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With no coaching experience, two best mates from London help a remote Pacific Island shake the moniker of "world's worst soccer team".


The Soccermen follows two Brits who take the reigns of a team touted as "the worst soccer team in the world". It seemed like a good idea at the time, but coaching novices Paul and Matt find themselves on a remote Pacific Island with a population whose obesity rate is 90 percent, toad-infested facilities and one of the world's wettest climates. With no resources and the hopes of 16 Islanders resting on their shoulders, the coaches take their team to the mainland in search of the the island's first ever victory.

How The Soccermen started:    Paul was a journalist who hated his job, I didn't have a job to hate - but we both love soccer enough to let it get the better of us. In 2009, after a few too many cups of tea, we had the crazy idea to ditch the drudgery of life and pursue our dream of playing international soccer.  One problem: Who would take us? Neither of us were what you would call "talented."

A few more cups of tea and some Googling later we found the island of Pohnpei, a tiny speck in the Pacific Ocean. Pohnpei had never won a game and were called "the worst team in the world." Perfect! - we thought. Let's grab a camera, pop over to the other side of the world, wow the locals with some kick-ups, play a game, win and become local legends forever! 

Not exactly. 

After a 48 hour flight we touched down on an island unlike anything we had ever seen. It was beautiful, very weird and everyone was staring at us. We bee-lined to team practice anxious to meet our new team-mates. But lo and behold - there was no team at all! 

From this moment our mission became clear: Help Pohnpei create something pure and noble to call their own - a team capable of competing and winning their first game. Away from the over-commercialized trappings and glitz of the modern game, we had the chance to do something truly grass roots. Our mission became an obsession.

But, building a team in the middle of nowhere in the stifling heat and driving rain with no funding is no easy feat. Especially on a waterlogged field inhabited by hundreds of toads and dogs. Recruiting players and bridging the enormous cultural gap to instill a professional discipline needed to compete at international level wasn't any easier. Our star player was run over and almost killed by a drunk driver, our funding repeatedly fell through, I got 3rd degree sun burns, Paul got boils - yes boils, ...and we didn't have a working toilet. Nevertheless, inspired by our players, many of whom walked miles to and from training in the pummeling rain, we flew them off the island (in many cases for their first time) to face island rivals and Pacific soccer powerhouses, Guam in Pohnpei's first competitive game in decades. 


For more about story see us on the BBC, in the SUN, on TEAMTALK, in the Evening Standard, the Daily Mail and the LA Times

WHY HELP THE SOCCERMEN? This is a true underdog story in a fantastically quirky and beautiful part of the world. 

If you have read this far, then you are the kind of person we want to make happy by completing this film. You probably love movies, you may love soccer but you are definitely someone who wants to see a positive story about dedicated people making a difference doing something they believe in. 

Whether you have heard of Pohnpei or not, this film will show you that everyone is entitled to live their dream. Their rain-soaked, sunburned dream. We want to give as many people as possible a fun and inspiring reason to DO THAT THING that you’ve always wanted to do, no matter how impossible it may seem.

What we need:    $35,000 to complete the movie by December 2012. Completion entails:

Post production: Completion of editing, sound editing and footage conversion.

Licensing: TV, press and music rights.

Rewards: Shipping of your rewards all over the world. 

Festivals: Applications and festival submissions overhead.


*       If you like our project, follow soccer and support independent film,  please pledge today via Kickstarter. ALL contributions, big and small will make a difference. And all pledges will be rewarded! Check out the donation tiers to your right to find the level and gift that’s right for you!

*       Spread the Soccermen gospel by telling friends and family about the film and this Kickstarter campaign. We're in this together!  Please send the URL of this page with a sincere endorsement to everyone you know. "Like" us on Facebook , Tweet, Blog and email. Here is  OUR WEBSITE where we will constantly be adding content for to you disseminate!

*     If you have any other creative ideas please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you -


Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing funding model for creative projects. We’ve come a long way but we are putting everything on the line here. If we don’t raise our goal of $35,000, we lose everything, and no money changes hands. If we do reach our goal, the film will come out in December 2012, and it will be because of people like you!

Our campaign will last for ONLY 60 days. Yikes - not a lot of time. If you can, please pledge now – it will help build crucial momentum. 

 During our campaign and beyond we will keep you updated and entertained on the progress of the film. We want our supporters to know how much we appreciate their involvement and advocacy. Soccer is a team game, a global game and that’s the spirit we want this campaign and this film to embody. 

With real love and appreciation,

The Soccermen (Matt and Paul)



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