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Design characters, powers & environments w/ a real T-Rex in this claw-drawn, action-adventure platformer—Scary fun w/ twisted humor
Design characters, powers & environments w/ a real T-Rex in this claw-drawn, action-adventure platformer—Scary fun w/ twisted humor
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Major Rex Surveys Sent & Other Updates

Posted by Relentless Rex (Creator)

Hello again puny life forms!

Hope all is well.  Just wanted to take a moment and pass along some Relentless Rex: The Game updates.👍

Both major Backer Surveys have been sent.  "RELENTLESS REX SURVEY 2: Weapons, Side Quests, & Environments" was emailed out August 15th and "RELENTLESS REX SURVEY 3: Friends, Enemies, Mutations, & Playable Characters" was sent September 16th.  (If you've been having any issues receiving these emails, please let me know.)  So if you contributed $15 or more during the Kickstarter campaign (or through the Rex Web Shop), don't forget to submit your original game ideas, which will in turn be added to a poll where backers will vote for their favorites to add to the game!  Submissions Surveys will be closing soon so we can begin backer-idea voting, so make sure to complete them ASAP—Don't want you to miss out.

We just wrapped up a Rex Fan Art contest in which a human couple BOTH submitted awesome illustrations and won a STEAM gaming gift card. Make sure to keep an eye on my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages for future contests and other fun stuff coming up soon.👍

It has taken some time, but thanks to your support, I've been able to bring in a couple of artists to speed up development and help finish the game. To keep things visually fresh and exciting, these artists will be illustrating and animating in their own unique styles (one of which is an awesomely-detailed pixel art). Fleshing out the remaining levels is the main focus right now, so we're hard at work on that, and will continue to show off rad screenshots and gameplay videos as significant chunks of the game are completed.

I've heard from the "Create Your Own Rewards" Backers, and everyone is in for a real treat with the addition of their fun and crazy ideas! We'll be adding a Hot Sauce Eating Contest (Side Quest), CAT-a-Pult Rex Feeder (weapon), Blue Sparkle Griffin (NPC friend), and Futuristic "New Tokyo" Dino City (environment), just to name a few. Super excited to be working on these, and I can't wait to show them off.😁

For those receiving original Rex Artwork Rewards, I've setup a gallery from which you can select your piece.  If two sheets are shown in a gallery photo, they come as a set and you get both.  Each of these is lovingly claw-drawn and signed by yours truly on 8.5" x 11" paper, and in many instances, is the actual artwork used in the game.  Because these were illustrated with game development in mind, some sheets may only contain "pieces" of a drawing, not a complete character or scene. For example, the intro screen for Relentless Rex: The Game depicts a baby dinosaur in my jaws, but that scene was composited from several separate illustrations (upper jaw, lower jaw, inside mouth, and baby dinosaur pieces). For anyone who backed the "Final Inked Art Reward," I'm also giving the option to receive a "cleaner," newly-illustrated scene (composed of any art pieces from the gallery that are meant to go together). Availability of artwork is on a first come, first serve basis, so make your selection sooner than later.

I’ve also setup the custom Rex Promo posters, and those will be going out soon. So if you’re a backer receiving a Poster Reward (whether physical or digital) and haven’t sent over a high-res photo of your face for my jaws, do so now. (I’m hungry.)

Lastly, here’s your Digital "DO NOT EAT" Card. Sorry for the delay with these, but I've been on a human-consumption bender for the past month and lost track of time (hope you're one of the few that made it out unscathed). My suggestion is to keep this on your phone or person at all times.😈 A high-res version of the card can also be found here.

Phew!  Ok, that's it for now.  T-Shirt and Undies Reward updates coming soon so be on the lookout.  As always, thanks for your amazing support.  Catch ya later human (especially if you're not carrying your DNE Card).😈


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      Rachel H Sanders

      Can we get a PDF version of the Digital "DO NOT EAT" Card so we can download it?

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      Can I nominate myself as organ donor pls?