process.

What will the money go to and what’s the plan:

 A lot of the costs at this stage are art related. Our vision is to picture the world of psychiatry as emphatically as possible and the art is a very important part of that.

You can follow us on 

And of course just send me a message to meet up if you want too try the game.

Markus Takanen 

Game designer and resident in psychiatry. A longstanding love for boardgames combined with a genuine interest in the people behind the illness combines into this project. In the process of creating this game I have had the privilige of sharing peoples experience of illness both positive and negative. My hope is that more people find a way of talking about a subject that many feel ashamed to raise.

Leo Borg

Kickstarter expert, board gamer with a heart and community maestro. Leo is an experienced  power backer in many projects and is dedicated to create an environment surrounding this Kickstarter that is as friendly and transparent to backers as possible.

Patrick Crotty

 Artist and graphic designer extraordinaré. Having worked in comics a long time and also having experience from the printing side Patrick has been an asset  both as artist and graphic designer. For more of Patricks work check out:

Andreas Takanen

The teams glue. He has helped us find many of the people in the team and keep them together. One of his many roles has been to check the quality of both the game(as a card gamer at heart) and the art part of the project. 

Love Attling

Our video expert. He has done our fantastic intro video. If everything goes well we will have the privilige of seeing his take on a walkthrough and more.

 Here we link to pages writing about Treatment. A big thank you to the pages taking the time to write a line or two about or card game.


We choose to release Treatment on Kickstarter for 2 very simple reasons:

1. To maximize the amount of feedback to get a product that as many people suffering from these diseases can feel at home with. 

2. This is a niche product, at the moment many people that walk into a normal boardgame store isn´t used to the theme. We wan´t to change that and feel that by reaching out trough Kickstarter we might reach a broader audience that might not find their way into a boardgame store.

This is where you, our backers come in. We can´t make Treatment a reality without you. If you feel that you like the theme but don´t want to spend the money back us for a small amount and join the discussion.

We find all feedback welcome in making this the best product possible!

Risks and challenges

This is my first product and first published card game. To mitigate the logistical risks of the production I´ve chosen to use a Swedish printing company and boxmaker.

Money back garantee
How does the money-back guarantee work?
Within one month of receiving your rewards, you can send them back to us for a full pledge refund, no questions asked (it doesn’t matter if the game is sealed or played, as long as all components are there).

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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    Welcome to treatment! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You will recieve a digital artbook.

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    In this reward you reward you will recieve a copy of our great game with all stretch goals. It will come in a box only produced for this Kickstarter. You will also recieve a digital artbook. The shipping cost will be maximum 4.5$ to anywhere in the world and lower for EU and Sweden(see main page for details).

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    This includes the game, all stretch goals and a limited poster made by Patrick our artist on his Riso printer and signed. It also includes a gold colored first player badge unique to this pledge.

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