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$23,949 pledged of $10,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

$23,949 pledged of $10,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 14 minutes ago


      I am looking into both German and French language options. German moreso, than french due to the large amount of german backers helping us bring the game to life. It may be something we have to "save up for" depending on how the Kickstarter ends, but I will do my best to make it happen by launch. I just cannot promise yet! As soon as I have a more clear answer about languages we haven't listed I will let you all know!

      Thank you so much for backing!

    2. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 16 minutes ago

      @Marco S.

      I understand(and very much appreciate) that many people are backing because of the fact that I will not shy away from filling the Sense universe with sexy girls. It is an important aspect to me to be who I am as an artist and get people on board with the game world I envision.

      That said, the story for Sense will always be non-erotic, so adding elements like that just would not fit into the story I am trying to tell. Sense is a very straight forward, but original horror story! I hope that if this disappoints you the many sexy alternate costumes and NPCs, and protagonists will make up for that!

    3. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 21 minutes ago


      Thanks for more feedback! I understood what you meant the first time haha. I think the issues is that it wouldn't make sense for the story, tone, or character. I have no issue making games with this kind of content or tone in the future, but Sense, as a series will not have it. Hiring a prostitute may add to the atmosphere of a game but it can also detract from another. context matters!

      As for your feedback on the ghost. I have not played the coma yet, but will be purchasing it tonight to try it out! That said the (incredible) game Detention features a similar aspect of gameplay. An aspect that I do not want to necessarily duplicate. I am working out the ghosts and "run and hide" idea still and trying to figure out what the best way to do things not just in our own, original way, but in a solid gameplay way as well.

      Thanks again for feedback and backing! I hope you will be as vocal in our forums after the KS campaign!

    4. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 27 minutes ago

      @ Matthew Beckham

      Thank you for the feedback. Definitely plenty there to mull over on our end! Regarding animations, that is my top priority after we get the funds from kickstarter!

      @Jussi Myllyluoma

      Thank you so much for backing us. PS4 physical is much less of an issue than vita, do even though I don't want to say that PS4 physicals are 100% confirmable at this point, we don't anticipate any issues getting those out.

      Because it is more of a thing about Sony allowing us than us just getting it done we cannot say for sure until we find out from them. We are in this process right now, but do not have anything to share yet. as soon as we know we will be VERY loud about it though. Again, we don't anticipate PS4 physicals being a problem or difficult to attain though.

    5. Joshua Michael French about 6 hours ago


      The stretch goal only mentions Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, which could be the ones Ben and Top Hat already know they’re staffed to translate, but yes, I’ve also said before that French and German would be valuable additions.

    6. WinPin about 9 hours ago

      How about a German localization?

    7. Missing avatar

      Marco S. about 10 hours ago

      If there happens to be adult content (which would probably make the game sell tens fold more) I don't mind it being on the PC patched in later, it just looks like one of those type of games where failure sort of leads to a 'scene' either gruesome or erotic it doesn't really matter to me horror movies have been based on sex/monsters for the longest time ever. I think of Leisure larry mixed with blade runner adventure game mixed in with some of the best horror games..intelligent monsters stalking you, atmosphere sounds, sex, just seems like it's that type of world so it kinda makes sense especially with how the characters are visually made, lol.

    8. Crimrui about 11 hours ago

      @ Ben
      Maybe you have misunderstood me. Paying up for the services does not need to lead to an erotic image or scene. In a game Dex, cyberpunk sidescroling adventure game, the main character can pay the prostitute to have some good time, which leads to fade to black and they appear at the place in a ''finished''state, stating that they had fun. That game is also on PS4, I own it. My point is, that it's just an option that you can do, it adds to an atmosphere of the world you're in. It's similar to having a drink in a bar. I was not asking if there will be a nude scene but just an adult theme. Hopefully I was able to express myself better. I was not asking for Witcher 3 happy time scene XD.

      Also, if you are going for the real time, enemy stalking scenario, it's best to look up some games like The Coma Recut. In that game, the enemy is constantly chasing you throughout the school, but is only stalking the hallways. If it sees you it chases you everywhere, but if it does not, and you are able to enter one of the classrooms, you're free to explore it without of fear that you will be attacked. That for me, is a perfect balance of being on edge when exploring but also having a ''time off'' at some areas where you can also freely explore and kinda vent. The worst case scenario would be where you are constantly being chased, with no area to be safe, which will hinder your puzzle salving and lead to frustrating situations. Hopefully, it's not like that.

      As an collector, I am also one of the people who would love a PS4 physical copy.

    9. Jussi Myllyluoma
      about 13 hours ago

      Lovely project — love the concept, love the artwork ... really looking forward to the end result. Obvious much designing and tweaking still remains to be done, but it seems to be headed in the right direction!

      Please note however — I am backing for a physical level solely on the assumption that a PS4 physical release will happen. A physical game on any other platform is of no use to me, and a download only release for PS4 little more so.
      Therefore, if a physical PS4 release cannot be confirmed by the time funding ends, I will need to downgrade considerably or back out altogether.

      I am well aware that Sony and the various distributors were overly fond of controlling what got released back in the PS/PS2 days. It seemed however that already by PS3, that had begun to relax somewhat, and now with PS4, I see very little left of it.
      Many games with _very_ adult themes and imagery, as well as indie games (several funded right here on Kickstarter), have been released in physical format on PS4. That never happened with the older Sony consoles.

      Therefore — is getting approval from those bodies really still such an issue?
      I don't know about the other consoles, but shouldn't PS4 be fairly open for a physical release?

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Beckham 1 day ago

      Hey there, my good people. As of now I have backed your game. To say I am excited for this would been an understatement.

      I happened upon this Kickstarter yesterday and spent a little time looking into it. After goging through everything I was impressed. Then I played your demo and further saw the great potential in this project.

      I feel we have been lacking in games that showcase strong 2D animation styles and classic point-and-click horror is few and far between. I very much enjoy the look of the game.

      To talk about my experiences with the demo, my impressions were mostly positive. The art, as I said, is great. And the music really sets the tone well. And I must say, the writing is on point. Especially the portion where you walk down the streets and in the bar where you can talk to nearly every NPC you come across. And nearly all have something interesting to say and have their own voice. This is not something easy to do.

      Though while I mostly enjoyed my time with the demo, I do have some criticisms. To get this out of the way, the game is jank. But this is to be expected, being an alpha. This game will certainly benefit from those smother animations you promise and some tweaks to the hud and controls. I will say, like others, I feel the bit with the first ghost encounter might be a bit too difficult for what is the first few bits of the game. That might need some tweaks. And this could just be me, but I feel the action prompts to dodge go by a little too quickly. The last thing to note, I'm not a fan that the ghost can still kill you even if you examine something. It is hard to read what could be important details for a puzzle when you can still get one hit killed. I feel there should be a pause in the action when you examine. But that is merely my suggestion.

      All and all, I think this could be something truly fantastic and I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavor!

    11. Joshua Michael French 2 days ago

      @Ben + @ET3D

      The demo ran on my GPD Win handheld PC just fine, and that’s integrated graphics (Intel Atom) on a tiny Windows 10 laptop with only 4GB RAM. I actually used it to get an idea of how the game might feel on a Vita and was impressed with overall performance.

    12. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 2 days ago

      Thank you for your comments everyone! Yes, there is a lot of good feedback from you guys, so thank you to Ihara, Vit, Crimrui, ET3D, Joshua and everyone for pointing these things out. In the final version of the game, we'll add a mechanic that indicates to the player when they'll be able to dodge a ghost (at the moment this is quite unclear and unfair), and will think about redesigning some of the layouts to make them fairer. Obviously, as a horror game however, there still needs to be a strong aspect of gruesome failure, heh. But we are glad to hear that on the whole, you guys love the content and demo. More specifically;

      @ET3D - the full game won't have a checkpoint system, but will rather rely on a progress saving system involving saving your progress on VCRs found throughout the world - think similar to Resident Evil's typewriter. Also, it seems odd your laptop is struggling, as we've had reports from other people running on integrated hardware running fine. Perhaps you could post a copy of your full specs for comparison?

      @Crimrui - A lot of good points there, as addressed in the first paragraph above. As for not being able to pay up for a "good time", well, it's the necessity of making sure the game is suitable for console release, ha...

      @Vit - Lot of good points here also. A lot of people have told us they've gotten confused on the last segment with the ghost chase, particularly with how they get cut off on one side of the screen, and when they can dodge the ghost. We'll look at redesigning these mechanics to make the game more logical and less frustrating.

      @Vanessa - Posters are available as add-ons ($10 each) and also as a pledge tier; however, it's not a bad idea to have the PS4/Vita art as a poster, maybe. We'll look into that!

      @Joshua - Thank you! Your constant support is really encouraging to us. It's really heartwarming to hear that you like the music and art so much. I can assure you that the art is receiving utmost care and attention, and Andi is pouring in a huge amount of work and soul to ensure the world of Sense comes alive through music and that players are delighted with what they hear. Nothing is being spared!

    13. Joshua Michael French 2 days ago

      Ihara, Crimrui, and Vit all have good points on the demo. Frankly, I’m just glad to see people actually playing the game and discussing them during the Kickstarter. That’s not something you can usually do, and I think Ben will take it to heart and make improvements based on feedback. Sure, some of it comes down to the style of game it is, like being chased on a time limit while solving a puzzle, but offering different modes of play (maybe paused ghosts on easy, timed on hard for instance) could allow a larger audience to enjoy what it offers. Everyone agrees that the game is slick in design and concept, and once it’s on a console with button controls, I think it could feel a lot better, especially for things like QTEs. Very impressive work so far, Ben. And Andi, the music is already incredible.

    14. Vít Lapka 2 days ago

      I essentially agree with Crimrui on the demo. The first part, before entering the old building and encountering the first ghost was improved immensely when compared to the old demo and it has a good flow. The chase with the ghost on the second floor is problematic, since it is time limited, locks the player from exploration and can easily end in non-winnable state (turning left instead of right). I recommend switching the ghost's behaviour from real-time chase to event-based. For example, as the player enters the second floor, they can explore, but cannot leave, because the lift is off. When they enter the office, the ghost arrives and there may be QTE for closing and blocking the door. Then there is an exploration of the office and the puzzle for activating the lift. When it is solved, the ghost will break the door (as it is done now) and chases the player to the lift. The only time-limited part (chase) is linear and through the area that is already explored, towards a well defined goal (the lift).

    15. Crimrui 2 days ago

      Ok, so while playing the demo a few times there are a few thoughts I would like to share. The dodge prompt only appears if you salved the elevator puzzle, and you have no way of knowing that unless you go through trial and error, a lot. When the ''ghost'' enemy is chasing you and you get up the stairs, if you went left you're already dead as you can't go back because ghost will appear. That's a rather unfair early portion of the game. Not to mention a cheap way to prolong the game's length. Also, salving a puzzle while being chased was never my personal favorite. That is in no way an issue in game, but my personal preference, of course. But I do have to address it as an issue when there is a wall of text to read when clicking on things as you're being chased. In those situations you will just tap the button to storm through sentences as you don't have time. Maybe make Mei's inputs shorter or pause the enemy on lower difficulty? Animations are probably a placeholders so I can't comment on that since they will most likely improve/change?
      I'm also not a fan of the small inventory. Maybe have a second inventory screen with bigger images and an option to get info on each item you select?
      So those were my small issues I want to share with you. Hope you don't get angry as those are in no way a game breaking things, just minor gripes that I have.
      Sorry if this seems more of a rant, but everything else looks stunning. Can’t praise the art and the lightning enough. I’m loving, simply loving the character designs. Everything blends so well and creates a unique atmosphere. Truly a cyberpunk setting at it’s best. Man, I need an animated PS4 theme of that street.
      Also, you stated that there will be no sexual content? You mean to tell me I can't pay up that gorgeous looking lady on a street for a good time? Not even a fade to black screen? Awww :3

    16. Missing avatar

      Vanessa-Jayne Nilsson 2 days ago

      Are you doing any extras like poster when the backer kit gets sent out? Because that PS artwork for the main character would make an awesome poster.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jason Bradt 2 days ago

      Thanks for the answer. I fully understand and am looking forward to playing the game whether it be digital or physical.

    18. Top Hat Studios, Inc. Collaborator 2 days ago

      Hi Jason, the reason Vita physicals need additional talk is because of the physical production in the West is ceasing soon, otherwise it's something we'd attempt ourselves. As far as Switch & PS4, these are a bit less variable and we may be able to guarantee them, but we need to wait until we hit the goal before we can start talks to do so, since these physicals are heavily regulated by the distributors (Nintendo & Sony). We're currently getting stuff worked out, but we do not want to promise anything to backers before details are ABSOLUTELY finalized as to avoid any possible confusion. We will keep all backers updated as we have been doing; ideally we would like to guarantee Switch physicals in the future as well.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason Bradt 2 days ago

      Just curious, are you only in talks with publishers for Vita physical or also for Switch physical when that stretch goal is reached?

    20. Ihara 2 days ago

      I wasn't too sure at first, but it took playing the demo to really pull me in!

      I've always wanted to try a Clock Tower style of game, and from what I played in the demo, it's enjoyable, but the encounter is surprisingly difficult for me. And sometimes there's a prompt to dodge, and sometimes there's not. After about 5 tries I was getting a touch frustrated that I wasn't make any new progress, and decided to stop. I don't know what I'm doing wrong; maybe I haven't figured it out, or is this just the intent and appeal of the genre? I might end up being a huge coward, hoping for an easy/checkpoint mode.

      But I'm still definitely having a good time~!

    21. ET3D 3 days ago

      I ran the game again, and thankfully the checkpoint meant I haven't lost a lot of progress. Phew. :) The checkpoint feature for the demo only? It won't be in the full game? Or did I misunderstand? If not, why not? Seems rather useful (for cases like this). Or will there be some better automatic saving?

      I forced the game to use integrated graphics, so the laptop doesn't overheat, and man, that's painful. The game is too slow for comfort. It's better after I reduced resolution, but doesn't look like I can change the quality in the demo. But it seems playable at 720p with integrated graphic, so I'll continue this way.

    22. Someone Else 3 days ago

      I'm so stoked at how far this came along. I hope this comes out exactly how you really want, and I can't wait to play this on PS4.

    23. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @ T Franks

      thanks Man!!!

    24. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 3 days ago


      I can't thank you enough for your kind words! Im trying to fight the good fight, and having this much support is mind blowing. I've got so much I want to show you guys that will make you all even more confident in the world and game, but I can't give everything away just yet!

    25. Missing avatar

      T Franks
      3 days ago

      Amazing! The stretch goals are just piling on! Congrats on the progress.

    26. Crimrui 3 days ago

      I was always sad that there weren't many cyberpunk horror games, and now you games came along. Tried the demo, and it's fantastic. The colors and atmosphere, it all looks gorgeous. The first thing that came to mind was that I have to have that art in a form of a physical copy of the game. Thank God there was an option. Also, kudos for making the world a sexy place, I cannot stress enough on how I had enough of SJW bullshit that infest our gaming world. Best of luck to you.

    27. Joshua Michael French 3 days ago


      The dev and publisher hope to have an answer about whether physical Vita is possible before the end of the campaign. If you want to stick with the $20 digital tier for now, no problem. You can update your pledge when/if they get a definitive answer.

    28. Top Hat Studios, Inc. Collaborator 3 days ago

      Thank you everyone! This has been an amazing campaign so far, your support has been fantastic! Let's hope we can hit as many milestones as we can.

    29. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 3 days ago

      Thank you to everyone who's pledged! This is an awesome milestone for us. Let's aim for that Switch stretch goal next!

    30. Martin Derbyshire 3 days ago

      Thank you for your kind response. Obviously got a little over excited at the thought of a physical Vita release. Got a dilemma now though. Could go for the $20 digital version but then I wouldn't have pledged enough should a physical version be possible later. What do you advise? I don't want a physical PC version.

    31. Joshua Michael French 3 days ago

      This only confirms that it’s being released digitally on Vita (so far). The devs and publisher are working with EastAsiaSoft to see if they can make physical Vita versions available, but for now, the physical tier is only guaranteed as a PC version. Worst case scenario, I would keep my PC physical collector’s edition and get Vita as my digital, though I’d prefer to have it the other way around.

      If you want to change your tier, there should be a “Select this reward instead” button on the main campaign page where all of them are listed.

    32. Martin Derbyshire 3 days ago

      Oh hang on, think I've done it. $5 + $25 + $8 shipping. Sound right? First time I've tweaked a pledge. Looking forward to this.

    33. Martin Derbyshire 3 days ago

      Really pleased this has made it for Vita. I've initially done the $5 backing. How do I amend this now to add physical Vita version and postage to UK? Thank you.

    34. Marcin Skotnicki
      3 days ago

      YEEESSSSSSS. This will be a perfect game for the Vita.

    35. Joshua Michael French 3 days ago

      @Ben + Top Hat

      THANK YOU!!!

    36. Joshua Michael French 3 days ago

      This is a huge achievement! Great work to everyone involved, and thank you fellow Vita fans for coming out in force!!

    37. Bradley Jay Troup
      3 days ago

      Congrats on reaching the ps4 and vita goal!

    38. Dominic Palma 3 days ago

      I figure I change my pledge to the collector's edition to put us over the PS4/Vita Goal. I hope it will be made possible to get a PS4 physical version of the Collector's Edition.

    39. Top Hat Studios, Inc. Collaborator 4 days ago

      Hi Bradley, we're considering it! We've been doing amazing so far, but want to see how the project finishes before we finalize any plans to use backerkit.

    40. Bradley Jay Troup
      4 days ago

      Out of curiosity, is Backerkit going to be the system used after the campaign? Considering getting the mouse pad.

    41. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 4 days ago


      Thank you very much! Depending on where it shut off you most likely hit a checkpoint(which is exclusive to the demo!!!) You also MAY have missed the real meat of the demo which is in the latter half. I hope you get a chance to try it again, and hope that you enjoy it enough to buy the game on release or up your pledge! Im all about making a GREAT game

    42. ET3D 5 days ago

      I played some of the demo (until my laptop heated and shut itself off, which happens in games sometimes, but I didn't expect that in a 2D game), and enjoyed it. Can't justify the $20 to myself, but made a token pledge. I hope to play again (I hope I haven't lost too much progress) and might up the pledge a little later.

    43. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 6 days ago


      Thanks! I appreciate you backing!

      Unfortunately I cannot guarantee an xbox version of the game and a physical version for it would be even more difficult to work out. If the demand is there to justify the costs, we will make sure to look into it and do what we can, but i want to make sure there is no misunderstanding or misleading on our part.

    44. Missing avatar

      Irockz 6 days ago

      I'll throw my hat in the ring for an Xbone version - if the vita version doesn't come to fruition physically, then I'd quite like to be able to get it phys on my secondary console & main home console. Even if the Vita version does work out fine, I would still get it on Xbox One at least digitally, for a home version.

    45. Joshua Michael French 6 days ago

      @Arwin John

      Great to have you with us!

    46. Arwin John 6 days ago

      Happy to see we are smashing those stretch goals. I personally backed the Physical PC game. But i truly hope for a PS4 or PS vita physical copy.

    47. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @ David Charles Maurice Fraga

      It will most likely be M-rated due to horror/gore, and some very adult and mature themes narratively, There won't be any nudity, sexual content or themes beyond what we have shown off like costumes/outfits and the actual art style. All that said, Im not to sure how it would be handled if taken to the ESRB.

      As for XBOX1, we have no firm plans on an XBOX release, and would not be able to do something like avatar gear regardless. I would love to make the game available on xbox if possible, but only if we see the demand there from gamers. If you guys want it on xbox make sure you tell us!

      Our 50k stretch goal is something entirely different and very exciting!

    48. David Charles Maurice Fraga
      6 days ago

      how graphic is the game ? -rating (M 17+, A adult) -blood guts and gore -nudity -sexual themes

    49. David Charles Maurice Fraga
      6 days ago

      any plans to make it available for Xbox 1 ? -strech goal $50,000. -avatar gear based on game (clothes, ghosts)

    50. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @David Hill

      For the physicals at the moment we can still only confirm PC physical release, but you will be able to have different physical and digital copies depending on what we are able to release. (i.e. a digital PS4 copy and a physical PC copy). Again we are working very hard to secure physicals for all platforms but cant make promises yet.

      As for game length I cannot confirm anything solid as of yet because I am still writing the latter portions of the game. But I can confirm that it will at least hit 8-10 hours of solid gameplay

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