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A 2.5D cyberpunk horror game inspired by Fatal Frame and Clock Tower, with a story that mixes technology and Cantonese traditions.
A 2.5D cyberpunk horror game inspired by Fatal Frame and Clock Tower, with a story that mixes technology and Cantonese traditions.
1,083 backers pledged $60,027 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. peachpattch on

      i'd love to know approximately how long the backerkit will be up?

    2. Crimrui on

      Physical game and artbook together is already my kind of deal. I'm already throwing some money when the Becker kit is opened.

    3. Top Hat Studios, Inc. Collaborator on

      Instead of offering the individual tiers through the backerkit to those who are not backers, we're currently planning to simply offer individual items rather than mirroring tiers. We feel this is the most fair to everyone; those who missed their chance for the kickstarter can still pledge for basics they may have missed (physical edition for example), whereas those who pledged to the kickstarter will not need to worry about losing exclusivity.
      Those who have already pledged will be able to up their existing pledge to higher tiers that were offered during the KS, as well as be able to add add-ons to their pledge which mirror the prices available in the backerkit individually.
      If there any questions about this just let us know, we want to make sure everyone's on the same page and everything is presented as fairly as we can make it.

    4. Jussi Myllyluoma

      I don't mind sharing my Kicksterter "exclusives" with those who one reason or another couldn't join on this platform, but join or upgrade with BackerKit instead.
      As long as the exclusive stuff isn't included in the standard commercial release, I'm good.

      Remember that those who pledge by BackerKit contribute to the "before the fact" funding of the project, and share the same risks.

      I don't know how Sense plans on playing this, but many projects I've backed have let money earned through post-campaign pledge managers like BK also count towards stretch goals. Seems though we've run out of stretch goals in this project :-D but the principle remains the same — to my mind, BK is a continuation of Kicksterter, only on a different platform.

    5. Va Xiong

      Congrats, looking forward to your project. New costumes, art, story and bonus materials is always a plus.

    6. Sven_Q45 on

      Wait a CE (as addon)? Very nice. :)

    7. Jerald Miller on

      I wouldn't mind paying more for the CE than the backers who had a time limit to select a tier with it(Didn't get the CE, but I would love to,even if it means getting at a higher price. Would certainly be cheaper than a scalper buying it and selling it at a price out of my reach). Anyways, as for unlockables, I believe it should have extra costumes, both weird and jokey. Like cat pajamas, a stylish dress, and/or a futuristic SWAT-like uniform. Also, collectibles, like the pages of a local urban legend scattered around the game, when collected back together, allows the player to face off against said legend and unlock something special for defeating it. I know it means extra work to make something like this, so i understand if it doesn't show up in the game at all. Just an idea I'm throwing out there.

    8. Missing avatar

      snon on

      glam up stuff -costumes, hair styles/colours, jewellery, other coloured weapons, ...- only please
      Please nothing which expands the game experience itself:
      - hidden artwork, songs
      - new character with extra walkthrough

    9. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Having the BackerKit tiers simply mirror the Kickstarter campaign tiers — both pricing and content — should be the simplest, shouldn't it?

      That's the way just about all projects do it, and it seems to make good sense.

    10. Missing avatar

      snon on

      CE soundtrack/artbook "cover" will also be different compared to lower perks versions (see FAQ)?
      CE for 150$ as add-on to a physical perk would be fine for me (for pure digital perks: 175/200 +shipping)

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Mercado

      Personally I love it when costumes provide some sort of gameplay effect like in the game haunting ground you had a cowgirl outfit with a working gun you could use.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Mercado

      I noticed a lot of games doing this but will you have Nintendo themed costumes on the switch version? maybe a zero suit samus or zelda one like in fatal frame 5?

    13. Missing avatar

      Ivar Severinsen

      I think you should keep the CE box exclusive to the high tier as you have and have this be a special kickstarter special collectors edition. Then the other physical tiers should get a different design for the games box. That way everyone who's pledge for a physical tier gets a nice boxed up version of the game, with the 350 guys getting a super exclusive version containing a lot more. This would make handling the backerkit part a lot easier too. If you're going to be offering a changed tier afterwards then there's going to be a lot of calculations as to how much extra would each of the physical tiers need to add to get the CE. Also the various backers might just want a nice old school blx and the physical game and not the physical soundtrack and/or art book, so I think this would be the easier approach

    14. Alan Varner on

      Good to hear that you're planning on making sure all the DLC is complete first before pressing/shipping the physical versions of the game. As far as in game unlockable content goes I'd definitely be interested to see things like unlockable art galleries, behind the scenes/making of documentaries (that cover different aspects of the game like sound/art design, lore, etc.), different difficulty modes that tweak the way you play the game (such as a invisible enemy mode, big head mode, nightmare mode, etc.), and in the case of unlockable costumes I'd (if it's possible) like for some (but not all) of them to have unique abilities/unlock special features (for instance say you get a special ghost themed costume for getting all possible endings in the game, the costume would temporarily allow you to become a ghost so you can pass through certain doors/get past ghosts blocking your path)

    15. Missing avatar

      Al Tan on

      @James Webster
      The demo does have a dev debug mode but unfortunately it was removed upon release. It's part of the toolkit I am building for the game although it doesn't have the ability to create rooms or support modding as one of it's function.
      Currently, mods and steam workshop for the game isn't part of the toolkit foundation plan but I am glad to know there is an interest from creators/modders like you out there.

    16. Top Hat Studios, Inc. Collaborator on

      Hi Kayak, sorry about that, we likely didn't see the tweet or answered it in the KS comments previously and forgot to mirror it to Twitter. We can't give a specific page count on the artbook yet, but it will include things such as concept art, sketches, hi-res art, and lore/development process snippets.

      As far as the $150 pricing on the CE, please note that the reason it is lower is because it will not contain any additional goods like the current tier does, which is priced at $350 because it includes all prior listed tiers in addition (mousepad, digital goods, etc).

    17. Missing avatar


      I asked this question on twitter but I didn't get a response. Can you tell me is handling the physical art book and how many pages will it contain? Also I think $150 is a good price for the CE. Paying $350 is too much in my opinion. Though the problem will be those who paid for CE paid $200 more than those who paid in backerkit.

    18. Adam Mayhem on

      Astonishing job! Well deserved!

    19. Top Hat Studios, Inc. Collaborator on

      We already have a discord setup actually, so in the case of using a Discord server, it would be a private channel/distinguished on an existing server.

    20. Aaron Willis on

      I agree with Matthew, using a private Discord instead of a dedicated forum would be so much more convenient and allow for faster paced conversation.

    21. Missing avatar

      James Webster on

      My favorite unlockables are things like debug mode, but in a game like this I doubt something like a debug mode would be possible. An ability to create rooms would be neat, but again it’s not plausible. Stuff like Dobkey Kong mode, or Big head mode (from Golden 007) has always entertained me I guess?

    22. Missing avatar

      Matthew Beckham

      I am very happy for you! And I am glad to have made a small contribution. I look forward to both this game and this new studio. And you can bet that I will be quite the vocal backer once the forums are online!

      On that note, I strongly suggest Discord. Another project I backed, Backbone, choose to use a Discord sever over traditional forums and it has done wonders for communication!