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Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
Not for sale any more, but separate parts for DIY are available in the webshop.
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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Awesome

Posted by Dirk (Creator)

The Good

We passed 1000 shipped TOHKBDs! Wooohoooooo!

Working hard on the homestretch, the alarm clock went at 5:30 this morning and the first PCBs are being checked and soldered.

6:30 monday morning
6:30 monday morning

Kimmo is also making good improvements on the sw and lauching one update after another to QA. If your favourite feature is not yet implemented, it is on its way. For some features though we have to wait for the next SFOS update (no, we do not know when this update will come!), but for details about what we are working on you can totally ask on IRC.

The Bad

Given the amount of hardwork and manual quality control, chances were some faulty TOHKBDs slipped through. If something is not okay with yours (hardware issues), totally email me at and we'll figure out how to get it fixed. There are already some that arrived here for repair, I will fix these as soon as possible after I get the other kickstarter keyboards shipped.

The Ugly

There were some issues with the Azerty keypads, so these are on hold. If you already got your Azerty TOHKBD and want to get it changed, let me know. There are currently engraving the last batch of keypads (that also include all of the Stealth keypads).

Spot the difference
Spot the difference

Closing statements

  • Thanks for all positive feedback
  • Thanks to everyone that did not order Black-Black-Black #Unlike
  • Thanks to Jolla for sending some extra phones for testing
  • Thanks to Jolla for all past, present and future behind the scenes sw help
  • The frequent nightmares about having not enough parts have stopped
  • All keyboards have been assembled by nude virgins 'in the cloud'
  • The maximum amount of minions assembling at one point was 9
  • The statement "You haven't posted any updates in the last 6 months" is untrue
  • For question, do not use KS messaging system, come on IRC instead
  • Before asking questions, check the FAQ
  • I like Andrew and Kimmo, you guys are awesome

Before asking questions, check the FAQ!

Kimmo is a cat. Haha
Kimmo is a cat. Haha
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    1. Missing avatar

      Fab on

      Hi Dirk, great job !!!
      I've an Azerty keyboard, how can I exchange it??
      Thanks in advance for your reply...

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Holloway on

      You guys rock big time - thanks to Kimmo for helping me find out that my Jolla's pogo pins were tarnished

    3. Missing avatar

      tualatin on

      That's an awesome news!!!! Will be there a tracking number? )