$12.00 pledged of $688 goal
By Blain Powers
$12.00 pledged of $688 goal

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    1. Sean Epperson
      on October 24, 2015

      Donny is right.

      Also, you need to have someone edit what you write. The grammar is atrocious, and comes off really unprofessional and not caring about how you present what you're making.

      Still, I hope for the best. :)

    2. Donny Behne on October 24, 2015

      Hey there, I pledged a dollar just to pop in and give you some pointers. Your page lacks a lot of information. A basic explanation of how the game plays, a video of the game being played, photographs of the layout and pieces, all of this goes a long way to helping people understand what they're backing. Right now, no one knows anything about the game itself so there's no incentive to support it.

      Making beta copies and trying to get stores to sell them just won't make you any money. A beta will cost more than folks would be willing to pay. What you need to do is take a prototype to a local meetup and have folks play it. Get feedback, change it, make it better. Take it to a convention or two and see if you can find experienced designers to give you pointers (they love playing new games and are often very helpful). Then you can come back here with a more refined product and let people know what they're buying.

      I would strongly recommend you take a look around the tabletop games category here on Kickstarter. There are hundreds of projects you can look at and compare against your product. I've backed dozens of tabletop games on Kickstarter and you're going to be hard pressed to get anywhere without at least some explanation of your game and simple editing of your campaign page.

      I wish you luck, get out there and make that game!