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After four years of pencil chewing, twenty new songs are filling my next album in two parts; Produced LeRoy Bach.
69 songs in six albums.  The three above, two albums of demos and one of covers; Produced by LeRoy Bach, Sam Wagster and myself.  Featuring Nora O'Connor, Rachel Ries, Angela James, Gillian Lisée, Dan Mohr, Adam Vida, & Ben Boye.Thanks Kickstarter.
69 songs in six albums.  The three above, two albums of demos and one of covers; Produced by LeRoy Bach, Sam Wagster and myself.  Featuring Nora O'Connor, Rachel Ries, Angela James, Gillian Lisée, Dan Mohr, Adam Vida, & Ben Boye.Thanks Kickstarter.
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Your next album is available to download...


Remember this?  Two years since this began.  We're finally done.

The link below will take you to the download page of Pretty Girls Don't Just Talk to Me; -the second of two albums which you (in your infinite taste and wisdom) chose to support via Kickstarter.

This one is produced by the inimitable Sam Wagster (The Fruit Bats).  

It's an album of duets:  Nora O'Connor returns as well as Gillian Lisée (The Fruit Bats), Rachel Ries, Angela James, and Dan Mohr.  So, if you're sick of my voice, there's plenty of others on here!  Ben Boye and Adam Vida fill out the band.  

This is from the press release, written (almost entirely) by filmmaker Julian Wayser.  Pardon my indulgence: beautiful the fingerprint is, the small differences in the way that each singer delivers their verse, & how strong is the unison finally when it all arches together again. It’s as if the Zombies recruited a girl & decided to put on a Sondheim play at a luau in 1973.  ...(It's) a collection driven by the instinct to entertain not just as a musician, but as a storyteller.

Boye (formerly with Bonnie Prince Billy) plays piano with an effortless charm that the lonely old ghost of Erik Satie would doubtlessly appreciate. Vida (US Maple) could drum the paint off an 18th century credenza and not leave a mark.

…A toddler trapped in a confined space, a doomed plane, a lover that resembles Renée Maria Falconetti, a honeymoon next to a waterfall. This music, above all else, operates in service of stories of people in transition, people at the cusp of newness: friends & travelers encountering the strange wildness of their shared world. It is a record that you are invited to inhabit with your own personal dynamics. It is, like all of Harms’ work, a scafolding for new mythologies. If you have found suddenly that in the listening of this record, a forgotten-but-absolutely-special day in your own life has involuntarily risen up & hovered about & made itself known to you now, after all this time: this would not come as a surprise, not at all.

This record won't be released to the world, officially, till January, so you are the first.  It is all I got you for xmas, so I hope that's ok...

The physical albums including the acoustic version of the album (for those who chose that award) are here at my feet, ready to be mailed.  I'll do that on monday.  


Otherwise, this is it!!! Farewell and all that!  I can't tell you how much I've appreciated you.  It means everything to know you are out there, listening.  Write with any technical questions or just to say if you liked or hated a song.  I'll write back.  It's been too long.   I'd love to do more Kickstarter albums in the future.  So let me know if you don't want me to approach you next time.  I sooo do not want to be that guy.  But meanwhile, here's Pretty Girls Don't Just Talk to Me.  Made for you, paid for by you.  See you next time!

All the Best,

Jeff Harms

Hi again!

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It has been a while.  The world turns and songs get made.  I never know how much else to share.  

 While part one followed my grandmother's death, this one follows the passing of my friend and long-time collaborator Brian Torrey Scott.  Pretty Girls Don't Just Talk to Me (the next album coming to you), features two songs we wrote together.

I'm uploading here a quick montage of all of the songs for fun...   Can't wait to send you the whole thing.  

Talk soon.


Daytrotter Songs and Part II


Autumn is here.  I'm recording the remaining drums for Pretty Girls Don't Just Talk to Me next week, which will finish the ground-floor of Part II.

The other vocals and overdubs will take some time to complete, but I'm hoping to finish by X-mas.

Meanwhile! We drove out to Rock Island and recorded a live set at Daytrotter.  It's a great fully decked-out studio, across the river from Davenport, Iowa.  A long crazy eclectic list of people have played there; Billy Bragg, Carly Simon, Bill Callahan, Kris Kristoferson, Iron and Wine, Wilco, Bon Iver, The Cairo Gang...and us.  Here’s Dorsal Fin from our set (click the play button below):   Dan Mohr: Keys     Charles Rumback: Drums       Sam Wagster: Bass 

You can listen to the rest of our day at or subscribe to Daytrotter to listen to all those other great sets., Super cheap, super worth it.

Hope you are well,


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Original Demos

Hi there,

I am writing because I am sending out the original demos of the first album to those who purchased that option ..what feels like forever-a-go.

And I am writing to let everyone else know, that if you'd like to have this album of demos, you can buy it through   Just buy the regular He Said She Said That's What She Said, and I will email you the download to the demo songs.

I love demos.

Here's the first song... (below)

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Normally it takes a centennial or going platinum to remaster a record...  But that's just what I've done.   There were some uploading artifacts... goofs, etc.   It's the same link, but new files:

I encourage you download the album again.   I know that's not realistic in this day and age.  Remember when we used to have to ride our bikes five miles to get music?  Stop at the White Hen, get a pizza bagel. Those were the days. 

I'm off to Michigan in a week to record Part 2.  Someone has given me a little house to look after by the Warren Dunes.  I'm hoping it gets... experimental.   Talk to you when I get back.  If your are in 3 Oaks drop me a line!

All the best,