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Acoustic album consisting of five original songs by singer/songwriter Scott Strandberg, combining folk, blues, jazz and pop influences.

This project started about a year ago, when I decided to record an album of original songs. Instead of going the traditional route and booking studio time, I built a small home studio and taught myself how to use it.

As tends to happen when you have no deadline and the freedom to tinker all you want, I ended up recording way too many songs; writing some as I went, tossing others into the trash heap, etc. I finally decided to split the album into an acoustic EP and a full-band LP. For the full-band album, I recorded all of the guitars/vocals/bass myself and am waiting for my drummer's extremely busy schedule to clear up. The acoustic EP, however, is completely ready to go.

The upside of tackling a project solo like this is complete and total artistic freedom. The downside is that I've had to pay for everything myself. We're talking a new computer, mixer, studio microphones, studio headphones, cables, the works. When you've got a full band, each cost is split so many ways that it doesn't make a huge financial impact on any one member. In my case, I've literally spent thousands of dollars.

The good news is that there's only one cost left, and that's the actual production of the CDs. Unfortunately, I'm coming up over $600 short. So here's the deal: I've posted a few tracks here. Give them a listen, and if its something you would buy anyway, I would really appreciate your contribution to this project. As you can see by my rewards, I'm basically using this as a pre-order service; I threw in a couple of higher dollar rewards in case somebody's feeling crazy, but my hope is that I can get this project funded mostly on small contributions that you would've spent to buy the album anyway.

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There aren't really any risks or challenges; the only obstacle I could see would be if the company producing the actual physical copies of the CD hits a snag or delay somehow. I've got everything else finished.


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