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A bold new way of storytelling. Join the epic adventure and travel to the afterlife.
A bold new way of storytelling. Join the epic adventure and travel to the afterlife.
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Hello Numinous Peeps!

I've mentioned before what a humbling experience this is. It's humbling and bloody scary. Some of the people who have pledged are friends, and some are friends from long ago.

Here's an example: Two sisters who I went to Mount Roskill Grammar School in Auckland with pledged, and then upped their amounts. Considering school is 30 years and 6,500 miles away, I was really blown away by this.

And to those of you who I've never met, but who've decided to support THE NUMINOUS PLACE, I now count you as friends too.

It's been a sleepless and emotional first few days, compounded by the fact I've been home alone with my two kids. Milo is six (and a quarter!) and Anouk is 21 months. You could say I've been looking after three children if you count Kickstarter.

Please reach out to as many people as you can and maybe mention some of the great rewards... Especially the idea of putting everyone's face on the cover. 

With Anouk asleep on one arm, I've been going through all my Facebook friends and messaging them individually. 

Tomorrow we'll start meeting our awesome TNP team, but until then any feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated from you guys...

I thought I'd leave you with a quote, this one's from Henry Ford:

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal."

Thanks again, and see y'all tomorrow.

Your friend Mark.

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