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Numbers League! The greatest math game you never heard of. Dinosaurs! A fun expansion that allows for more players at every level.
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The Creativity of Math

Posted by BentCastle Workshops (Creator)

One of the things that is most important to me about Numbers League is that also develops creativity, a talent that is woefully undervalued.  My experience with math in school was that it was, well...  boring.  Painfully, mind-numbingly dull.  Which is a shame because math is exactly the opposite.  Math is in the mixing of daVinci's paints, math is landing on the moon, math is everywhere and everything.

Creativity was a strong focus on creating the game.

The game play of Numbers League gives the players 24 (or more problems) simultaneously and then lets them determine in which ones, in what order, how, and who will solve them.  But just as important to creative development is the story, which I'll write more about next time...

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