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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 12 2017
pledged of $25,000pledged of $25,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Aug 12 2017


By donating $100 or more to this cause, you will receive a FREE copy of my published book "Don't Eat Cancer!" 

Plus, you are helping smokers quit the habit - thus saving them from cancer, diabetes, heart disease or a stroke. By donating to this cause, you are helping the best cessation teacher in the world save people from the future nightmare of chemotherapy. Share the happiness!



45 Million US Smokers need to know this ...

This is what I was put on this planet to do -- save people from cancer. Please support this generous mission and know that your donation is being put to work, not being given to some president of some for-profit organization that doesn't really do what they say. This is real. The struggle is real. Let's help people find their ideal health again and live the loving life they deserve. Do it for your fellow humans on this planet! Thank you. 

Cigarette Killer Teaches the Best Natural Cessation Method in the World!

Teaching Smokers How to Quit Cigarettes Naturally in 60 Minutes! Based on my published book, "14AndOut - Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days"

My Published BOOKS on

"14AndOut - Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days" is available in paperback or kindle (e-book) at all bookstores and on Amazon here:

My other published book: Don't Eat Cancer!

Also check out my other published book, the best cancer prevention book on Amazon! Don't Eat Cancer

BEST Cessation Method in the World!

*** AS SEEN ON TV ***   


The Ultimate "Goodbye" to Cigarettes forever ... "When you stop smoking for good, the process is physical and emotional. There is much more to quitting than just breaking the nicotine addiction, including behavioral patterns and nutritional deficiencies that must be addressed. You need modern solutions to "modernized" problems." - SD Wells, Investigative Reporter for Natural News  





Learn how to QUIT SMOKING in 60 Minutes!

There are 50 million smokers in the United States, many of whom are religious people who believe in God and love their life and family. Most chronic smokers who smoke a pack a day or more will likely die of cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer's disease before "their time," that is, if they never quit. By ending the cigarette habit, any human being can become more spiritual as they escape the "black cloud" of toxins that invade and occupy their heart, lungs and brain. People who quit smoking will also save a small fortune, including the cost of cigarettes, cleaning bills, high insurance premiums and medical bills. 


Cigarette Killer Appearances

The "Cigarette Killer"* has appeared on the Hampton Roads Talk Show and has been featured as the top cessation expert for 6 years on, the World's most popular natural health website, with over 7 million fans. This natural method for quitting cigarettes yields a higher success ratio than any other cessation method ever sold. The "Cigarette Killer" is an ex-smoker who is now a professional health writer who has authored more than 600 professional articles on the chemicals in foods, drinks, personal care products and cigarettes – that cause disease, disorder, depression and anxiety. 

Cigarette Killer is Backed by Naturopathic Doctors and Nutritionists

With the help of a seasoned nutritionist* and Renova Reset Wellness Center in Norfolk, Virginia, we are beginning our 2017/2018 Tour of the Mid-Atlantic region, beginning with Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth and Norfolk.

Here's the link to the first class, since starting this project, in Norfolk, VA July 29th. This class is based on my book, "14AndOut - Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days" that's sold thousands of copies at Bookstores and on


Here are some REAL testimonials from my program: 

Testimonials about "14AndOut - Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days"  

The following are all from emails sent directly to me, the inventor:  

I finally quit smoking in January, and I feel terrific. It only took a couple of weeks to notice a huge difference. Thank you for your work in this area. Again, thanks Sean. I won’t go back to smoking. It’s tempting ONLY from a weight perspective. I feel SO much better. I have quit before, and I’ve never felt this good. I don’t have anxiety this time, just weight gain, but I’m much older now. Thanks again. At least you got me to stop. - MJ P Sean, 

Thank you for generating and offering these reports that can be used to better our lives. I did use 14 and out a little over 1 year ago to quit smoking. The program worked and I am proud to say that I am no longer a smoker!! Thanks to you! I have tried and tried and tried to get friends/family even people that I don't know to check out your program. I am convinced they can benefit from the program and eventually become a non-smoker, like me. Here is my testimonial: 14 and out was just another "quit smoking fast with real results" program I ran across online one day. I am not even sure where I saw the program, Natural News I think. I decided, for whatever reason to give it a try, mainly because it was reasonably priced. I can not THANK this program ENOUGH! I honestly thought, in the back of my mind, I would never be able to quit smoking. I'd always say to myself, well yeah "I'll quit next year" or "I'll quit when I get married and have children" it was easy for me to say, but I knew in the back of my mind (feared is a better word) that I i'd always be a smoker. In my AMAZEMENT, after watching 14 and out and spending time to read through the print-outs, I quit smoking THAT DAY. I took a handful of the printouts and taped them on to my bathroom mirror, the one with the picture of the black lung was placed right in the middle. I also made a list of reasons why I wanted to be a non-smoker and signed my name, kind of like a contract to myself, stating AS OF JUNE 7th 2013, I will be a non-smoker. I am not sure if the program told me to do this, or if this was something I thought of doing. Either way, I made that list the night after watching the 14 and out video and also taped this to my bathroom mirror. I am certain that seeing this list, the picture of the black lung, and a few other print-outs from the program made a HUGE impact on my ability to stick with it and become a non-smoker. I can now proudly say, that as of June 7th 2013, I am indeed a non-smoker. One of the GREATEST feelings was when a year went by, on June 7th 2014. That day was an incredible milestone. My family and friends are so proud of me, and I am proud of myself. -Erin K  

Dear Sean: Allow this email to provide a short testimonial about my experience with 14andOut. As a professional advisor and coach, I pride myself on being able to keep myself healthy and stable - My smoking habit, which I had for 30 years, was a beacon that my "health" and "stability" were empty publicity and that I was not living the life I advised my clients to live. My breathing was labored (over a pack a day) and doing yoga was more than difficult. Since I teach yoga and meditation, every time I lit that smoke, I laughed at my hypocrisy. Of course, each one of us has battles to win - and I knew I had to quit. My son, Kyle, recommended 14andOut. After going through the program and actually doing each step - I had a concrete reality for the poisons I was putting into my precious body. I started by rolling natural tobacco - and that soon began to feel as unpleasant as the commercial cigs. I have to say, just coming off the commercial cigs was very hard - but the remaining parts of my healthy lifestyle (eating, working out, yoga) assisted in the detox. Once the rolled cigs started to feel "dirty" - quitting was easy. I have not smoked since that month - over a year ago. Thank you for taking my pretense and publicity and helping me turn it into a reality! Much love, Christy  

"The best description of your program is: The BEST one out there that actually works." - Azin June 16, 2014 "Awesome program, I used tobacco for 10 years and was able to quit with your help. I greatly appreciate your service and recommend it to everyone. I hope for more people to use your program and turn this world around! Sincerely, Todd" 

"I bought it for educational purposes for a school district. The only message anyone ever hears is the patch and chantix. So, I felt it was my duty to inform of other methods without side effects. One thing to say ... glad you put together the materials, well done." - Julie 

"Hi, I'm doing great ! Thank you. Yes I have quit smoking and feel pretty darn good about it !! I did watch the whole video, but did not do the hands on activities. I had already started a nutritional program including juicing and trying to go 100% organic. The best thing about 14AndOut was the knowledge it provided me with. That in turn completely changed my mind on how I felt about smoking and gave me the power to quit. Thanks a million!" Cathy We have purchased and watched your 14andout video, and purchased the mucuna supplement. Love your video, SO informative! Just want to be done with the whole cigarette thing. (Your video grossed me out - I can't believe we put that nasty stuff in our bodies) - Thank you for your time in advance." - Scott & Jennifer

"Thanks for making such a great course. It was presented in such a way that is really easy for me to digest and the information definitely resonated with me. It is the missing link in my knowledge about smoking and how to quit and explains why I have failed in the past." - Brendan

"This instructional video is fantastic. I tried e-cigs and the patch and kept going back to smoking. Give this a shot! I smoked a pack a day for 15 years and quit after watching this." - anonymous "Sean, I AM doing very well. I am also no longer a smoker!! I took an evening to myself to watch the video and go over the packet. I had one cigarette after the video because my boyfriend upset me. It was the worst and last cigarette I will ever smoke! I taped a few of the handouts to my bathroom mirror to keep me motivated to quit. The picture of the lungs really puts things into perspective.. The first 3-4 days, I was one irritable young lady! But I got through it and will NEVER go back. I have been a non-smoker for 6 weeks now and I feel great. I now go to the gym regularly and eat healthier. You're video changed my life! I am trying to help other people quit and change their lives as well. Three positive things about 14AndOut: 1) This program was made from the heart to help others change their lives for the better. 2) If you believe in yourself you can become an non-smoker with this program! 3) 14AndOut changed my life completely and I've never been so happy and stress free. I can not thank you enough Sean, you have changed my life forever. I appreciate what you do everyday for others, it melts my heart. Sincerely, Erica" 

Hey Sean! My name is Lori. I've tried every smoking cessation program probably known to man and still haven't quit unfortunately. Mike Adams recommended it so I tried it. I will say that it's the most informative program I've seen yet, and since about April I've been off the pesticide ridden tobacco. To me it's a great accomplishment, and since the natural stuff is an eyeopener to what the yucky stuff really is, I think it won't be long now. Yours is the best program hands down. I've been informing others on the truth you provide as well ... Thank you so much, Lori 


Risks and challenges

Our challenge is to raise enough money for us to tour the East Coast major cities and save people from cigarettes and cancer. With your help we can pay for transportation and lodging. Thank you in advance!

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