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A 2.5D cyberpunk horror game inspired by Fatal Frame and Clock Tower, with a story that mixes technology and Cantonese traditions.
A 2.5D cyberpunk horror game inspired by Fatal Frame and Clock Tower, with a story that mixes technology and Cantonese traditions.
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Backer - Demo 3.0 AVAILABLE! Your feedback and opinion needed!

Posted by Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev (Creator)

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#33 - 4/4 - Demo 3.0

Posted by Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev (Creator)

For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

#32 - Demo 3.0 Progress, NPCs, and Neon lights

Posted by Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev (Creator)

Hey Everyone! 

This month's update Is a bit light on game details while we finish up our demo, so I wanted to pad it out a bit by showing off 2 new NPCs which will be added to some of our new street locations. Warning: One of them is not what they seem! 

Of course, there was also our little Chinese New Year image you may have seen on our social media as well. We  want to wish you all a Happy 2019 full of both wealth and good health! 

Now, for an update on the demo progress.


The toolkit necessary to continue our work is still in development, so no major progress on the demo content has been made except for the completion of all the key art assets. So once the toolkit is done, we will be able to re-build all the interactions and add in the new content. I do want to make sure to say that we will intentionally be removing all cutscenes (even the ones you saw in the old demos) for 3.0. Many of these will be reworked entirely anyway, but the new ones I want to be fresh and exciting for you when the game is in your hands later this year! Note that these changes are obviously not final, but we want our backers to be able to play the demo sooner than later, and redoing the cutscenes needed will push back the demo date even further.

A Call to Action

If you are reading this then you most likely have at least some interest in Hong Kong, and recognize the one of a kind beauty of the country. Personally, the neon signs are what showed me the true face of Hong Kong. Not the brand name, ultra up-scale shopping districts like Central, but the quiet hidden and forgotten places where you can get the best yam-cha, or find a rare old anime figure for less than $10. These are the areas that you find the famous signs. Neon Light art was not just pioneered by Hong Kong artisans, but also became a key feature of the country. Since the British relinquished Hong Kong to Chinese rule however, many aspects of Hong Kong's identity have been "adjusted" and washed away for various reasons. The biggest and most obvious of these losses is the mass removal of the iconic neon signs. Areas like Sham Shui Po, Jordan, and many others have seen a huge change in the past few years as businesses have closed due to a weak economy, weather related damage, apartment tenant complaints, and some other more tin-foil-hat level causes. Signs that have lit these streets for more than 50 years have been unceremoniously removed and thrown away over night. At the current rate of removal, Hong Kong's neon lights will be gone without replacement within a few years. 

Sad reality stated, there are several groups that have popped up attempting to not just preserve the art of making neon signs, but also purchase, house, and protect the ones that must be removed. The most active one I have found is The Hong Kong Neon Heritage, who has a facebook page you can visit here

Another good one is Neon Signs.HK which is more of a gallery of famous signs and inspired art. But they have been chronicling the removals with photos. 

I honestly don't know if anything can be done to bring the signs back to the streets at the volume of the 80s and 90s, but groups like the HKNH could definitely use some support and love. If enough Hong Kongers see interest from foreigners for this aspect of their culture and history, perhaps a change can be made, who knows. I'm not asking anyone to donate or anything, just go over to those facebook pages and give them a like and comment. The least I can do is ask you guys to share the love. One of my personal goals is to get SUZAKU's official studio sign made by a Hong Kong master some day, I believe that thanks to you guys we will have enough success to do that and help keep the art alive.  

Shout Out! 

Finally, I also wanted to shout out Ron Z's latest kickstarter, which looks awesome Samurai of OZ!

I have backed 2 of Ron's other books and was very happy with the books. Both Patriotika and VS had great art and solid writing. I'm a life-long comic book collector and now trust Mount Olympus Comics more than either of the big 2. Samurai of Oz is far closer to my type of book thematically, so i was happy to back it and highly recommend each of you to check it out!

As always thank you all for your support and taking the time read this long message today. I apologize for having a lot less to talk about regarding Sense's development today, but I assure you very soon we will have a HUGE update for you on that front! 

#31 - Sexy Cyborgs, New Logos, and a special announcement

Posted by Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev (Creator)

Hello everyone! Today we have more exciting news on MANY fronts, so I'll be breaking it all down into sections to keep it all organized. 

First up, I wanted to show off the finalized Logo for Sense. We were unable to find a Hong Kong based graphic designer for a price we could afford, but having a native Hong Konger as wife and co-founder of the studio worked out just fine. With help from Kay's sister we were able to create something that's authentically cantonese and a much better representation of the game thematically and visually. Take a look! 

Sense's new logo
Sense's new logo

Next, I wanted to announce the next collaboration NPC for Sense's neon-lit streets.  Brilliant "maker" and actual cantonese cyberpunk Naomi Wu, who you might know as the "Sexy Cyborg", will be testing out some new DIY tech in up-town Neo HongKong. 

We weren't sure if KS would allow this so we decided to link it off-site. So go check out the image here!

Naomi is an incredibly talented engineer, and a leading voice for bringing girls into DIY,  open source tech, and engineering. She's also a voice for freedom of expression and an open internet. Like Count Dankula, SUZAKU is very proud to extend a hand of friendship to Ms. Wu. 

Finally, I've got a BIG announcement concerning the whole "backer-builds" part of our kickstarter campaign. We'll be announcing the date of our first build very soon!  Our production toolkit is nearly complete, and once it is we can begin implementing a lot of the art, assets, and concepts I have crafted. So much art has been completed over the past few months, so this current bottleneck going away will be a huge gust of wind in our sails. The pieces of the jigsaw have been crafted, and soon we'll be able to put them together, so to speak.

That said, this is how our backer builds will look until launch;

- This first build will include the 2.0 demo content completely adjusted to the final game's logic and chains, and will also include a new segment of gameplay made to show a new gameplay mechanic we'd like your feedback on. We'll label this build Demo 3.0.

- Demo 3.0 will also be made available to the public after the backers (we're open to suggestions on the exclusivity period, and what you backers think is most fair to you, so please feel free to comment below!) We intend to use this new demo to reassure non-backers of the quality and build interest for new potential customers.

- Each build after this will be a short segment of gameplay meant to showcase a mechanic/puzzle/ or event we're testing out for polish and quality. This is where our forums will hopefully become more active and useful. 

All this said, The past few months have been insanely busy, so I hope no one felt like we were too quiet. From the launch of Demo 3.0 we will be very careful with what we show, but will be more vocal about what is happening behind the scenes. As always, thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm, we look forward to seeing what you think of the new content SOON! 

(Oh, and subscribe to pewdiepie) 

#30 - Holidays and a check in

Posted by Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev (Creator)

Hello everyone! While I just returned from a short vacation I know many of you, including my team mates are getting ready to go on there own holidays. We do have a big surprise for you guys early next month, so rest assured Christmas is not interfering with development! 

Next thing up is a little bit of showing off. Many of you following us on twitter may know that we have had some crossovers with a few cosplayers, game developers and internet personalities. Today I wanted to share a look at 2083's biggest free speech advocate and professional dog trainer, Dankula. 

Bit of a small update this time, and I apologize for that, so many pieces of art have been completed behind the scenes, but sharing too much would definitely not help us in the long run. That said, I hear Jan 15th-ish could be a bit more exciting.