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Numbers League! The greatest math game you never heard of. Dinosaurs! A fun expansion that allows for more players at every level.
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Creativity Part Two

Posted by BentCastle Workshops (Creator)

I was talking about the Story of Numbers League.

I don't know about you, but all of my toys used to play with all of my other toys.  My Star Wars figures would work with the Micronaughts to fend off Godzilla and save the basement.  Numbers League allows for that kind of play on a more direct level.  You can mix up all the heroes, creating thousands of different characters, and with the Critters and Dinosaurs expansions those combinations get even more varied and ridiculous.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Actually thats only true if the artist put them in there. And as the illustrator for all of the Numbers League games I have spent months making sure that each character, and more specifically each part of each character, is loaded with little details that help build your own story about who they are. 

Try writing your own origin story by building a hero out of any random head, body, and legs.  We'll help you get started.  On each body part there is a single word.  Once you've a put together a hero, read the three words from top to bottom.  That's your superhero's name, now just figure out his, her, or its powers and back story. 

Today the mystic from the Dino deck and a couple of Dino villains.  Bonus points if you can name the inspiration for villain # 57.

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    1. BentCastle Workshops 9-time creator on

      @ M. Sean Molley - I did indeed use the look of the 1900's British explorer for visual reference (as did Jumanji) but conceptually I based #57 on the lead character from Ray Bradbury's short story, "A Sound of Thunder." He's a time traveling dinosaur hunter who accidentally steps on a butterfly in the past and changes the future. The scientific principle was discovered before the story was written, but it is from this tale that we get the phrase "butterfly effect". Cool! :)

    2. M. Sean Molley

      #57 looks like Van Pelt from Jumanji to me. :)