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A bold new way of storytelling. Join the epic adventure and travel to the afterlife.
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Posted by Mark Staufer (Creator)

Hi Numinous Friends:

Thanks to all our new contributors! We're moving closer to our target with inexorable persistence. Two weeks to go now, and I'm more confident than ever we're going to make it.

If you haven't visited our page for a while, I'd urge you to do so, we've given it a face-lift (or two) along the way:

I'll forward some great press we've received over the last 24 hours soon, and tell you more about when we'll post THE NUMINOUS PLACE theme song from the very talented BIRDS OF PASSAGE, but first...


James is family. Which means I could tell you a whole bunch of embarrassing stuff about what he was like as a kid that his sister (my wife) has confided in me. But that would be traitorous, and I'd need a very big pledge to spill the beans. What I will tell you for free is that James' art is breathtaking and his design skills are superhuman. He has also gone beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions to help me with design elements which have always resulted in the occasions ending up numinous.

1. Tell us a little about yourself, and what your role is on The Numinous Place.
Greetings, James Backhouse is my straw-man identity. I am a
self-taught fine artist and musician. I studied 'Desktop Publishing'
during the mid-to-late 90's, and more recently have completed courses
in I.T and Arts/Multimedia. A jack of all trades, I have experience in
sales, sales support, research and development, and business
administration. I am the creator of a series of illustrations and
portraits for The Numinous Place.

2. Tell us about the drawing. 
Completing a set of Charcoal portraits my Mother has.

3. What attracted you to The Numinous Place?
The Boldness of the concept. Around 2 years ago, Mark invited me to
collaborate on a previous incarnation of the TNP - a far cry from the
intricate and dazzling gem it is now. The potential for this immersive
environment being virtually limitless is very attractive. So, Big
Balls, you could say.

4. TNP is about a spiritual quest, tell us about yours
We are all spiritual whether we believe so or otherwise. Experiencing
this paradigm of apparent limitation and filling it with as much
creativity is my current 'quest'. Facing our own potential for evil -
individually and collectively is a great way onward and upward,
forging beyond duality and its traps.

5. What's the most amazing thing that ever happened to you? 
I dropped a white hot glass pipe onto my bare ankle (sitting
cross-legged at the time) after drawing a lungful of vapourised
botanicals. A friend who was guiding me through the process was
giving me the most amusing and
perplexed look I have yet to come across, a mixture of concern and
disbelief. The sharp 'hot' sensation interrupted the next lungful and
the trip, so it was a complete disaster. I broke through into the
Hyperspatial 'place' during a later session, a month or two later.
That was the most incredible experience I have had to date.

6. TNP is about lucid, or numinous dreaming, tell us about your dream life.
I am in the process of bringing my everyday awareness into my
dreamworld and vice-versa. A lot of what happens is hidden from my
waking awareness, so nearly all of it is inaccessible to this 'me'.

7. You're one of the few people who've read the manuscript, please
tell us about a favorite part

I really enjoyed the writing as a whole unit, in particular the part
where Henry and April-Mae team-up. The surreal scenarios, the tension
between the characters, the punchy and energetic dialogue. It's a

8. Is there a character in TNP you particularly relate to?
Henry. There is an amazing depth to this man, a realness to his
checkered character, that is light-years beyond any of the homogenised
'handsome professor' type heros that writers in recent thriller books
seem to propagate.

9. What are some of your favorite books, music and people who inspire you?
I have always had an interest in ideas that speak of truths beyond the
realms of matter, time and space, of the metaphysical. A lot of
contemporary artists and writers are exploring this now, love to you,
yet I have a deeper respect for the trailblazers: Socrates, Plato,
Castaneda, David Hawkins, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Bob Marley, David
Icke. Also Henrik Palmgren and his creation 'Red Ice Radio' is
paradigm shattering, informative and too damn interesting not to
listen to.

10. What's your greatest achievement so far in life?
Being witness and participant in the natural birth of both of my
amazing children. Though at times i felt like attaching myself to a
nearby nitrous oxide cylinder!

11. And finally, what's the quote that really inspires you and your life?
"Happiness, is ninety percent perception, ten percent 'reality'." -Henry Rollins

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Posted by Mark Staufer (Creator)


Come visit me on Reddit, and ask ANYTHING:

Thanks, and here's the Kickstarter link to send out:

See you in one those places!



Posted by Mark Staufer (Creator)

Hi Numinous Friends:

Firstly, thank you to our new contributors... You're now part of a team—there are 82 of us, and our numbers are increasing every day. We're all in this together, and we're determined to get THE NUMINOUS PLACE published!

Thank you for your dedication and loyalty!

Speaking of which, we received this really cool write-up in a great blog called Daily Grail which I'm most chuffed about.

Please keep spreading the word. We have a little over two weeks to raise the rest of the money. And remember Kickstarter is all, or nothing. In other words, if we don't raise the $75K or more... we get nothing at all.

But that's not going to happen. We are going to succeed.

In the next 24 hours, I've got another gift exclusively for backers.

I'm going to post the theme song for THE NUMINOUS PLACE by New Zealand artist BIRDS OF PASSAGE. 

Yes! Just like the Bond movies, we have our own theme song.

How cool is that! And I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is... Describing music is next to impossible, so I won't try.

I can, however, as a teaser to the main event, direct you to the BIRDS OF PASSAGE Bandcamp page and urge you to listen to "Highwaymen in Midnight Masks."

It'll give you an idea of what's in store with THE NUMINOUS PLACE theme song.

Thanks again for your support, and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions,



Posted by Mark Staufer (Creator)

Hi Numinous Peeps:

If you're one of our new contributors... Thanks so much and welcome!

If you've been here with us from the get-go, thanks for continuing to spread the word.

Part of backing a project such as this is having the confidence in the team who has been formed to create it and bring it to market.

I reckon I've gathered the best and brightest to bring THE NUMINOUS PLACE to life.


After I completed the first draft of THE NUMINOUS PLACE, I got quite depressed. I looked around at the existing crop of ebooks and found that nothing even remotely high-tech had been published for adults. In effect ebooks were just words on a screen, and any enhancement was like what you get from DVDsmaybe an interview with the author if you were lucky. And then I discovered apps, and in particular award-winning British digital agency Brandwidth. These guys were doing amazing things with books like The Guinness Book of Records, and I knew THE NUMINOUS PLACE had found a home.

Brandwidth Executive Creative Director DEAN JOHNSON (@activrightbrain) "got" the project immediately. In terms of apps, just like the dreamworld, the only limit is your imagination!

1. Tell us a little about yourself, and what your role is on The Numinous Place. 

Mark approached Brandwidth last year when he discovered our successful iPad app for Guinness World Records. We launched this title in 2010, on the same day the iPad hit the streets in the US and we haven't looked back since, launching 'Journey to The Exoplanets', 'Top 100 Albums', 'Headspin: Storybook' and the 'Doctor Who Encyclopedia' to name just a few stunning titles. It's one thing to jump on the bandwagon, but more fun when you're driving it.

We have provided advice, design skills and a working prototype for Mark along the way – backed up with 12 years of success in the digital world and an enviable folio of global clients. We're looking forward to unleashing this incredible project on an unsuspecting audience. It's time to create the ultimate literary hybrid.

2. What are you doing in that photo? (please scroll down)

I may or may not be holding a very significant device that may or may not be instrumental to the success of this project. That's not my office, that's where we take people that don't have faith in The Numinous Place… and show them the error of their ways.

3. What attracted you to The Numinous Place?

The chance to move the game on significantly and work with someone willing to push the boundaries. At Brandwidth, we've been working with the publishing, music and film industries to take their incredible content and plan, design, develop and breathe life into new digital platforms. TNP takes a familiar format (the book) and genuinely enhances the experience, without breaking the narrative or disrupting the flow.

4. TNP is about a spiritual quest, tell us about yours

I wouldn't describe myself as spiritual. No one's in control but me (unless I'm at home, then it's my wife or kids). I might be on a journey, but I'm set on steering this thing. I've always been an extremely positive thinker and this is reflected in Brandwidth's attitude to everything we approach. We don't like to take "no" for an answer so if the tools don't exist to deliver the experience the audience deserves, we'll either design and build them or plan then shape 'the next big thing'.

5. What's the most amazing thing that ever happened to you?

It should be the birth of my daughters or the day I got married but I'm afraid it's the twelve hours preceding the launch of the iPad. We had spent a frantic six months from initial concept, through development, reveal in Steve's keynote and finally the week running up to the arrival of the iPad itself. We received the final sign-off from the client on the Tuesday, approval by Apple pending final code rebuild on Wednesday, Final Apple approval on the Thursday, live on the App Store on Friday, then a 12 hour wait outside the 5th Avenue NYC Apple Store. We were one of the first in and surrounded by hundreds of cheering Apple employees, we downloaded our app to an iPad for the first time – it worked!

6. TNP is about lucid, or numinous dreaming, tell us about your dream life.

I already live my dream life, I just need access to the pause, rewind and fast forward buttons.

7. You're one of the few people who've read the manuscript, please tell us about a favorite part 

I've always loved the interactive psychological profile (p23) as this embodies the philosophy of the project – add depth only when this deepens the reader's understanding. We get inside Henry's head at an early stage but this literal and visual interaction allows Henry to get inside ours.

8. Is there a character in TNP you particularly relate to? 

Running the risk of being branded some kind of deviant, there's something enticing about John (Jack) Whiteside Parsons – dubious practices and associations aside, who wouldn't want to be branded 'the James Dean of Rocket Science'?!? Surely a slightly right-of-centre Professor Brian Cox, with smaller teeth.

9. What are some of your favorite books, music and people who inspire you?

Escapism – this is something I seek when reading a book and I'll read anything that allows me to jump right into the words on a page and shut out my brain's real world activity. I play music loud – in the car, in the studio, in the comfort of my own home. My music doesn't define me, but it does shape my creative mood, from Gaga to Clapton, Eminem to Dr John, Garth Brooks to Maroon 5 and far far beyond. I love the medium rather than one particular artist or genre and am always suspicious of those claiming to be always be 'the world's biggest fan of …' - it takes a lot of energy to remain that focussed so you can't love everyone that intensely.

Creative achievers inspire me. Steve Jobs epitomised this philosophy and I'm hard pressed to find such an inspiring all-rounder to take his place. Stephen Fry seems an obvious choice for another immensely talented multi-disciplined creative, but I've never shied away from the obvious if it's the right thing to do (although others will tell you I spend much of my time trying to be as stubbornly 'different' as possible – that's why we surround ourselves with a few rational thinkers).

10. What's your greatest achievement so far in life?

Successfully co-presenting with my alta ego (Apptain America [@ApptainAmerica] ) at the Tools of Change conference in Frankfurt last year. I like a challenge, so where next?

11. And finally, what's the quote that really inspires you and your life?

"Speed up for traffic lights. Bank on green, not red." -Dean Johnson

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Posted by Mark Staufer (Creator)

Hello Numinous Friends!

Some good news... 

We've been getting loads of press in NZ and Australia (otherwise known as the Antipodes) Please note my American friends... NZ and Australia are separate countries and are not attached by a bridge. 

You may have noticed you're in good company with your investment in THE NUMINOUS PLACE, from this story on a Kiwi news site. For those of you who may have missed this piece in New Zealand's largest newspaper. And, here's another piece on another news site.

We're really going to start hammering the American media over the next few days, so hopefully we'll have some results to show you.

Stay tuned, and remember to share our site and news with any of your friends who share the same taste for adventurous books and lucid dreaming.

Your friend,