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Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
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Posted by Dirk (Creator)

Funding a project within seven hours and massively overshooting it within 24 hours is something we -and everyone else- had never expected. The size and power of the community behind Jolla has been put to the test and proved to be huge. We are humbled by all the positive response we received and have a lot of work ahead of us to deliver what we promised: the best typing experience on a phone you will ever get! 

The coupon from Jolla
The Jolla coupon is usable only once on to purchase one Jolla phone. This of course mean the regular terms and conditions of Jolla apply and will ship to EU, Norway and Switzerland. There will be an update soon about how and when you can use this, but assume for now that you will get it directly after the campaign and if you order it right away it will be in time for Christmas.

The colours
If you are not sure which colour you want to take, look for the 'SolarTOH' or 'TOHOLED', these are some earlier projects from the TOHKBD team that have been made by the same manufacturer and have a similar finish. It will be definitely be possible to have different colours for the two parts and we have heard a lot of fun combinations already. We ask for your choice right after the campaign ends.

Adding complex functionality
We are getting a lot of questions about adding extra displays, tranparent solar panels, nfc/sim/qi extensions and other elaborate features. We will not add such functionality as this will increase the risk, increase thickness, prolongs the delivery time and shifts the focus from the primary objective: the best typing experience! 

Early target hit 
Since we essentially have a 'go' already on the project -but the final batch size is still unknown, we will do our best to prepare everything for final production. We want to deliver as fast as possible, but maintaining a high quality and a good finish is of greater importance to us, so rushing things is to be prevented. 

Again, thanks for your support to us and sail on!