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Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
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300% Funded TOHKBD

Posted by Dirk (Creator)

Dear backer, fan, user, community member, friend and sailor

It has been an amazing ride and with your help we have left the harbour with a boat three times larger than planned! 

We are humbled by all the kind words you said, are grateful for all the useful suggestions and will now embark on the journey of making it happen.

You will receive a survey very soon to enter your colour/layout preferences and your details. If you need help visualizing click here. We had 20 layout requests for 14(!) different layouts, so we'll stick to the 6 original layouts presented on the main page.

Again, on behalf of the whole TOHKBD team, we thank you very much and are excited about the journey ahead! 

Sail on,

Dirk, Kimmo & Andrew

Keypad updates, colour selection and layout requests

Posted by Dirk (Creator)


We have been working very closely with our keypad manufacturer and things are really shaping up. The more we get into it, the more the realization comes this is really a complex part. Luckily Andrew is a true perfectionist and the guys on the other side of the world are very helpful! 

The key balance has been improved on the larger buttons and the arrow keys. This means the larger keys will be a lot more forgiving if you don't press them right in the center. 

A sneak peak of the bottom of the keypad, the part you will otherwise never see:

 Colour selection

Right after the campaign you will all get a survey-thingy where you can enter:

  • Your address
  • TOH casing colour
  • Bottom slider colour
  • Backplate option
  • Keypad layout

Please think ahead which combination you want, then we can start ordering parts asap!

Aonsaithya has been so kind to make a colour-picker tool to see what is possible and how it will look. We will update this page asap with some fancy rendered pics, but it gives a good impression already.

Layout requests

As promised, we will look into making other layouts than the 6 layouts presented. If you prefer another layout, or a modified one based on an existing layout send an email to titled Layout request: 'layout name'. If another 99 people want that configuration it becomes realistic to make this happen. Please describe on what keypad layout it is based, what extra symbols are needed and how it will look in the end. Do this within the next few days to make it into the survey options.

If you are one of the few that want a very specific layout, please do not forget: we will provide all files necessary to be able to engrave your layout at you local engraving shop. A lot of shops and hack-spaces all around the world have these facilities, so you and always add symbols to your keypad later! 

Other questions

For other questions, please do not use the Comment section of Kickstarter, we do not get notifications from it, can't answer in an orderly fashion and your question gets lost in the long list very fast. Just use the dedicated question section or the contact page on, we are happy to answer your questions and listen to your suggestions. 

We would like to end this update with some fancy pics :) Stay Funky!


1001 Heroes, lots of pictures and other updates

Posted by Dirk (Creator)

1001(+) Heroes

Things I'd never guess that would happen: reaching a thousand backers. And as a cherry on top, the Hero-edition has been pledged! All people without custom colours now get this anyway and those that selected custom colours originally will get the option to have a laser-signed wooden backplate! 

(disclaimer: not actual version we will make)
(disclaimer: not actual version we will make)

So, contrary to previous update: you do not need to over-pledge for custom colours. Feel very free to revert to original pledge if you've done this! 


I have some back-plate and bottom frame samples, so for your viewing pleasure:
Kelo, Cirly Birch, Maple, Walnut, CarbonFiber, Brushed Steel and Brushed Black Steel.

The casing connecting to your phone will look something like this (NFC, SMD and magnets not yet in place) and the bottom piece with mock-up keypad looks like this.

Updates on HW

The contact pads will be available in matching colours instead of just white for everyone. There will be white, green, blue, red, black and yellow (not shown). We will select the most matching colour per casing for you. Small update, but a nice finishing touch!

 Updates on SW

Software is advancing very nice and we will probably release a feature video on all channels before the campaign ends!

Software progress, more options and some minor changes

Posted by Dirk (Creator)


Kimmo has been working hard on the keyboard drivers and there is a lot of progress. Auto-hide of the virtual keyboard is working, back-light goes on and off depending on ambient light and lots more is being made as we speak.

More options

There was some things unclear about the custom colours. If the option you selected says 'fully assembled' but not 'in custom colours', you get a polished white one. If you want to upgrade, take your original option and add 10E, it is just more expensive and a lot more work to process all this. In case you do have custom colours selected: you can choose different colours for two pieces! Together with all the backplate options there a lot of fun combinations to be made!

Speaking of backplates: we added three new backplate colours, carbonfiber and two flavours of brushed steel! (they have the looks and texture, but not actual steel or cf) This bumps the total available TOHKBD combinations to 4200! 

Minor changes

  • The backplate will have a very slightly different shape, because the bottom piece is reshaped, to remove the need for screws
  • Due to the reduced thickness of the piece that connects to your phone (see last update), the alignment cavities and pins are flipped. They are only 0.5mm though, but just so you know


Reduced thickness, cleaner look and delivery time

Posted by Dirk (Creator)

Due to the large amount of funding, we are able to go for fancier magnets and thinner connection pads. This means the phone with cover will be 0.5mm thinner without loosing any connection force! 

Cleaner look
As a result of solving another problem, the bottom part will no longer need screws and will have a lot cleaner look. (part expected on the 15th) We are looking into doing the same for the cover part.
The PCB in the cover part will cover the entire inside -not just partly like on the campaign page- to make this part a lot stronger. The next working prototype featuring this will be shown next Friday (the 14th).

Delivery time
Because the campaign is going so well and we don't have to spend the rest of the month doing marketing, we can jump right into setting everything up and moving the delivery time forward. The keypad is being triple checked before it can be made by the manufacturer, and a lot of tooling for the PCB assembly-line is on its way here. 

The TOHKBD team