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Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
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Progress, GitHub and TaskSwitcher

Posted by Dirk (Creator)


I have been playing around with the keypads here and all looks very nice! They have just a few minor things that have to change for the final versions.

The DIY editions have all been sent and the prototypes for those that ordered them will be sent this week. Regarding the protos: please remember that these are actually prototypes and there will be changes! 


I have started putting files up on GitHub. Some parts are not yet finalized or not ready for publishing, these will not be put online yet. But if you have specific questions feel free to email me. 

The goal is to have everything online in an orderly fashion. It will be perfectly possible to completely build a TOHKBD with all the files, but the main goal is to improve repairablilty and make it easier for the DIYers to add or change things.

>>>>> LINK <<<<<


Kimmo has also not been sitting still! Check it out!

 Andrew and I (Dirk) will be at MWC next week, check the various Jolla review sites (ReviewJolla/JollaUsers/JollaEs and many more) to see what is going on!

DIY edition

Posted by Dirk (Creator)

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Progress, planning, edits and pretty pics

Posted by Dirk (Creator)


It has been some time since the last update, but that does not mean we have been sitting still! 


Boxes are stacking up to the ceiling here with the TOH-cover prints and all cover-PCBs are soldered, checked and programmed. The connection pads still have to be soldered on, then they can be fitted in the casing. 

The latest keyboard-PCB fitted perfectly in the casing, so I've ordered a first large-ish batch of them to set up production and ordered samples of the printed frame around the keyboard in all colours to check if all combinations fit. They should be here tomorrow! 

The domesheets are on their way from China and the first keypad samples are expected here in February. If the domesheet and keypad correspond to the contacts on the PCB; everything feels nice and clicky and the framing around the keypad is not to tight; we can order all these parts for all orders and start preparing for final assembly. 

Hope we have not made some clumsy mistake, fingers crossed!


This planning is just of the top of my head, lots of factors can speed up or slow down this schedule! Please do not hold it against me in the future, I just like to be transparent and share this with you to give a guestimation of all going on here.

Rest of this week - ordering lots of parts
30Jan to 1Feb - FOSDEM
2Feb to 7Feb - holiday (waiting on parts simultaneously)
9Feb to 13 Feb - soldering contact pads
16Feb to 20Feb - soldering large-ish batch of keyboard PCBs
23Feb to 27Feb - expected keypad sample delivery + testing keypad
2Mar to 6 Mar - ordering A LOT of prints, keypads, and PCBs
9Mar to 13 Mar - sending 'protos' to Hero, 400's, developers and Jolla
16Mar to .... - production

To stay up date with latest developments regularly check here and follow here.


In case you made some terrible mistake in your survey and have emailed me to fix this, please check if I in the end replied with 'processed'. If this is the case, perfect. If not, please let me know! Now! 

Pretty pictures

Jolla discount coupon and survey deadline

Posted by Dirk (Creator)

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Payment issues, survey faq's and project updates

Posted by Dirk (Creator)

Payment issues

There have been some people experiencing payment issues. A 'NoScript' browser plugin seems to be the culprit, disable this and Kickstarter wil accept your creditcard. If this also fails, please contact me to figure it out.

Survey FAQs

Finnish = Scandic? 
Yes, sorry for the confusion. It will be as on the main project page

How long do we have to fill in the survey?
Currently we set a 'deadline' for 12/12. After that the payment from Kickstarter comes through to us and we have to book our plane tickets to Hawaii. Ehhhh I mean buy parts! Definitely buy parts for keyboards. Who likes the sun anyway?!

Can I change my address or preferences after?
Yes. You can change your address via Kickstarter. If you want to change something else because, mail this to Please only use this for changing important things (e.g. you picked the wrong layout) and not for changing the colours to the latest fashion. Changing preferences will be possible up to the point the part in question is ordered. 

Project updates

The PCB going into the TOH cover is finalized and the first large batch is produced as we speak. The covers will be ordered as soon as all the preferences are in, so we can hopefully finalize the TOH-cover parts completely in January. The keyboard PCB is 'a bit' more complicated, but we strive to keep up momentum.

-xoxo- TOHKBD team

Ps. Before I forget, don't forget to get your tablet! Maybe someone will even develop some Funky stuff for it in the future ;)