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Numbers League! The greatest math game you never heard of. Dinosaurs! A fun expansion that allows for more players at every level.
Numbers League! The greatest math game you never heard of. Dinosaurs! A fun expansion that allows for more players at every level.
154 backers pledged $5,095 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Eric on

      Got my copies in time for Christmas, thanks for the quick delivey!
      Only drawback was the extra customs charges for 40$, didn't see that one coming.
      But still very happy with Bentcastle, can't wait to put my hands on the deck of extraoridinary voyages!
      Keep up the good work!

    2. Martin Gregory

      Showed up in Australia on Xmas eve, fantastic present for the boys! Thanks very much for the great project.

    3. razamataz on

      Got it just in time for Christmas, thanks!

    4. Darren Bezzant on

      Showed up here in Canada! Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Tim Wyatt on

      My copy arrived in the post today, thanks BentCastle! The cards look great and our quick play of the base game was fun. Looking forward to opening the expansions!

    6. BentCastle Workshops 9-time creator on

      @Brandon:Yes if you want everything. That plays well for like 8 people. With fewer people more is not better. If you are playing with crowd that wants a challenge use the base game and the infinity expansion. To that add in the villains only from the dinos and critters. Those Villains belong with the infinity villains anyway. Now for a normal game put out 24 villains and for a longer one use 36.

      As for a box for everything, I sure would love to do it. If our game ever became a financial success we would do it in a heart beat but as it is the capitol just is not there. Heck we couldn't get you all note pads.

      Thanks for the support on this one, and if we get to doing the collector box I'll let you know

    7. Brandon on

      Got mine and I love it. 2 questions, if I want to use all the expansions I use all the heroes and equipment for the play deck? It's massive! And what's the best way to store all these cards? Got a box in the works?

    8. Missing avatar

      Carbonated Thoughts on

      We are so happy with our cards!!! I love NL and I can't wait until my son is old enough to play too. Mom & Dad had to try it out first, now I am hooked. We look forward to your next venture.

    9. James Bass

      Mine arrived today! Amazing quality!

    10. Zeiram on

      Super fast turnaround. Amazing!

    11. Chad Brozik on

      Was shocked to see this today, this has been the best run Kickstarter campaign I've been involved with (TMG, take note...)

    12. Dr.Benn

      Received mine today in southern California. No transit damage. Looks great. Can't wait to spring it on my grandkids. Thanks guys. You've really brightened our holidays.

    13. BentCastle Workshops 9-time creator on

      @ Brad: Everything but the 4 who have not responded to the survey have gone out.

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt S on

      @Brad I would say so, mine just arrived today.

    15. Brad Huffman on

      Shipping still look good for pre-Christmas delivery?

    16. Missing avatar

      Dzekap on

      Just wanted to say I'm glad I saw the post on BGG looking for support. I got the base game and infinity expansion for my son for Christmas last year, and he loved it. This was a no brainier, but not only that, I had no idea there was an iOS app for this, so I promptly bought it after seeing the reviews for it on this Kickstarter page. You guys are great, and I can't wait to see the new cards!

    17. Rob Lantrip on

      My five year old Logan will not stop asking me if it's here yet?????? Love his excitement, love this game..

    18. Martin Gregory

      Congratulations! Can't wait to inflict some maths on my boys!

    19. BentCastle Workshops 9-time creator on

      Thanks you all ROCK!

    20. Matthew Sigal on

      Woo! I upped my pledge a bit to help get this funded. Can't wait to play this with my son!

    21. James Bass


    22. Rob Lantrip on

      Glad to see this funded.

    23. Brad Huffman on

      Funded! Sweet, and congrats!

    24. Kat on

      Congrats! Glad to see that this is going to be funded.

    25. Missing avatar

      Tim Wyatt on

      $4000 on the nose!!! :) Congratulations and hurrah!

    26. James Bass

      Just upped my pledge from $30 to $60 to double my order. Just trying to ensure success!

    27. BentCastle Workshops 9-time creator on

      @Qwheeler- all the critters will be the same

    28. qwheeler on

      I have a question about the $24 Sidekick & Friends level (Base game + dinosaurs and critters). It's the only one that mentions "the prototype" critters expansion. Is the Critters expansion in this one different from the others?

    29. Missing avatar


      *bottom left even

    30. Missing avatar


      Just under the bottom right of the main video on the main page of the project is a "Like" button that should share this on Facebook.

    31. Karen Morey on

      I thought there was a special way share this project on Facebook? I know I can cut and paste the link, but I thought it offered me a way to do it before and now I can't find it.

    32. Kat on

      We're almost there. Just $337 to go.

    33. BentCastle Workshops 9-time creator on

      @MCollier: yes that would work

    34. MRCollier

      if I pledge $60 and choose the Superhero Universe level that contains base/infinity/dinosaur/critters will I be able to get 2 copies of everything in Superhero Universe?

    35. BentCastle Workshops 9-time creator on

      @ Nancy: Sure thing if you want two different rewards just add the two together and pledge that amount. Then in the survey at the end you will be able to tell us what the extra money was for.

    36. MRCollier

      I'm so glad I stumbled across this, should be great with the kids when they come to visit

    37. Nancy Hutchins

      I want to pledge at multiple levels ($24 - Superhero & $18 - Expansion City)) can we work this out? This way I can get Infinity & Dinosaurs for my base set (with Critters) and have a gift consisting of the base and all three expansions. Can do?

    38. BentCastle Workshops 9-time creator on

      Monday I will get to the printer and see about the extra costs of doing both critters and dinosaurs in smaller runs over doing a large run of just dinosaurs. It seems clear to me that many people want both. I will have that news for everyone in the first or second update.

    39. Missing avatar

      Tim Wyatt on

      This looks great! Sad I missed out on the SUPERHERO UNIVERSE level though :( Here's hoping you reach at least $8K in pledges so I can upgrade from the Superhero + Sidekick level!

    40. Nancy Hutchins

      Having a Infinity and Dinosaurs tier would be wonderful!

    41. Kat on

      I pledged Superhero Universe but I would also like to give the set to a friend as a gift. Is it possible to get 2 Superhero Universe? I see that you're currently placing a limit of 10 on it.

    42. BentCastle Workshops 9-time creator on

      @Nancy: I guess we could do a Infinity and Dinosaurs tier. Would that work for you?

    43. BentCastle Workshops 9-time creator on

      @Nancy: We try and get backers added value by helping the campaign. We won't be able to do better than our web site's offer with just one expansion so until we are sure the Critters will be printed this will not be an option.

    44. Alicia Hansen on

      I can't believe I never heard of the Numbers League game before. Neither the cards or app. Anyhow, as a backer of your other cards, I am so happy to be a supporter of this because it combines everything my daughter loves: Superheros, cards, math and now dinosaurs. Perfect!

    45. Nancy Hutchins

      Can there be a tier to pledge for the expansion(s) only? I already have the base game as I am sure many others do also.