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A 2.5D cyberpunk horror game inspired by Fatal Frame and Clock Tower, with a story that mixes technology and Cantonese traditions.
A 2.5D cyberpunk horror game inspired by Fatal Frame and Clock Tower, with a story that mixes technology and Cantonese traditions.
A 2.5D cyberpunk horror game inspired by Fatal Frame and Clock Tower, with a story that mixes technology and Cantonese traditions.
1,083 backers pledged $60,027 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 7 days ago

      @Eric Thorpe - When the survey gets sent out next year you will be able to lock in everything.

    2. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator 7 days ago

      @Jared Gomez - The pre-order store is. the backer kit survey will be sent out closer to launch, sometime in mid 2019

    3. Missing avatar

      eric thorpe on

      So I backed this long before backerkit, and at the time I was told to just pledge an extra $25+ship to get a physical copy of the game.

      How can I now make sure this happens and get that all sorted out??

    4. Missing avatar

      Jared Gomez on

      Is the backerkit for this up yet?

    5. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator on

      @Frank Nicolosi

      The discontinued production is only in North America. We've announced a partnership with EastAsiaSoft, a distributor based in Asia, to fix this problem and assure for a physical vita release.

    6. Frank Nicolosi on

      I may be a little late to the comments section but with Sony stating they will no longer support physical game releases on the PSVita does that mean this will no longer have the option to have a Vita version? It was basically the only reason why I pledged. Hope to hear back from you about this concern :-)

    7. Greg Minchew on

      You know, with cybernetic eyes, this game totally needs to do a cheeky nod to Goku Midnight Eye, be it a trophy/achievement pun or a guest cameo from the man himself

    8. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator on

      @Mathew Leas -

      Yes! we are setting up backerkit and will be making it live asap.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthew Leas on

      Hey I just wanted to confirm something. I put a $5 pledge to back the project since money was tight, but you guys are going to be having some kind of slacker backer option later on right? I was informed by someone that this would allow people to put more towards a physical copy or other rewards after the KS ended.

    10. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator on

      @Boun - we are working on that, as soon as we can confirm one way or the either we will make an update!

    11. Missing avatar

      Boun on

      What I would like as a option would be a Nintendo Switch Physical version. This would be greatly liked for Switch owners.

    12. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator on

      @German Pique -

      We will be launching backer kit in a few days so that late-comers can back!

    13. Crimrui on

      Congratulations on the project's success. Hopefully the upcoming work goes as smooth as possible and you give us another good news, a physical console copy. Cheers!

    14. Germán Piqué on

      A friend arrived late to the kickstarter. It'll be possible to still fund the game any other way?

    15. Joseph Sousa on

      Hw about this. Just an idea. I know it’s not ideal to spend funds on slipcovers, or different covers in general. What about holographic stickers placed on the games that are individually numbered? Even over the plastic wrap. Maybe the stickers could have the TopHat Logo or something in regards to the game itself, and say something like ‘KSV - #01 / 500’ or whatever the exact number ends up being.

      The KSV would represent ‘Kickstarter vita’ obviously, there would be a different code for each version of the game (PS4, PC, etc). That would really make the games feel special, and I can’t imagine the cost there would be that great. I’d only make that available to people that pledged DURING the initial campaign, not for slacker backers. It’s easy to sit back and wait to pledge funds close to release or after its been successfully funded, rather than do it initially to get development going and throw support behind a title, so it would be a nice thank you gesture. Thanks!

    16. Joseph Sousa on

      @Rogulynx and TopHat, a slipcover for backers instead of the cover would be perfect! I’d prefer the cover, but if there are going to be thousands of copies of it available to purchase outside of the Kickstarter, then it really isn’t special at all. A slipcover on the otherhand exclusive only for people that backed during the sampling would be sweet.

      Another idea if you mass print copies, would it be possible to have JUST the KS backers get numbered copies while the rest aren’t numbered, or is that still an issue in regards to print numbers? Just something do differentiate it. Heck, even an individually numbered holographic sticker on the cover would be nice.

    17. Top Hat Studios, Inc. Collaborator on

      @Aaron Thank you, your support is much appreciated.
      While we thank you for the suggestion, we feel (first) at this point making the decision to make kickstarter backed-physicals have exclusive covers would be unfair, as this isn't something we offered or advertised during the length of the campaign, and it'd be vastly unfair to collectors or backers who saw the KS advertised but without that being apart of the announcement. We again certainly appreciate the support we've received from the physical community as is (vita collectors especially) but we don't feel (secondly) that exclusive covers are something we will be able to logistically do because of copies. When it comes to the game's budget we would rather dedicate the budget needed to produce thousands of copies of physicals for sale into the game's development to produce the best game we can primarily. We'll consider the possibility of slip covers however, although it's not something we can explicitly confirm.

    18. Aaron Willis on

      @Top Hat Studios @Project Sense Dev Team
      First of all, congratulations!

      Secondly, regarding the Kickstarter exclusive cover situation... I already commented on it a few times, but I feel like I may have a solution, if the minimum order quantities are the major barrier here.

      Let's say 500 Kickstarter people pledge for a Vita copy, so then you produce 3,000 of the variant (or lower, however close you want to get to the minimum order quantity) and 20,000 of the regular version, let's say.

      Every Kickstarter backer automatically gets the variant, and then you offer the remaining stock to the first 2,500 buyers of the retail release the variant as well. This would make your backers happy while also enticing the collector market once your game hits retail.

      If this method seems difficult to pull off, you could also randomly insert the extra variant games into the overall stock and advertise it saying 'there is an XX% chance you could receive the variant cover instead' (again, enticing collectors).

      Or as a third option, you could just outright sell the remaining variant stock through Play-Asia as a separate listing alongside the normal copies. That way collectors can double dip and buy both versions without the random factor involved.

      Obviously this example is ignoring the need for replacements for simplicity, but you get the point. It bypasses the minimum quantity restriction while also being a benefit on your end to produce a variant cover.

    19. Missing avatar

      snon on

      No worries
      They will do a pledge manager, where you may be able to upgrade your perk or at least use your $ for add-ons.
      In case your $sum isn't enough -missed shipping for example- you have to pay the missing $ at Pledgemanager.

    20. Missing avatar

      chad askins on

      I contacted kickstarter support to see if they could help.
      If not on the backer kit thing would I be able to just add five more dollars or am I stuck having to add 35 more dollars for the physical
      I can't believe I screwed this up. I've backed before without messing up.

    21. Missing avatar

      Konadust on

      @Quasim you have to wait until they send out surveys at a later date where you will be able to chose what add-on you want the money to go to.

      @Chad I think they were planning on doing a backer-kit for this which should allow you to add more money for add-ons and whatnot.

    22. Missing avatar

      Qasim S Choudhry on

      Idk how to add an add-on. I pledged at $5 tier with $35, wanting a physical copy, but idk how to add it.

    23. Missing avatar

      chad askins on

      @snow so it can still be fixed?

    24. Missing avatar

      Matthew Beckham

      Congratulations! I have high hopes for you guys!

    25. ET3D on


    26. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Too late, wait for pledge manager

    27. Missing avatar

      chad askins on

      I did 30 dollars total at the minimum tier, now it seems I screwed up, and needed to add 5 more dollars how can I fix this?

    28. D-Boy

      Incredible campaign, everyone! Congratulations, Ben! You deserve all of this and more! I can't wait to see how this game evolves over the coming months/years!

    29. Missing avatar

      snon on

      - late backing become available
      - these late backers + Backerkit raises count to the 100K SG -although I don't really expect that huge increase)?

    30. Missing avatar

      Al Tan on

      Wow! I must say everyone is amazing!
      Before the campaign ends in less than 20 minutes, I would like to thank and express my most sincere gratitude towards everyone who have participated in this campaign and for spreading the word about this project.
      If you are wondering why we are staying silent for the past 13hr is because the others on the team had work their hardest in making updates, setting up backerkit, and spreading the word through out the campaign period. Currently as I see in the developer chat for the past few days, their sleep cycle is a lot different than their usual time.
      Rest assured, once they are up, all of your comments will be answered and a celebratory update will be posted marking the end of the campaign.
      I can't answer everyone comment, but for @WinPin question on German language, there will be a survey after the campaign asking about additional language option.
      Pledge the $5 tier and add $30 (total $35 for US shipping) or $33 (total $38 for international shipping)

    31. Missing avatar

      eric thorpe on

      How do I add the $25 physical option to a $5 pledge? I don't see anywhere to add extras like I have on other Kickstarters.

    32. Joshua Michael French on

      @Top Hat + Joseph

      We had suggested backer-exclusive slip covers that could be produced separately, perhaps even by Top Hat. That has been offered by quite a few other campaigns. Thoughts?

    33. Missing avatar


      Hi, thanks for the response and answered all my questions. One other thing I noticed the response that was given to backer that had concerns about the female(s) clothing in general in the game and I fully agree what you stated, however I do have mild concern here. Lets say by chance regardless the platform certain dialogue and imagery have to be removed or censored in some way I was wondering if a official optional patch would be available for those who want original version?

    34. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Another backer here looking at physical vita copies! Really happy to hear you're supporting the vita #vitaisland

    35. Missing avatar

      Ivar Severinsen

      Yeah somethings strange with the run animation

    36. Missing avatar

      NotDisposableIncome on

      Haha. @Cesar is correct, the character's run animation does look weird.

    37. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    38. Missing avatar

      Guram Dudashvili on

      Congrats, we have 1000+ backers

    39. WinPin on

      @Top Hat:
      Will there be German as language?

    40. Missing avatar


      Congrats on the funding, guys!

      How about developer commentary as a NG+ unlockable? Like certain activation points that pop up during the game and can be selected to hear a short snippet from a member of the dev team talk about the dev process for that particular scene/character etc. You could even tie it into the world lore as being a hack of the UI or a ghost or something.

    41. Missing avatar

      David on

      Just backed for a physical copy. I love the atmosphere you've created. The character designs are so beautiful, and look perfect with the futuristic setting. Really awesome looking game, can't wait to play it on Vita.

    42. Crunch on

      Wow, congratulations! Got maxed out under the wire, and I'm really looking forward to exploring this world and getting to know the characters in it!


    43. Top Hat Studios, Inc. Collaborator on

      Unfortunately there will not be kickstarter exclusive covers because of the high minimum rate of production needed for physical copies for Vita and other devices. While we could technically do them for PC since we handle production of those ourselves, we feel it would be unfair to have them only for PC since our vita/console faithful backers have given us so much support.

      To be clear, for the separate Collector's Edition, the separate cover is on the encasing box, not on the actual physical copy within the box itself.

    44. Missing avatar

      KDM on

      Just wanted to say congrats on the exceedingly successful Kickstarter! Nice to see small, passionate projects succeed (at least in funding) like this, especially for those of us who someday may want to do the same. Here's looking forward to a great game.

      Also, I noticed that you had a previous KS for this same game about a year ago, but it wasn't nearly as successful. I don't suppose you'd mind sending out a backer email going over what you did differently, and what other factors you think might've affected the outcome? I think it'd be interesting to hear about.

    45. Joseph Sousa on

      Question about Kickstarter exclusive covers. If that happens, will they be separate even from any slackerbakcer covers? I mean, the people that donated before the campaign ended are the ones that got it this far in the first place, and put their money where their mouths are.

    46. Benjamin W Widdowson - ProjectSenseDev 2-time creator on

      @MsDemeaner -

      First of all, thank you so much for choosing to pledge given your current thoughts regarding the aesthetic. I really appreciate it, which is why you should never fear retaliation for asking the questions you have as a customer. I wanted to take a moment to answer you specially because I think this is an important question to answer.

      There are many reasons for why I chose to draw things in the Shirotech/Sense world the way I did. Lore, narrative, speculation, world building, strong character design, aesthetic, and yes even "fun" as I define it personally. I hope you don't take offense at the way i outline this for you(and presumably others) I just want the answer to be clear and easily understood. no word-salad here!

      - The world of Sense is where I personally see ours going if the direction is unchanged socially/politically/culturally. There will be no political commentary on whether this future is good or bad, it will just be a snapshot. 

      - Fashion, while my own take on what looks cool, is something I put a lot of time into considering and based on real life trends. I also wanted to call to major cyberpunk properties and classic 80s/90s anime for clear style notes. Masamune Shirow’s work is absolutely my biggest influence as an artist. 

      - With that in mind I wanted to make sure that the outfits DID fit the world and tone. I think practicality is a poor word to use, but every character you see has a backstory and reason for dressing the way they do, even if that reason is that the character is meant to be very sexy.

      - There is a certain reason why Mei is dressed the way she is, but you will have to play the demo to find out the reason why, and the completed game to see more of her thoughts on it. The specific area of Neo-Hong Kong we find ourselves in during Sense is meant to be a seedy, red light district.

      - I have no intention of making anyone uncomfortable with the game, or making a statement on how women should/shouldn't dress in real life. I understand that the visual direction isn't for everyone, but I certainly hope everyone will give it a try and find something to love. The game's focus is 100% on horror and telling a ghost story, all be it with a very sexy, neon lit coat of paint.

      - "Needlessly sexualized" is a very subjective term, not just person to person, but game to game. I wanted to establish a game-world where characters constantly look cool, awesome, exciting, and unique. Tame realism is a boring direction to make a game in, in my opinion.

      - I think Salacious is a bit of a heavy word to use, but I hear what you’re saying. I think sexuality and sexualization is as much a part of creativity as anything else. Limiting any of that exploration is, in my opinion, a dangerous rule to set. 

      - Providing a “less sexualized” option in the game would jeopardize the vision and quality of the end product, and would be an admission of “guilt” that sexiness is wrong, or admission that the game was “too sexy” in the first place.


- I really like sexy game/anime girls. A lot. I consider my wife(and cofounder of SUZAKU) an honorary 2D waifu. 

      I hope all of that makes sense (no pun intended). I truly appreciate you backing and hope that you will continue to contribute awesome questions and comments like these. I hope that you will still be willing to stick with me, the team, and Sense to see where the game goes as it is being made over the next year.

    47. Aaron Willis on

      Given the details within the campaign and in further updates, it seems sexualization is one of the primary design goals that they're focusing on.

      I could personally do without it as that aspect of the game is not why I backed in the first place, and an option for 'normal' outfits and such like MsDemeaner mentioned would be an appreciated alternative, but I imagine that would add quite a bit of time to the development process to make that happen across the board since it seems a majority of the female characters are portrayed erotically.
      I dunno, maybe optional, less promiscuous alternative versions of the outfits for each of the main characters would be doable (leaving the non-essential background characters alone given the increased workload that would cause).

      It would certainly allow me personally to get more immersed in the world and characters with that as an option, but I have no idea if that's even feasible within the scope of the project or if the developers would even want to do it in the first place.

    48. Missing avatar

      Britta Stabenow on

      About special unlockables: is it possible to have a pet?
      About discussion platform: I prefer a traditional forum for a more structured discussion; discord is fine for instant chatty comments and interactivity.

    49. MsDemeaner on

      At the risk of retaliation.
      Do women need to be portrayed as sexualized as they are in every case?
      In this day and age, and with so many female gamers like myself out there its annoying to have this imagery thrown around as some sort of normal.
      It just strikes me as very juvenile at this point. All I want is the option to play the game where the women's attire is actually practical for the world, and not needlessly sexualised. I am sure the actual core of the gameplay is not reliant on the salacious outfits.
      Not asking to remove them, but for there to be an option to remove/reduce that clothing style if you so choose.

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