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Design characters, powers & environments w/ a real T-Rex in this claw-drawn, action-adventure platformer—Scary fun w/ twisted humor
Design characters, powers & environments w/ a real T-Rex in this claw-drawn, action-adventure platformer—Scary fun w/ twisted humor
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Taking Poll Suggestions—Welcome Kevin Wynns—First Podcast Interview

Posted by Relentless Rex (Creator)

Hello humans !!

A week in and Relentless Rex: The Game is over a 3rd funded !!!  I know I put up a front like I'm a pretty tough dino that would just as soon EAT a person as THANK him, but I truly appreciate the support from all you squishy little meat-sacks.

I'm in the process of setting up the Backer Polls, and will be reaching out to each game supporter shortly to get suggestions for what you would like to add to the next few levels.  Go ahead and start thinking about what you want to see in terms of NPCs, playable characters, weapons, and power-ups.  (Current power-ups already include Super-Speed Shades, Robo Rock-Breaker, and Cloud Beard Leviosa.) Remember, your submissions don't have to be dinosaur or jungle specific—there are basically no constraints on your ideas... in fact, I would be pretty disappointed if they were all in the same vein of what's already been created.  Personally, I think something polar opposite of a dino jungle would be really interesting, so I'm probably going to throw some sci-fi / tech ideas into these polls as well.

Next, I would like to introduce you to the first human member of the Relentless Rex team.  His name is Kevin Wynns, and he's working for me COMPLETELY OF HIS OWN FREE WILL (RIGHT, KEVIN?!?!?). His background is art direction, multimedia, illustration, advertising, blah blah blah... very talented by human standards, but he's mostly skin and bones. (Feel free to look him up on Twitter if you didn't come for the big, red T-Rex.)  Because Kevin is helping out with every aspect of the game's development & marketing (AND he eats spicy food), he's safe from being devoured...for now.  We decided to have a "tough-guy-pose" competition in the pic below—Who do you think pulls it off better? :-)

Priority #1 at the moment is continuing to get the word out to ensure Relentless Rex: The Game meets its first funding goal.  And so there's a big push for interviews and articles right now. I'll make sure to update Kickstarter as each of these becomes available...And speaking of which—I sent Kevin out to do our first podcast interview for the game. He did a serviceable job, but EVERYTHING is BETTER with a little MORE REX, so I jumped in about halfway through to "help out."  It's a fun interview from one of my favorite gaming podcasts, weR1youR2— You should check it out!

I won't rest and will continue to work "relentlessly" (don't groan at the bad puns human—it's hazardous to your health) until we lock in our base-level funding and Relentless Rex: The Game has reached its full potential! So continue to spread the word, get your human friends to check out the Kickstarter page, and dispense vague T-Rex-consumption threats towards anyone that isn't currently backing my game :-)

Thanks again humies—More to come soon!

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