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Gay Genius is a rad group of queer comics artists like no other. Gay Genius Comics will be a 120+page, full color comics anthology.
161 backers pledged $4,890 to help bring this project to life.


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Gay Geniuses of the world: we are so close to making this happen.
We have the art, we have the gays, we have a willing distributor and co-publisher [Sparkplug Comic Books, Portland, OR]. Now we just need the money.
A full color, perfect-bound (that means with a spine) 120+page comics anthology is costly. But we at Gay Genius are committed to creating published works that are affordable and accessible to our communities.
Here's the good news:
If we can raise half of the production costs, Dylan at Sparkplug Comic Books has agreed to spot the other half.
This is where you come in!
Your donation is essential and hugely appreciated.
Help us make the GAY GENIUS COMICS ANTHOLOGY a reality!
You can donate anywhere from $1 to $5,000. We can go over our funding goal, but if we go under--we get nothing. For a limited time, with your minimum donation of $25, you will automatically receive the 120-page, full color, perfect-bound anthology when it's done--along with our eternal gratitude.

Read on for more info on Gay Genius comics:

We here at GAY GENIUS believe that comics--or might we say, personal and historic VISUAL NARRATIVE--have been an act of survival for thousands of years!!
How do we figure that? Aside and often apart from the history of text (and the acts of domination and cultural genocide that have often followed the path of alphabetic literacy) there have always been undercurrents of history that survive in spite of oppression and repression. I'm speaking of the richness of oral traditions all over the world, and their pictorial counterpart: ART--or rather, VISUAL DOCUMENTATION of a person or people's HISTORY, MYTH, CULTURE, INNER WORLD, and EXTERNAL REALITY.
Despite the efforts made on the part of capitalism, imperialism, and colonization to bury the history of Indigenous people the world over--the burning of libraries, of sacred codices, the submerging of petroglyphs under the dam-waters, the obliteration of cultures and languages, and the attempted denial of pre-christian reality--throughout all this,The IMAGES survive.
Okay, but what does all this have to do with GAY COMICS?
We here at GAY GENIUS think comics are the most recent stage in the ancient tradition of pictorial narrative!
By COMICS we mean all forms of GRAPHIC STORYTELLING--the kind that can fit onto the pages of a book.
There is a new comics GOLDEN AGE approaching. But there are a lot of SHITTY COMICS out there. It's true!!
We feel that queer comics artists/comics artists of color (and cartoonists of other marginalized groups) have always been relegated to the underground of the underground.
This just won't do!
This is where GAY GENIUS comes in.
GAY GENIUS is an anthology celebrating the history and mystery of the queer experience. This anthology digs deep, celebrating LIFE and death DEATH everything in between. We here at Gay Genius believe that nothing quite like this anthology has been see yet in the world.
And the world is READY!
Your donation will help bring this little piece of art-as-revolution into being, and for this WE THANK YOU.
Eds. (Annie Murphy)

gen·ius (jēn′yəs; also, esp. for 1-2, jē′nē əs)

noun pl. geniuses gen′·iuses

1. according to ancient Roman belief, a guardian spirit assigned to a person at birth; tutelary deity
2. the guardian spirit of any person, place, etc.
3. either of two spirits, one good and one evil, supposed to influence one's destiny
4. a person considered as having strong influence over another
2. jinni
3. the personification of a quality
4. particular character or essential spirit or nature of a nation, place, age, etc.
5. a great natural ability (for a particular activity); strong disposition or inclination
1. great mental capacity and inventive ability; esp., great and original creative ability in some art, science, etc.
2. a person having such capacity or ability
3. popularly any person with a very high IQ

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