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A 2.5D cyberpunk horror game inspired by Fatal Frame and Clock Tower, with a story that mixes technology and Cantonese traditions.
A 2.5D cyberpunk horror game inspired by Fatal Frame and Clock Tower, with a story that mixes technology and Cantonese traditions.
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    1. Jákup Fuglø

      I'm happier by the day that I backed this even though it originally was simply for boobs and sci-fi.
      Agree with Michael Brand below. Free speech and fighting the man is what cyberpunk is all about.

      Sad to see people buy into the idea that Pewds is a white supremacist but Cyberpunk is about enlightening misled people like that.

      Proud of you for actually practicing what you preach and I'll personally do my very best to promote you.

      All the best.

    2. Michael Brand

      Even putting aside all partisan politics, I find it a little bizarre to see supporters of a cyberpunk game who apparently don't see the appeal of individuals fighting against the might of mega-corporations.

      "Your mileage may vary", I suppose.

    3. Alain Swierkowski

      While I fully support miss Naomi Wu since a long time, WTF dudes with the Pewdipie stuff? Does he support the project or is linked in any way to it? I'm sick of reading this shit spam to suscribe to this guy. Do you really need to promote him like a zombie army? If people want to suscribe, they'll do on their own will.

    4. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator on

      @Brian - I absolutely worked directly with Naomi on this design from beginning to end and made sure to respect her input and make changes as she felt necessary. She signed off on the design and I was very happy to make something she approved and was happy with.

      Regarding your second point - As it has been addressed by multiple people- The reason I put that little ending bit in is honestly not as nefarious as some people seem to think.

      I look at it like this; While Sense and Suzaku(myself by extension) are 100% not into politics or pushing political ideals or agendas in our games or messaging, I think the idea of an individual like Pewdiepie being the most subbed channel on the site is HUGE. His success is a symbol of the power of individual people to make content that people like, and build real bridges to customers/fans/creators directly and without corporate interference. To me, this is pretty relatable. The last thing you want for a free and open internet is a corporation taking over that #1 spot. Pewdiepie is just a dude, who makes mistakes like all of us, some mistakes more regrettable than others, and yet he found a way to reach 80 million people and make them laugh. His influence is so big youtube couldn't get rid of him and survive. If you ask me, that is pretty cyberpunk.

      I respect that some people feel differently, that is ok, Like with Count Dankula and Naomi Wu, I just wanted to show my support to someone I think is a voice for good on the internet. The only reason I am able to do this with any success outside of the AAA game industry is BECAUSE it is open and free.

    5. Brian on

      Love the new logo and I am excited about the demos.

      As for the new character. I'm not really loving the design, but if Naomi's into it, I'll accept it. I'd never heard of her before and it certainly looks like something she would wear.

      I sort of third the comments below, though I'm mostly confused. Why? You all have shown off some talented work so far. What does some random guy on Youtube have to do with it? Is there something I am missing?

    6. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator on

      @Brian Rude - We do not support hate speech or bigotry. I am sorry to see you go, and hope you come back when the game is ready.

    7. Missing avatar

      aett on

      The pewdiepie comment is the latest in a string of things I've seen coming from you guys that tells me that I'm done with this project. I wish you guys the best and I hope to see all this talent again in the future, only without supporting hate speech and bigotry.

    8. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator on

      Editjust a mixtape link !

    9. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator on

      @Craig Collins - It should be safe, it is just imgur. I also get a warning through brave browser so it could just be some weird warning.

    10. Sammy Hamed on

      Already subscribed. I'm doing my part *starship troopers gif*

    11. Missing avatar

      craig collins on

      Getting a Trojan warning from your jpg link.

    12. Fethennour on

      Thanks for the news. I don't subscribe to white supremacists, though.