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Design characters, powers & environments w/ a real T-Rex in this claw-drawn, action-adventure platformer—Scary fun w/ twisted humor
Design characters, powers & environments w/ a real T-Rex in this claw-drawn, action-adventure platformer—Scary fun w/ twisted humor
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2 DAYS LEFT—110 backers, 65% Funded—GamerHeads Podcast

Posted by Relentless Rex (Creator)

Welcome... to Cretaceous Park,
(That's when the T-Rex lived, but it doesn't have the same "ring" to it, does it?)

My human lackey, Kevin Wynns, had a few technical difficulties during our most recent interview with GamerHeads podcast, but lucky for him I was there to cover his butt and fill in the awkward silences.  That's right, the Big Dino himself took charge and did the full interview alongside Kevin to talk about my game (and myself).  Doing this episode was a blast (interview segment starts at 25:36), and you should really listen to GamerHeads on a regular basis if you're into video game news and culture... Mmmmm... sweet, delicious GamerHeads...

And now, some out-of-context footage from my game to make you feel super uncomfortable and wonder what the heck is going on...

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I have some exciting news—We have 110 backers, and we're 65% funded.  THANK YOU !!!  Now the kicker—ONLY 2 DAYS REMAINING to fulfill the final 35% (and there are no extensions).  So, who else do you know that would enjoy ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING in the creation of a video game?—friend, husband, son, nephew… rich uncle? :-)  Please tell them to check out the RELENTLESS REX Kickstarter campaign ASAP!  Or, with graduation here and Father’s Day right around the corner, backing this game for someone else could make a pretty cool gift.  Remember, for $15, backers get the game, a say in what’s added to it, AND multiple chances for THEIR OWN ORIGINAL IDEAS to be put in the game!  It's a pretty unique opportunity for gamers (with or without development experience) to get involved and put their stamp on a platformer THAT THEY CAN THEN PLAY.  Especially at a $15 price point, you won't find anything else like it. 

Creating a video game has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little hatchiling, and having Kickstarter successfully funded is basically my big shot at showing the world there's room for a T-Rex in the video game industry.  If everyone can find one other person to participate, then this campaign gets funded, and it becomes the full-sized video game it's meant to be.  With the campaign ending in less than 2 days, it's now or never for this to come together...  Thank you so much for your support and continued efforts to tell other humans about it!

—Relentless Rex

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