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The idea is simple. The bond between a father and his child is very special. This short picture book celebrates that wonderful bond.

I am a dad. Twelve years ago I was blessed with a beautiful son. Like all parents, I spent a great deal of time in "that" section of the bookstore: The Children's Section. There I was overwhelmed by the number of "read-to" books. There were brightly colored books with all sorts of characters. But as I thumbed through most of them I noticed something lacking. There just weren't many dads. And to be honest very few dads who looked like me (Hint: I'm an African American male). Why not? Where are the books celebrating the dad and his child? Where were the books putting dad and child in the spotlight? Well, I was not going to wait for someone else. So I put pen to paper and put together a touching story of father and son in the form of a "read along" book. Then I had the book illustrated by a very talented artist. So, now there it sits in the hard drive of my computer waiting to be self-published. I have found a very reputable self-publishing company and $1000 will do the job. Add in the cost of the rewards and we have the total of $1500. There are so many families out there waiting to share this book with their little ones. Help me make this happen.


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