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Chinese-American immigrant Tom Xia challenges the neighboring Joneses to celebrate Christmas without using anything made in China.

Thank you for checking out XMAS WITHOUT CHINA! We're excited for you to watch our video and see what we're doing.

XMAS WITHOUT CHINA is a feature documentary set around the Christmas holiday in Arcadia, California, a neighborhood that used to be predominantly white, but is now half Asian. Tom Xia, a Chinese-American immigrant challenges his neighbors, the Jones Family, to spend the entire month leading up to Christmas with no Chinese products in their home and without purchasing any Chinese products for the holidays. Fed up with food and toy recalls, the Joneses take up the challenge. But the tables turn when Tim Jones provokes Tom about who he is and why he's so proud of China. As the Joneses struggle to figure out how to have a simpler Christmas in a time when "we don't make anything anymore," they also begin to think about just how related they are to China. Fed up with the mudslinging between the two countries, Tom finds himself on an unlikely journey to break down stereotypes between China and America, and find his own place between these worlds.

We shot the first half of the film, and in the wonderful way of documentary, we discovered that Tom's challenge brings us a fascinating story of the unusual relationship between two families who are each trying to adapt to the enormous changes that are defining our world today. We need a few more shoots to follow Tom's journey, including a trip back to China, and to move into the final stages of post-production.

Be a part of our film and help us make a funny and provocative movie! We've already been partially funded by CAAM (The Center For Asian-America Media) which is an arm of PBS and has the promise of a potential broadcast. So, to see your name on the widescreen of your own home, make a contribution to our project and we will be many steps closer to getting there. Thank you! Xie Xie!


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