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"Old Fashioned" - the New Album from John Statz's video poster

Recording a new album entitled "Old Fashioned" with producer Bo Ramsey in August. A more stripped-down, acoustic effort. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 18, 2011.

Recording a new album entitled "Old Fashioned" with producer Bo Ramsey in August. A more stripped-down, acoustic effort.

About this project

The time is rapidly approaching, and I'm getting very excited to start recording my fourth studio album, "Old Fashioned".  I have a batch of brand new tunes, all written in the last year, and am hoping to write a few more this summer before recording starts to have a nice selection.

In late August, I'll be heading to Iowa City to work with legendary producer Bo Ramsey (, who has worked with folks like Lucinda Williams, Greg Brown, Jeffrey Foucault, Calexico, Pieta Brown, and The Pines. Not only will he be producing the record, but he will also be playing guitar throughout. Bo Ramsey is a badass. I am pumped.

Because I don't have a record label, I'm using Kickstarter to help fund the album.  A lot of costs go into releasing a record, with the big one this time around being Bo Ramsey's fee for producing the album.  In addition, I'll be paying musicians to play on the record.  I'm hoping to bring some talented Wisconsin folks from previous releases down to Iowa to record with us, and also enlist some Iowa City musicians as well.  After the recording sessions are over, the album will need to be mixed and mastered (mastering will be done by Justin Perkins in Milwaukee), and then printed and pressed, and promoted.  All of these things cost a lot of money, and that is where this campaign comes in.

* Note: There is a mistake in the $50 reward level, it says "Ghost Towns" twice and should say "Dusk Came Slow", my first album, for one of those.


  • No, you are not making a donation. You are getting something really rad in return! I would never ask for "handouts", this is an opportunity to be a part of the process while purchasing items or services you'd want regardless.

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  • If the project does not get fully funded then it is all null and void, and as if it never took place. Basically, the project receives no funding, and everything goes back to scratch. In this case, this album, recorded in this manner with Bo Ramsey and everything else aforementioned, will not happen.

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  • Because we live in a different world for the arts. There is more creativity than corporations, record labels, private investors, or the government can keep track of. That puts the power in the hands of the fans, which is pretty damn sweet, I think.

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    Grazie! You will receive an advance download (before the general public gets it) of the album's first single.

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    Danke! You'll receive an advance download of the digital album before it is released officially, plus the early first single.

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    Merci! You'll get an early physical, signed copy of the album as soon as it is available, plus the early digital download and single. Also, I'll send you a nice handwritten note along with, because you rule.

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    Thanky! You will get a fashionable, designed-by-Heidi Keyes, "Old Fashioned" t-shirt featuring the iconic Wisconsin drink of the same name. In addition, you will receive the early album and single downloads. Visit my Facebook page (type "John Statz" into the search bar on the site) to see a preview of the shirt!

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    Muchas gracias! You will get my full physical, signed discography including: the NEW album, Ghost Towns, Our Love Was Made For Canada, and Ghost Towns. In addition, you will get an early download of the album and the single (and a sweet handwritten note).

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    Thank ya! Artist Heidi Keyes ( painted the beautiful cover for the EP I released back in January, "The Budapest Sessions". You will receive a one of five limited edition signed print of the original painting, "Crossing Szabadsag Bridge".

    Also, you will get an early download of the album and the single.

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    Towayak! I teach guitar on the side, and l'd love to give you 5 half-hour guitar lessons. If you live in the Denver metro area, I can do them in person. Otherwise, I'll be more than happy to do them via Skype! Also, you will get the early download of the album and single.

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    Koszi! Alright, we are almost out of the prints of Heidi Keyes' painting "Crossing the Szabadsag Bridge", now we'll offer up the original 8" by 8", which became the album cover for this year's earlier release, The Budapest Sessions. Only one available, and you'll also receive a download of the album when released.

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    Hvala! I'll give you and whoever you would like a private performance over Skype, and you can feel free to make song requests during or ahead of time. Also, you will the early downloads previously mentioned.

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    Auw'e! I will come to your house and play an hour-long concert for you and your guests. This reward is a bit location-limited. If you live in the Front Range area of Colorado (from CO Springs to Fort Collins and Greeley, even Cheyenne) this will work out just fine, we'll schedule a date any time. If you live in Wisconsin, it will work out some time when I am home visiting family and friends, which is fairly frequently, we'll work it out. Anywhere else would be dependent on whether I am touring or traveling nearby. We'll work something out.

    Also, as with everything else, the downloads previously mentioned.

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    THANK YOU! Seriously, you are awesome! I will play your wedding, Bar Mitzvah, anniversary party, you name it. You can request specific songs, even covers that I should learn. I am in your debt and gratitude, so let me know, we'll work it out. And, obvs, the downloads.

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