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€2,584 pledged of €30,000 goal
By Nathan Irondot
€2,584 pledged of €30,000 goal

DotCity, the first video game made using the R language?


Hello everyone,

for people working in my field (mathematics/statistics), it is hard to miss that a statistician is behind DotCity. Black dots in a mostly white environment? That's what they deal with every week when they seek out meaning in a dataset. In a way, DotCity is just a plot, but unlike plots such as the one you can see on a daily basis on, this plot is amazingly animated, possibly the most gorgeous plot you'll ever see!

While speaking about DotCity with a colleague recently, telling him the game is written in C#, a new language for me, wishing I could instead write it in my favorite language, R (, he showed me this:

This made me realize that having R code within my C# code is not at all a crazy idea and might just work. I've therefore decided to take the development of DotCity in a very special direction: I'm proud to announce that DotCity will not be developed in C# only, but will attempt to make use of the R language for the serious stuff, such as economic simulation of your metropolis , simulation of the growing population of dots and their life based on demographic concepts, or pathfinding issues.

DotCity will attempt to be the first video game developed in the R language!

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