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A bold new way of storytelling. Join the epic adventure and travel to the afterlife.
A bold new way of storytelling. Join the epic adventure and travel to the afterlife.
167 backers pledged $75,457 to help bring this project to life.


Hi My Numinous Friends:

At 10am Los Angeles time today (in about four hours), we'll be into the final week of THE NUMINOUS PLACE Kickstarter campaign.

I'm a little sleep-deprived, a tad wrung-out, and feeling the pressure.

But, I'm also determined, committed and have been boosted endlessly by your contributions, and your messages of support.

This last week is going to take a superhuman effort considering we still need to raise about half the money to reach our goal of $75K. 

Let's not mince words. The naysayers think we aren't going to make it. Remember, if we don't reach $75K, we don't get ANY of the money to bring THE NUMINOUS PLACE to life.

My inspiration through all this has come from an unexpected source—my six year-old son Milo. 

Milo was born here in the U.S., but I constantly remind him that he is half Kiwi. I was really proud to take him home a year ago, and I showed off my country to him like I was an unofficial ambassador for the Ministry of Tourism.

Over the years, I've always proudly told Milo about that great New Zealander Ed Hillarythe first man to climb Mt. Everest. Whenever Milo has been tempted to surrender, I've reminded him of what a modest beekeeper achieved, and Hillary's awesome quote:

"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."

And now, it's my turn to lead by example, and show Milo that his Old Man lives by these words as well.

In exactly one week from now, on August 9, 2012, I truly believe I'll be using another famous Hillary quote. Those words he uttered when he came down from the highest mountain on Earth.

"We knocked the bastard off!"

Yeah, I know. I'm being dramatic, and a Kickstarter campaign can hardly be compared to climbing Mt. Everest...

But, I have a feeling Sir Ed would be pleased to know he's a source of inspiration to a fellow Kiwi and his half-New Zealand son who are both a long way from home.

Here's how you can help "knock the bastard off" in the final, frantic 604,800 seconds:

Tweet it: 

Fund The Numinous Place, get an on-screen credit! Amazing creative work I’m supporting, please join us: #tech

Email the Kickstarter link:

Email some of our amazing press to friends who you think may have been holding back:

Leave messages of support on the blogs who run stories on us. Say why you're excited about the project:

And lastly, spread the word that Part 2 of the Henry Meat article will be available exclusively to backers later today.

Thank you so much everyone...

I'm off to continue climbing Mt. Kickstarter!



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    1. Eric Ponvelle on August 2, 2012


      I think the best way to create a surge this week is to visit related sites and explain your project's scope to them. Dreamviews, Lucidipedia, ld4all, and a few other Lucid Dreaming sites would be the perfect way to expose this to the community from a different perspective. I think a lot of the excitement that I have from the project I got from speaking with you.