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A bold new way of storytelling. Join the epic adventure and travel to the afterlife.
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Posted by Mark Staufer (Creator)

Hi Numinous Ones:

We've made huge strides... We're nearly at 30K... Can you believe it?

Hang-on. I need to do a reality check.

Yes! We're a few hundred bucks away from 30K. 

I'm frazzled, sleep-deprived, emotional, and I've even forgotten if Albert Einstein had any kids (how many was it Alexander?)

Please help us get to 30K by asking anyone who you know shares the same taste in books and entertainment, and steering them to our Kickstarter page?

Just one like-minded individual each, and we'll make this first really important milestone. 

That way we'll get to 30K quickly.

I'll shut-up for a while, get some sleep and at last publish THE SULTAN OF NO-WHERE just for our eyes only.

Please help! It could be someone on Facebook, or LinkedIn... The like-minded individual might be sitting next to you in the car or on the Tube... You might even be married or related to them.

Send them here! Let's do this thing.




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