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50 Years in the making.  The mysteries of a New York World's Fair Pavilion, told by the people who lived it. Architecture in peril.
50 Years in the making. The mysteries of a New York World's Fair Pavilion, told by the people who lived it. Architecture in peril.
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Happy Valentines Day!


Happy Valentines Day to my wife Nicole and my son Luca. :-)  And to all my Kickstart backers!!

Over a year ago when I set out to do this project I knew that it would be a huge sacrifice for myself, my wife Nicole, and my new born son Luca.

Luca & Nicole (Photo taken just before I got on a plane for Pheonix to conduct an interview for this film).
Luca & Nicole (Photo taken just before I got on a plane for Pheonix to conduct an interview for this film).

Fortunately, I have a wife who is extremely supportive of me and my creative endeavors.  Together we made the decision to embark on this project and without her support absolutely none of this would have been possible.    

Nicole has been my number one fan, co-producer, and frankly, she has put up with a lot of "stuff" to allow me to do this film and subsequent advocacy effort.  

My son is kind of oblivious to what I'm doing right now, but I am sure in a few years he will be my first mate, tagging along on all these crazy adventures.

So, this update is to my Valentines my wife Nicole & my son Luca.  

I love you and thank you.

Be sure to share this kickstarter with your Valentine :-)

Happy Valentines Day,




Hi there backers,

I wanted to give a quick update and introduce Joseph Tirella, an author I interviewed last year for the film.  If you are into what I'm doing, you might also like his book Tomorrow-Land that was recently released on

Photo by Christie M Farriella/for New York Daily News
Photo by Christie M Farriella/for New York Daily News

We met last June and conducted an interview that I probably could make into a short film for folks interested in New York during the 60's & 70's.  Joseph colorfully ties the 1964 fair with the social context of the time, detailing the dramatic transformation of our country during a turbulent decade.

Check out this article about him in the NY Daily News.  Queens-born writer Joseph Tirella revisits 1964 World's Fair in soon-to-be released book "Tomorrow-Land"

And his blog Tomorrow-Land.

Maybe I can include a larger chunk of his interview into the deleted scenes section of the deluxe DVD...  We'll see.

Check out his book at

Oh, and keep sharing the kickstarter! :-)



Breaking News!


Queens Borough President Pledges to Save the New York State Pavilion

Details in this New York daily news article:

During the past year, while making this film, I have been fortunate to have built relationships with a variety of people and organizations that led to the co-founding of a new organization called People For the Pavilion.

The principals of this organization consists of myself, Christian Doran, and Salmaan Khan. Together we have been working to strengthen and grow our relationships with Queens, New York City, and national organizations to garner support for the preservation of this building.

Last month we held a kick-off event, which on a cold and snowy day, brought out over 200 people who hope to see the building saved.

Our event caught the attention of the Queens Borough president who this past Thursday arranged a tour of the pavilion, and invited us to go along with her.

It is a big step in the effort to preserve this structure and I am extremely optimistic for the future.  I urge you to continue to help this effort along by sharing this kickstarter.  Your posts, tweets and email go a long way.  



What's Your Story?


Hi everyone,

I have been receiving some really great messages from backers of this project over the past few days. Folks sharing their story of why they care about this building.

I am curious to know from all of you; What is your story and relationship to this building? Why does this building mean something to you?

Through my parents rear window
Through my parents rear window

Please write me a message answering those questions. I am fascinated by your personal stories and connections to this building. This pavilion really does serve as a sort of glue for the collective memory of the Tri-state area and beyond.  I would love to read them.

Here's one message I got today from Hayley (she gave me permission to post this).

Hi Matthew,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I'm happy to see and support your project on Kickstarter. I'm a fellow Long Islander, and growing up, every weekend my family would drive to Queens to visit my grandparents. I would always look at the pavilion with wonder and amazement from the car window, so the imagery of this structure holds a special place for me. It reminds me of being a kid, and it has a comforting familiarity - but admittedly, I don't know about the rich history of the structure, so I am really looking forward to your film and learning more about it!



Lets see where this goes. Tell me your story!



The Photography for this Project


Hi Kickstart Backers,

I was going to write an update asking you to continue to share this kickstarter and bla bla bla, but decided I will save that for another day…

Instead I thought I would use this update to make a brief acknowledgment to an important supporter of this project, a gentleman named Marco Catini for whom I met serendipitously at the New York State Pavilion last spring.

Marco Catini
Marco Catini

I had gone out to the Pavilion to film the humble Painters of the pavilion when I bumped into a photographer who had come all the way out from New Jersey for the day to photograph the pavilion. We spoke for a while and before he went on his way we exchanged contact information. A few days later he shared some of his photos with me in an e-mail.

I immediately asked him if I could use them for my film. Without hesitation he told me that he believed in what I was doing and said that I could use his photos for whatever I needed, and never asked for a thing in return.

Marcos photos have been the banner of this production ever since. I love the honest, dramatic, and haunting quality of his photography that perfectly characterizes the current condition of the building. Marcos photos have been instrumental for this film by grabbing the attention of people browsing by this project.

His generosity in the most early stage of this production has helped propel this project forward and I simply wanted to acknowledge that.

Postcard used for promotion early on in production
Postcard used for promotion early on in production

A year later, it still amazes me how chance encounters in life can dramatically impact the future. I am so glad I met Marco that day. Be sure to check out his facebook page HERE, and his website at

Thanks Marco! 

And thanks again backers!